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Daily draw 1/02/08


Aah…I knew straight away what this is to do with, “my car” (Ship+snake) car problems. Currently I’m driving around with no warrant of fitness, as the front right hand lights aren’t working because a friggin rat chewed the wires, so I have to take it to an auto-electrician. The snake+ring combination, is compromise, agreement, hopefully I don’t get pulled up by a cop, or else a solution is that it will be fixed?? See what happens.



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Daily draw 31/1/08


The horseman arrives with some news. Lilly+horseman (change of pace through information renewal, new cycle) However the news the horseman brings horseman+scythe (rupture, separation, news of accident, surgeon) So putting all this together I may have a situation change because of some not so nice news, meaning might have to make some arrangements.

Update: I’ve mentioned in my comments, but 3 things did occur that fit this combination, so I won’t repeat myself here. I am so fascinated in how the cards can pick up minor details.


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Reading 30/01/2008


Cross+clouds would be 2 of my least favorite cards. Cross being pain, suffering, guilt, and clouds– temporary confusion, changeable situations. These 2 cards suggest that today will bring, worries, guilts, sadness, discomforts or spiritual depression, however with the key (my most favorite) at the end and with the cloud+key combination-insights, signs, solution, revelation, that there will be a solution, or rather an inevitable situation that must be, no matter what the grief, there is no alternative but what it is, fate has spoken! I think this may refer to someone else, see what the day brings.


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Reading for friend “What does he feel about her”


This was a reading I did for a friend, I couldn’t help but share my excitement over the accuracy of the lenormand, so she asked me to do a reading for her, wanting to know how her SO feels about her, as he is not one to show his emotions. I think it may also relate to the daily reading I did yesterday 28/01/08. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the layout. Key card Man. Although because it was to do with feelings I haven’t been to practised in fitting the cards to feelings before.

Ok firstly to the Star, this says to me that he feels that she is a vision of a perfect woman and that he sees her as having great potential in her life. What is most lovely to see is Key, wow, he feels that she has been a “key player in his life” and possibly recognised her from times past?? This rather surprised me actually.

Looking at Tower+Horseman one meaning of this is a merger. Horseman+Key combination says, spiritual lesson coming, turning point or significant event. So he feels that they were bought together for a reason.

Combination Star+Moon, Book say, famous psychic, astrologer, creative genius or fame. My friend is very intuitive and she says things to him, which sometimes scare him, I think one reason why he tries to hide. But because we’re dealing with feelings that combination might not apply, I’m sure one of my lenormand companions will correct me on that. The Moon is a beautiful card as it is a card of emotions and feelings (affection) romantic attraction, it is the card shared between 2 people, and the feeling of falling in love. It is interesting that the Woman card representing her ends the trio. So what is shared between these two people is the Star+Moon and with the Key in the layout,  be a deep karmic relationship? Could the Star+Moon represent “dreams” as well?


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Reading-Who is the man shown in daily draw 29/01/08


Ok this reading today was to identify the man shown in my daily draw 29/01/08 as that daily draw indicated a male friend known to me , who may have an accident. When I saw the snake sitting next to the man card, my first thought was my sister’s partner, he’s the other one in my first reading. Snake is a card for Scorpio or Cancer, he is a scorpion. He is a very emotional and is prone to jeolousy. The mice+snake, (unable to cope, extreme difficulties) Yes whenever he has a problem with my sister, he always comes around to talk about it. Which the horse+rider indicates. So this reading is telling me how to identify the man, I’m quite sure it is my brother in law.


Update: It was my sisters partner (brother in law), he came to see me for some advice (dog+rider) He was emotionally upset (mice+snake), he spoke of all the hurtful things that my sister says to him (scythe) in the daily reading and relationship reading. He spoke about what type of relationship he would like (dog+rider-good companionship). I said to him, that “they won’t solve all of their issues overnight or even weeks, months, but eventually, there is always hope” So this reading or cards were right on the nose!!

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Daily draw 29/01/2008


The cards I drew today, with the scythe sitting there doesn’t look very nice. The combination dog (someone known to me) + scythe (accidents, shockwaves, emotional rejections) this combination is an accident or break up, it will have something to do with a male known to me. I might do a reading to see if we can identify who it is.


Update: My reading to identify the man was my sisters partner as you can read (readings). He felt emotionally rejected and upset, he also felt reckless, like he wanted to drive fast and didn’t care if he hit a wall. Luckily I thought that I should text him to tell him to be careful, as you know “forewarned is forearmed” so he ended up wanting to come over for a friendly shoulder to cry on (dog) 

Cards never lie!!

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Daily Draw 28/01/2008


Now this looks like a interesting set. The whip represents, physical activity of sorts, particularly sexual, next to the heart it can be a passionate or sexual chemistry….oooh. Although with the heart+mountain combination can mean, stalling romance, indifference or falling out of love. So really this lot has got me sort of stumped. Putting it all together I would interpret it to say, that “maybe I’m leading someone on” or “no longer find someone sexually attractive”

Gosh, bit personal that lot, unless it means something totally different. I will let you know!


Update: Although, I left a comment to your replies which also applies, however, since this was a daily draw it would relate to a conversation my young daughter had with her father my ex-partner……Their father and I are still very good friends and he looks after the children when I go to work…anyway, when I went to pick the children up, my daughter asked her father “Dad, don’t you and mummy kiss anymore” and jokingly I piped in and said “ooh no, that’s groce, not dad’s big fat lips!” although my ex and I are still able to joke, so we had a big laugh over that! So that was what I think it was referring to…isn’t it funny how the cards are able to pick up minor details like that.

It’s the only thing I can think of, although your comments are also correct, but this was a daily draw so that would have to be it.

Also, I have created another separate page for “readings” make sure to have a look at them. 


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