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Daily draw 28/02/08


The key card is Garden therefore I will be with a group of people. Ship with garden indicates foreign students, Garden+tree is spiritual group. I know what this is, I’m going back to my old school today for kapahaka (Maori action songs) It is a language school, what I find interesting is that it shows them as foreign students but a spiritual group, spirituality is very much a part of the learning process. But foreign student I find interesting because their not foreign but my own people. But I guess we would be foreign to some, even if we are the native people of this country.


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Daily draw 27/02/08


Hmm..the snake my least favourite card, this is always a sign of some sort of trouble, deception in the mix, next to tower card it is to do with an authority, I’m working today so it may have something to do with my company, I just hope I don’t have anything to do with it, like stuff up some documents. This could be legal trouble. The key is always good to see, as combination snake+key an effective solution. So a instititute with some trouble, it could be a significant. One more thing to note, tower+key world leadership, divine power. So it could also be centred around a world event.

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Weekly reading 26/02-4/03/08


Ok, to the side of me are pleasant cards Anchor and Ring. So stability, and making goals and plans, I may also make some agreements and contracts. So basically my frame of mind will be very stable!!

Dog is someone that I know, or close friends, with storks this says that situations will improve for that person, or my relationship with that person will become closer, “more than friends, or supportive friends, the long-term effect with anchor says that the improvement will be stable. So this could be about “a friend” or my relationship with that friend. Anchor+Ring (long-term agreement, contract) I maybe making a contract with someone this week, hopefully it’s about my job, I need to seal a deal!

House to do with home and family. Ring+house (transactions) I have just got off the phone to do with accomodation allowance that I am receiving and asking them how it would effect my entitlement if I was to go back to work, the good news(daily reading) is that I will still receive the same amount. Birds conversations of all kinds, interviews come under this, sales, oh and one that I always forget to mention, siblings. House+birds (domestic partners, room-mates or personal assistance) Well I know I won’t be having anyone moving in, although the dog+storks can hint at that. But I don’t want anymore borders, never works out in my favor. So the other thing can be personal assistant…which is a possibility with my new job.

So this is a lovely weekly reading. When one is feeling happy and positive, things just start to flow!!!!

Update: ok so far, I have had a conversation with my sister(birds) her and her partner have separated, she has to decide what she is going to do with her house that she recently bought. Although the situation seems grim, she feels that it’s the best thing for the both of them, they were continuously dragging each other down. So this is just the beginning of this weekly reading. ‘will continue to update as the week goes on.

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Daily reading 26/02/08


Clover key card. So I will be having lucky communications in both written and verbal forms. letter+clover combination is lottery or sweepstakes. Clover+bird combination can be fortunate discussions, prosperous partnerships, positive talk. Letter+birds active pen pals, bloggers.

I suppose I could be talking about what I would do if I won the lottery. I have been feeling very lucky lately, and feel that something good is coming up. I could also be having a fun day communicating with my blogging friends.  With birds it can be also about siblings. Lucky or unexpected surprises. All in all a nice day.

Update: Well I have been having some very lucky and positive conversations with people in regards to payments(letter) that I will be receiving, and it is better than I thought. The day has only just begun, so I am very happy!!

Well the clover was talking about unexpected surprises, and the birds (sibling) my sisters txt me today. In a couple of readings on here, I did a reading for my sisters relationship, well she’s told me today that they have split up, and he’s staying with a friend. Frankly it’s good news, they were just to immature emotionally, and were arguing at least once a fortnight. 

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daily draw 25/02/08


This is a interesting draw. Ring (agreements, solutions, contracts) tree (life, health, karmic circle) fish (commerce, trade, business activities, independence and adventure)
So putting it altogether, agreements, or branching out to do with trades and exchange. Health is the key card, although that’s something I don’t worry about, or health insurance.
Update: this had to do with work today, I had to learn some new procedures to do with car sales deals, and compiling deals for payments. 

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General reading for what I can expect in near future


The anchor to my left shows me feeling confident, positive and that living conditions will be secure and stable, I will also make some long term goals. The whip is the physical card of some sort of physical/sexual activity, so I may become more active, there are all positive cards in this layout, so I won’t look at the whip as being the negative side (violence or addictions) Anchor+Whip active lifestyle.

Starting from the far left the book can be the unknown, that which will be revealed, or it can be a project, research, study, or basically the unexpected coming to shake life’s routine. What follows is another positive card ring, agreements, contracts or some nice gift being given, or a solution to a situation. book+ring (Graduation, honor student, diploma) actually I will be receiving me diploma in May. Ring+anchor (stable association, long-term agreement) This could be read a few ways. An unknown but steady long-term agreement.

Moving forward, we have already looked at the whip, next card storks, nice card promising positive changes, or additions to family, pregnancy. The  child next to it can represent a birth or pregnancy. I know it doesn’t represent me…unless I have an immaculate conception. Child on it’s own can represent a child/children or something small.

Putting it all together, I think because of my new working schedule I will be working more hours, and definitely alot more active lifestyle, it will effect my children too, as I will have to organise after school care or they will be walking to their fathers on their own, although he doesn’t live that far from their school, so they too will be alot more active. Yes I think that is what this is talking about.

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Daily reading 24/02/08


The key card storks suggest changes for the better, in home or someone is pregnant sitting next to dog it is someone that I know. With the whip however it shows that something physical or training.

Dog+storks combination is “more than friends” storks+whip can be going around in circles, training. Because I’m going to work today, this could be that I’ll be doing more training about my new job, or training someone else.

Dog also about friends or someone I know, so this may also be a focus of today…I also think that there maybe an improvement in a friendship.

Update: This referred to a couple of things. Firstly at work I had a very busy day, and I had extra training, also developed a closer relationship with my manager.

I had caught up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for years, we worked together years ago, and she had spoken about how her life from when she was young to now, has changed dramatically for the better. Her husband is an international star, and they own 2 multi-million dollar homes.

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