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Weekly reading 31/03 – 7/03/08


This weeks looks to be full of surprises and good feelings. Heart indicates me feeling joyful and in a caring mood. Maybe a bit emotional. Crossroads indicate some choices or opportunities ahead. Although the woman+crossroads can indicated unstableness, or not wanting to commit.

Whip+sun+heart is an interesting set. Physical or sexual matter that maybe rather intense, with heart ending it, quite overwelming. It may not relate to me. Something with alot of intensity but it will be welcomed and bring some good times. This can be a romantic situation. Or doing something with alot of intensity that I will be happy doing.

Crossroad+book+letter definitely some form of documentation here. The documentation comes in parts. There maybe some form of signing papers or contacts. Something not expected. This may possibly have something to do with work, opportunities opening up, I maybe hesitant about it. And definitely alot of paperwork.

Now I do belong to a book club, and my favorite genre is fiction romance and mystery. I am expecting a free “digital camera” when I joined the book club. So this is more probable than some hot passionate love affair of the first set…I’ll be reading about it!!



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Daily draw 31/03/08


This has something to do with my job (fox) long-term employee. Established Woman. This is a couple of things, firstly my draw yesterday I found out our company manager is leaving, so this could have something to do with her. Or my team leader is going to ask me to do permanent hours or longer hours, she did hint at that yesterday…..hmm not sure about that…lol

Update: A day later my team leader did ask me that I could possibly be doing more hours because another long-term employee in which her and I share the same job (although I only do it part-time, as well as another job that I do) Management feel that she is not performing to their expected level and that she will be asked to step-down from the position and that I will for the time take over. I am quite upset about this because I get on well with her. But the other side to this is that the team leader has been set on getting her to leave, as there is a personality clash. So I feel that there is some deceit and manipulation going on as well. Not good. However it has been on both sides.


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Daily draw 29/03/08


Crossroads brings with it choices and decisions, therefore multiple options for me this day. Stars promises goals being met and wishes coming true. Fish being that of trades or exchanges of some kind. Fish can be that of free-lancing as well. So new paths opening bringing with it new adventures.

Update: This didn’t refer to me it was to do with my manager at work. She was a brilliant and efficient worker, she practically ran the company and all the staff. I was informed that she is leaving so that she can spend more time with her family. It was sad to hear actually she will be missed, but totally understand time with her young children is just as important.

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Financial outlook reading for the year


Since my weekly reading indicated finances, and todays reading also was very much so, I thought to do a spread on my financial outlook for the year. Lily shows me being very content and after a long financial struggle, goals finally coming into fruition. lily+bear also can mean annuities or bonds. The heart indicates that I will be very happy about it. Bear+heart can indicate financial generosity, donations or charity.

Sun+horseman+lily, there will be success, and will have news coming towards me, this may have something to do with an elderly gentleman or a father figure.

heart+child+clover. Happiness, a child, and a lucky twist of fate. Heart+child is a love child, child+clover a gifted child. Now when I look at the first set, the horseman can indicate my eldest son, in which his father(lily) pays child support monthly, which is a very nice amount. My son was a love child as the father left when I was 6 months pregnant, so this fits

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Daily draw 28/03/08


Update: I was quite amazed when I saw this draw, big money coming in with the sun. Well today my mother had gathered for a family meeting as their family land has minerals under it, worth millions of dollars. The local power company uses the coal that is under their land, and they’ve only realised that they own the mineral rights underneath my family land, the power company has to pay royalties !!!!!!

Gosh I drew the same 2 cards as spiritsongs reading today Heart+bear. So I’m wondering with ship which can mean “at a distance” that I’ll hear from Spiritsong her good news. Bear is such a lovely card, so I automatically think it’s for someone else..finances, cashflow, windfalls. Although I did wake up this morning believing that I was going to win the lottery and what I would do with it. Investing in the company I work for, it finances in vehicle finance…haha…I’m just happy to see this draw. I thought to draw another card

31-sun Woh …Success. With Bear, financial success, prosperity, millionaire. Crikey the ship is the one that throws it though. I think I will just leave this one play out aye. There could also be a trip taken that I’ll be very happy to take with some financial purpose in mind which will be very successful.


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Daily draw 28/03/08


Since I hadn’t charged the woman card I will assume that it is for someone else. With cross sitting next to her she will be feeling regretful, guilty or worried about something to do with a business transaction or trade. Maybe I’ll hear from the woman I bought the book off today.

Update: This occurred straight away, I checked my email after posting this, and the woman was very apologetic in not replying earlier as emails had gone missing, so she will be sending book off today. 

It’s nice when readings are straightforward and there’s no need for too much guessing or speculation.

This I think also referred to my mother and manager at work.

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Daily draw 27/03/08


Ok the key card I did ask a few questions concerning this yesterday in Q&A when this key card appears it is making us pay attention to the card next to it, in this case fish, So the combination key+fish can mean spiritual business, key manager or recyclable products. The combination fish+child can mean small business, business geared toward children or start up business. Although I have nothing in mind as far as business is concerned so I will have to wait and see where this one leads. I did pull an extra card to help clarify.8-coffin

And well coffin, so there is the possibility of it ending before it even started or that with starting it up, can bring in major changes for someone. Will be interesting to see what this is about. Perhaps some business is going under. The other thought could be to do with an actual child, some sort of exchange.

Update: It was only a few minutes after this that I had emailed the woman who was supposed to be sending me that “book” it was a auction. This had also come up in my weekly reading. It was Saturday that I had emailed her to tell her I had transferred the money into her account and I still haven’t heard any reply from her. If she doesn’t hurry up and reply by tomorrow, I will ring the bank to see if I can have it transferred back out.

My sister was also with me this morning and her son has been playing up, she was basically texting him the whole morning as he’d gone over to a friends place and decided he wasn’t returning home until Sunday. But of course the fish doesn’t indicate this sort of exchange. Another thought, a wandering(freelancer, independent) child who is depressed. Now this fits, he had assumed  when his baby brother (born after him) that he was going to be adopted out. How he come to that thought who knows? He’s a teenager and he is not listening to his parents.

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