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Daily reading 30/04/08

It’s lovely to have the time to post again, I so much miss posting my daily readings to share with you all. I have had alot of problems with my computor lately, virus’s etc. My nephew suggested a well known spyware remover, and I’ve had nothing but problems since it was installed, it has been uninstalled but I think there is still a couple of problems. One of the problems now is that I’m unable to insert a image on here. So this post will look pretty dull with no image.


What may have started out as a grim looking situation will definitely resolve itself, the sun just takes away all the coldness and gives warmth(lol) it maybe something that occurs at a distance, or there could be a journey or change after it all.

I added another card just for clarification or rather because I just wanted to draw some more cards since I have missed my cards. Anyway the extra card is BIRDS so I will hear of it through verbal conversation or even through media. another thought is,that I will be going to the Video shop today getting some movies so I wonder if one of the themes of a movie is referring to this draw.


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Weekly reading 28/04-5/05/08 Madame SQ spread

Hi all, I haven’t been posting much as I spend all day looking at a computor, so I don’t want to look at it when I get home. So before going to bed, I’ll post a weekly reading using Madame Sea Queens layout.

Recent Past Coffin+Man+tree

This is referring to a man who has been depressed or going through some crisis or transition, with the tree this could be a health issue, or there could be some recovery, may seek spiritual or be more health conscious. I’m not quite sure who this is referring too, it could be a brother in law who I txtd today as I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of months, he had said something that made me annoyed so I had to have it out with him, he was sulking with me, quite childish really. But I think it may work itself out.


New projects or news coming towards me, this may have something to do with a company or institute, I may also feel more ambitious. The horse also reminds me of things happening quickly. Which is very much the way I feel at the moment. I am enjoying work and becoming more confident at my job. I could easily become a workaholic if I didn’t have children.


Movement and change, there looks to be a breach of contract, or decisions around a agreement or partnership.


Improvements and change around business/sales or trades to do with home or family.

Trigger cards Man+woman+ring+fish

There looks to be an agreement to do with business, resources or some type of enterprise, free lancing comes under this. Independence also. I’m thinking that this may have something to do with my sister and brother in law, they may look at selling their home, my sister has been thinking about it, as they just aren’t getting along. Then again it could be an agreement I make with a man.

Update: The trigger cards did indicate me making an arrangement with the father of my children, since I had to work all week, he arranged to organise the children for school and after school, this certainly worked out well for me, as I had some early morning starts and late finishing for work. We do have a very good relationship, just can’t stay in the same house for too long before he starts to get on my nerves…lol. But the children are the important ones and I will always put a side my differences with their father to make things easier for my children.

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Madam SQ layout

The following spread is Madame Sea Queen, and which I also got from Spiritsong, since I haven’t been posting lately due to work, this is relaxing for me.

Clouds(reason)+key(trigger)+ring(result)-Recent Past

This row(vertical) represents recent past. clouds indicate that there was some temporary confusion, key a significant event ring an agreement or solution. I think this is referring to work and also my decision to apply for another job, the confusion being that I’m loyal to my current work place.


This row is what I’m feeling and thinking about crossroads, can be uncertainty in choices, once again job. But also multi-tasking, opportunities opening up for me. Bouquet is a positive card, it represents me being happy and maintaining my balance. A good positive attitude.


This row indicates what’s likely to occur in the next day or two. Storks is a positive card as some progress or change for the better is likely to occur, Mice however brings some stress, worry or a feeling of disappointment or discouragement, which may bring on some emotional stress. Coping with some sort of change.


This row indicates what is likely to occur within the week. Coffin is actually one of my favourite cards, as it brings on transitions, major changes and necessary endings. Anchor is a lovely card after the change as it brings stability and long term goals. Letter is some form of written communication or documents. Therefore some form of important documentation could also have something to do with insurances. There is alot of documentation I have to deal with this week, particularly at work.

Key+woman+mice+anchor-trigger cards

This row sums the reading up, it indicates that there is an important event which may cause some sort of worry or excitement, however stability and growth come at the end of it all. A challenging situation, which will require courage.

Although the mice can be a pain in the butt, all the rest of the reading looks positive, and I can expect a little stress, as there’s alot going on especially at work. I know too that when it comes to having to make a job decision I know I’m going to be worried about it.

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Weekly reading 21/04-28/04/08

Firstly looking at the cards to the side of my key card Woman. Ship indicates movement and changes, it could also have something to do with vehicle (I must get my car registered this week!) Bear this is to do with finances, I can see this happening as I do have a couple of financial matters to sort out this week.

whip+snake+ship There appears to be some problem, which may have something to do with vehicle/trip or it could be business troubles. Although the whip+snake combination can be a trouble maker or a dangerous acquaintance.

bear+birds+house There is some financial negotiations, which may have something to do with family or home, the home promises stability.

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Daily draw 17/04/08

Garden+clouds (public demonstrations, attendees) clouds+coffin (relief, resolution, reality check)

This occurred right after I had drawn my cards. I checked my email. A woman who I had bought a book from trademe (simillar to ebay) there had been trouble with email communication she hadn’t received mine, and my bank payment didn’t show up in her account until 4 days later, because of the public holidays. This was a misunderstanding, and I had replaced feedback to the trade in saying there was a delay in receiving the book. She didn’t like the feedback and retaliated calling me a liar on the forum, so I responded just what had occurred. Anyway, she emailed to say she would delete her feedback if I deleted mine. As we had both come to a resolution to the public feedback….so the cards were spot on.

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What will be my next job?

Looking at Storks next to fox, it indicates either a job change or a promotion. Garden indicates dealing with the public or a network of people. Man+scythe+storks the man in this trio would indicate a man who makes all the decisions, he maybe responsible for the job change, scythe+storks initiatives for a change, moving on, proactive.

Garden+crossroad+tower this could be a combination of things, garden+crossroad, multiple opportunities, or an extraordinary growth period. Tower working for a company, bank, Govt department. Perhaps this is indicating that the next job, there would be a variety of tasks within the job. Garden once again dealing with the general public, customer service.

It is either I will get a job change or job change promotion at my current employment (car yard), or a change of job to another firm.


Update: I am working 2 part-time jobs (crossroads) both dealing with the public (garden) One is at a bank (tower) the other a vehicle financing company. Both employers are male.

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Career reading: Which type of job will I truly enjoy?

I thought that I would ask the cards what type of job, I would really enjoy. Over the years I’ve had a variety of work experience, and I definitely enjoyed most of them, there is probably one job that I didn’t and it wasn’t the job, but it was the people I worked for, not very good management skills at all.

Fish is the card of trade, exchange, sales, business or free lancing. Fish+fox (surveillance, independent contractor, sales force) Dog tell s me that the people I’m working with, have to be friendly, reliable and loyal fox+dog personal/medical assistant, consultant. Therefore these 3 cards are pointing in the direction of sales type consultancy, where I may work as a personal assistant to a business.

Moon+bouquet+fish Both the moon and bouquet are happy, fun, positive and creative cards. Psychic matters also comes under the moon. Feeling appreciated for what I’m doing is important. Those cards also has a strong feminine energy.

Dog+ship+mountain Good people, travel and long lasting, mountain can indicate delays and obstacles, so this tells me that finding a solution to get around the moutain or obstacle can bring it’s rewards, so something that has a bit of a challenge.

So definitely a job dealing in sales and trade, where I’m assisting someone, in which I feel appreciated, positive environment, with alot of movement, possible travel, although the moutain is a fixed or permanent position. I’m wondering also if this can be talking about a job I’ve been in for a while, which there is movement and with the ship vehicles. and the dog, a “job” I already am familliar with. So my current job.

I can relate to this. I guess the question I need to ask, is “what will be my next job that I will enjoy?” But I will ask that another day, as I’m tired right now. good night….Pomarie!!

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