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Daily reading 30/5/08

Ring partnerships, contracts, so this being a key card in this combination. Ring+mountain obligations, responsibilities. With the child card it could be focused towards a child or children, or something small. Although the ring+child combination is adoption, fertile union or legitimate off spring, I don’t think that has anything to do with me, I certainly aint looking at adopting children. But it could be a topic with someone else around me. So be interesting to see how this one works out.


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Daily reading 29/5/08

This was a draw I did yesterday, but I wanted to post because it worked out just how the cards show.

snake+fox bad employee, fox+sun professional reputation, valued employee. This reading was so true. Yesterday I rang another company looking at changing my phone line which worked out cheaper. The customer service rep was terrible in my opinion, and I almost changed my mind, so they sent me an email to place feed back on that CSR rep, so I told them what I thought. Earlier during the day I had spoken with another CSR rep for the bank, and he was excellent so I had to place feedback for him to. So as you can see with that combination it showed both the bad employee, the valued employee and me assessing their professional reputation.

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Daily reading 27/5/2008

This may look a bit daunting with the cross in the middle, I drew these this morning but decided to post them tonight, it’s quite interesting how it worked out. Fish we have business, transactions, sales etc. Tower can be bank or company.  Today I had dealings with 2 banks. First bank I went in to change bank accounts as well as reduced my interest rate on my loan. The second bank I had to activate my new credit card. The cross I think was referring to my feeling a little anxious or worried of having another credit card as I didn’t want to get in debt. But after going through my budget and speaking with the credit card services and understanding statements and accounts etc, I came away with feeling alot better.

Also, changes at work, a heavier workload coming up we are having a 2 week sale on so it will be alot busier.

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Weekly reading 28/5-4/6/08

Past man+mountain+garden

The character of the man has both dog and mountain next to it, so somebody I’m close too, he is single and a loner or shy, he obviously is feeling relaxed or on a type of vacation. I know who this is referring too.

Update: This one is referring to a close male friend to a person I know(dog) I received a txt from my ex saying that he was spending time with his best friend, as he’s just learnt of some health issues, he’s retreating from his family at the moment as he’s not ready to tell them what his health problem is.


This can be a couple of things, first thing it can be referring to a female friend who is fit and active that I may have some dealings with. Which 2 woman come to mind. I have 2 work friends that I feel like I’m piggy in the middle, they both tell me how they’re annoyed at each other, actually alot of people tell me things, and it can be a burden as they’ve entrusted me with information and I don’t tell the other what was said, but because they know that I talk with them all, I don’t want them to feel that I will repeat what is being said. Trust is a big issue.

The other can be, that I may be attracted to someone that I already know man+dog. No one has caught my eye yet.


Ooh this looks good, when I first saw mice I thought oh bugger…but crossroad+mice can be exciting opportunities, or fatigue. But bear+crossroad represents diversification and or multiple incomes. Also it could mean to watch the pennies so that I don’t get too stressed or have losses after the many financial roads that I may take, wise decisions and to diversify or budget wisely..Yes I know that I do have to sort budget out.

Update: Today I went through my budget as well as read articles on credit card management so not to get caught up in the credit card debt, as I also received another credit card in the mail. Making that 2, one is a very low  credit limit, and the one I received today is a higher credit limit with a lower interest rate. So I feel confident now that I will be able to manage them without getting into stress.


I don’t like the look of this, as this is talking about trust issues, this may relate to what I was talking to about my friends. This is a critical issue that will have long-term effects. It can also do with my work going through financial troubles bear+cross. But something tells me that it may have something to do with my friend.

Update: This is to do with my work, my work colleague rang to say that they’ve changed the roster as we have a 2 week sale on, so it’s going to be quite hectic, that means I”ll have extra hours and days to work, which is fine by me, more money in the bank.

Trigger cards-mountain+woman+crossroads+snake

This reinforces the other trios about making some tough choices or some complications. I must be careful when dealing with these 2 woman, not to say too much. I really hate being in the middle. Hopefully I won’t be involved and it’s just bringing my attention that something around me is going on.

I think this refers to my friend who will be going through mediation at work.

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Daily reading 22/5/08

This appears to be for a woman who is having some domestic problems within her home environment. Or it could be myself being temporarily disgruntled with a family member or a small business, small retail venue(house)

2 things occurred that this scenario fit. First I learnt that a woman i know is having problems with her children, her twin teenage boys are getting up to mischief, the other is she kicked out her 16 year old daughter who is know living with her boyfriend. This woman has entered a new relationship and she spends more time with him than she does with her children.

The other thing is that I received “book only” for the tea leaf fortune cards, I was most disappointed as where are the cards? It was a very expensive book for only 89 pages, it cost me $76NZ book and shipping. I thought that perhaps they made a mistake and forgot to put the cards in when they sent it…I’m hoping this is the case. I will have to make a comment on Amazon which won’t be very good if I don’t have a good explanation. I should of asked before buying it if the cards came with the book…I would never of purchased it if I had of known there were no cards. The thickness of the book is under 1cm. I can accept the book being that price if it was 200 pages or more like Sylvies is, but not 89 pages….Big Rip off!!!

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Daily reading 21/5/08

Fish being the key card here, which definitely is a “business” day. Moon+fish (professional psychic, creative business, special effects) Well I don’t intend seeing a psychic today or doing any psychic exchange. But I am posting a few books that I sold on trade me. Fish+garden (networking business, customers, retail location) I think this ties in with all the things that I need to do today, as it’s my day off. Bills to pay, cheques to bank and books to send to customers.


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Daily reading 17/05/08

The central card being fish dealing with trades sales and transactions of a business nature. Mice indicates some slow activity or challenges. However clover says there will be a fortunate business venture or opportunity the clover is a fast timing card.

So all in all what may have started out to be slow will surprisingly turn itself around. I think this refers to my trade me account I am selling a few books on there, but I have had no bids yet, so hopefully things will pick up. I also bid on 2 auctions for the same book and I won them both, so silly me buying the same book, luckily they were only cheap, I will sell them off again, so no loss in the end.


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