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Daily reading 26/6/08

Looks like there will be some form of celebration for the couple in this trio. The Man with the garden sitting next to him says that he is a sociable and fun character. A meeting could take place for these too. I drew another card for clarification. This can be a love or emotional meeting garden+heart can represent an engagement. The only thing I can think of is perhaps a friend will ring me up to meet her new man who is planning on coming down this weekend.

Update: My friend did indeed txt me, to say she wanted me to meet her new boyfriend.


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Daily reading 25/6/08

This is a lovely draw for the day. Emotions are good and healthy and a possibility of close connections with heart+tree. Tree+garden also indicates spiritual gatherings, a place of peace or health or even a garden. My day off today, and I do have to do somethings in town, so who knows what I’ll stumble upon.

I just drew another card for clarification, so Fish can be indicating something of a business nature, trade and exchange, I could be buying something at a health shop!!

Update: Well I met a friend for lunch at a Garden Bar, I got a haircut and I did some retail therapy, and it was a lovely day!!!!

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My Grand Tableau 21/06/2008

This spread was inspired by Sammie on her blog, and I just couldn’t resist trying it out too, I glad that I did. The key cards in the spread are Fox-work, Bear-cashflow/money tree-health, Woman-myself, Child-my children and lastly Man – for significant man in my life. I haven’t quite got the gist of editing the picture yet with circling key cards etc, so I’ll individually enter the cards surrounding the key cards.

Ok the theme card Sun, which is the first card drawn in the left top hand corner. Sun is probably one of the best cards in the deck it denotes Success, happiness. fame, glory, charisma and grandeur. And so it says that my year or life I will always come out on top.

The Past- Sun+book+house+ship+dog+heart+Woman

The past going with how Sammie’s instructions are the cards before my key card woman. Sun+book is academic success, which would be me graduating from my language studies. Next the house card this may have something to do with it my home being renovated, and how I am very blessed to have such a good landlord (book+house) The ship+dog+heart could have something to do with my feelings I had for Wi, since the heart sits between him and I, he has since moved on and so have I, so it’s interesting that this should come up. He was a big part of my emotional life last year. Also I have had my ex helping me out with the kids, the only problem there is that because I’ve had to start early in the morning and sometimes finish late at night, he’s had to stay, but we are very good friends so I can tolerate his company, and it makes things easy for me.

Present – Since there is no card sitting above me (woman) nothing of great importance at this time, but because i have all the key cards in the spread, that would probably cover it all.

Future-I only have 1 card before me, and it’s another beautiful card Stars this indicates to me, that all my wishes and goals I will accomplish, new paths in life, basically I think this is telling me what I create my own destiny, how wonderful is that!!!

Hidden/repressed – Fish+tree+lilly

These cards represent those things that I often think about, or probably what I avoid or have put on the back burner. There is one thing that I think about quite alot and that is having my own business fish. Interesting that fish+tree is spiritual or health consultancy or well established business. I’ve always had at the back of my mind that I would love to do readers, something that I will take into my senior years. The lily brings with it wisdom experience and maturity.

Finances (bear) Cards surrounding it are stars(above) Which indicates my financial goals and plans that I am focusing on at the moment, which is very much a strong point for me. Fish (beside) this may refer to me wanting to have my own business, as I sit above fish as well. Moon (below) creative cashflow, next to moon is tree so this could be how I plan or need to plan in making it grow, I do have a couple of savings accounts. if I was to read diagonally from tree I have bear+tree+cross+stork I think at times I may get a little bit worried about it, but as long as I’m disciplined in my spending and savings, then I’ll be fine. As the storks indicate a recovery and positive changes.

Children cards surrounding my children above-heart shows that my children are happy and loved. Below Man this would be there father who they spend alot more time with lately, Beside left mountain they may feel a litle restricted or isolated at times, as they don’t get to go anywhere much, but I have been able to take them out to the movies alot more regularly, I sit above them diagonally, they are secure, they have good friends dog diagonally, there health is stable tree+anchor. I also refer to my daughter if I read down diagonally woman+child (girl-daughter) clover+key+birds I can see that my daughter is very mature and advanced for her age, she and I have a very close connection, actually every body says she’s just like me….not that I’m advanced for my age. So things around my children look wonderful.

Work-fox Cards surrounding fox above-snake There is some trouble going on at work at the moment, and it’s interesting that the cards below and diagonal are coffin+scythe which indicates laying off, or resignations, there will be a few redundances in the next couple of weeks. Horseman indicates either a new job, this could be in the work place or a new job all together. although with horseman+mice there could be more pressure at work, and I maybe asked to do more hours or days. I tend to think though that I actually may end up resigning as I maybe offered a new job.

Health-tree There seems to be a few cards surrounding my health, which I know that I need to work on bear talks of diet, I have recently decided that I need to change my diet as I have put on alot of weight, and I had a bit of a wake up call as I could be pre-diabetic. Although I think if I maintain a peaceful and stress-free environment that it will be a big factor lily. There maybe a man who helps or advises me about my health, I think at the end of the day, if I change my eating habits then there will be an improvement bear+tree+cross+storks. Still shows me being fertile child+tree which I definitely don’t want. fish+tree would indicate me seeing a health specialist. Although tree+lily can represent dying, paralysis, arthritis or old age, this can be a possibility if I don’t clean up my act when I’m older. So I will watch this.

Man Although I did include this as a key card, it’s not really a major for me, but there us probably more cards reading all directions than any of the other key cards. Although this could represent a few men in my life not just one. Although I can recognise one straight off the cuff fox+horseman+mice+tower+clover+man The past for this man indicates that a new job opportunity (horseman)has opened up for him, at a time where there was increased pressure (mice) within the company that he will join, it comes as a prosperous opportunity for him, he is one who is optimistic.

Man+tree+moon he may also be a spiritual/religious or health conscious individual, one who is emotional, psychic even.

If I look to the corner cards I have sun, stars, letter, birds. So communication both written and orally are important factors as well as success and goals and dreams coming true.

Reading Diagonally from Sun+whip+mice+key+storks a big message here is to be physically active, and recovery and improvement will come from this, just to keep active, both in mind and body, life changes.

Reading diagonally from star+fish+man+bouquet+clouds Inspiration may come from an independent handsome man, although I think the clouds in this could be someone who’s there but I haven’t or may not even personally meet this person. However there seems to be a cloud of uncertainty over him.

I know there is so much more that one can do with this grand spread, I will take a rest now and come back to it if I can see any thing interesting. I must admit it was fun to do, and it’s a good way of linking, learning to read the cards.

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Daily reading 22/6/08

Ok there is a couple of things that come to mind here. One of them is news of a pregnancy, oh boy I know it’s not me so that’s cool. Another combination is new romance and emotional happiness. Once again don’t think the new romance is for me. Some new creative venture which brings improvements. The horseman can also represent my teenage son. I wonder if he’s got a new girlfriend. Although he already has one!!! But he’s been hanging out with a new girl lately…..hmm, he’ll be getting a lecture from me if he has!!!

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Weekly reading 20/6-27/06/08

Long time no blog, so I thought I’d start off with a weekly reading, although it is nearly end of the traditional week. Firstly looking to the Coffin before me, this indicates that some major change, or ending may come to a head this week. Illness comes through with this card as well, which I’ve been having a bit of a health issue, in which further tests will need to be made, to see if I’m a potential “diabetes” candidate, my diet has been crap lately, so I know I’ll need to make some adjustment in that area, as well as giving up smoking. The Man card appearing here, I’m not to sure about, the only men that I deal with directly is my boss at work and my children’s father, there are big changes at work, with a few people will be made redundant, as far as I know I’m safe. My ex has been really helpful as far as looking after the kids while I’ve had to work late and weekends. But he’s far from igniting any passion!!

Crossroads, can indicate some choices to make, and that there maybe a couple of opportunities, or even me looking at doing some other interests with bouquet although the coffin at the end of this trio, puts a bit of a cloud over it, as there will be no more, or some type of drama or disappointment.

Man+moon+heart Here I maybe dealing with a very emotional, sensitive and passionate man. My boss, is like this, he has his little outbursts regularly, and with work in a bit of a state, I would expect that from him. My ex can be like this too, he can be a bit of a sulker, which he is in one at the moment. Although he normally gets over it quickly so I can’t see it escalating into any big drama. I’ve come to the conclusion that any type of romance is out of the question for me at the moment. I think I will resort that I’d be single for quite a while. When I see, love and passion in readings I automatically assume that it is for someone else. One of my best friends has just entered a new relationship she has been single for quite a few years, and I think she is quite taken with this new man. So this could be about him, and I may meet him this week. I do know she is spending the weekend with him this weekend. Hopefully there are no dramas there.

So all in all, a interesting week.

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Daily reading 6/6/08

This can be read 2 ways. Obviously it may have something to do with a business,or sales enterprise today, with the sun in the middle it does bring success. The coffin and the end of this trio could be read either as a major change and transformation from the success. Or a reversal of fortune or a pitfall for this business. Today is the start of my works big million dollar give away promotion. I will draw another card for clarification. What an odd card to draw again, so it has something to do with a child or children. I will see how this one pans out today.

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Daily reading 3/6/08

This is a nice trio with the sun and stars present. Sun is always bright and things that lead to success, crossroads choices, paths and opportunities, stars wishes granted, recovery, generally positive outcomes and goals being met. sun+crossroads-diversification, expansion, growth. crossroads+stars leader, guide. Positive leadership or taking control of a situation. Interesting to see what happens here. I will draw another card.

Perhaps this is talking about one of my children or to do with children. I know earlier I was talking about my nephew who has run away from home, and I’m a bit stumped with my sister, as to why she hasn’t taken control of the situation and gone to talk with him, she knows where he is, luckily we do know that person he’s staying with, she used to be a close friend of mine, but now I have nothing to do with her. Although I know she will look after him. He refuses to go home. I thought about how I would react in the situation if it was one of my own children. Although my children have different personalities and they are very much “home bodies” I would feel a failure if one of my children wasn’t happy at home. Home is where the heart is, and the place where they should feel most secure and safe.

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