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The Secrets of the lenormand workshop in NZ

Secrets of the
Lenormand Oracle
Sylvie Steinbach


Coming to New Zealand. Workshop details to follow
Sylvie Steinbach is a renowned professional psychic based in Los Angeles for over 15 years coaching clients from all over the world with passion and humor; Sylvie’s sessions are meant to be practical for everyday needs as in revealing the next job opportunity or disclosing a lover’s intentions while they can be thought provoking to create quick personal change. However her successful practice remained a Hollywood insiders’ secret until Sylvie published in August 2007 her first manual featuring one of her beloved esoteric tools, the Lenormand cards. With the release of ‘The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’, Sylvie Steinbach created a new worldwide interest around this classic divination deck from France while establishing herself as a leading Lenormand expert.

Her website address:

Dates: 1st November 2008 (Workshop 1)
2nd November 2008 (Workshop 2)

(Please note: You can choose either Saturday or Sunday
workshop. Limited seating for each workshop.)

Infinity Spiritual Centre
481 Anglesea street, Hamilton (google maps link)

Time: 9.30 am to 5 pm Saturday & Sunday


Costs include:-

  • The book “The Secret of the Lenormand
  • Oracle by Sylvie Steinbach”
  • A lenormand deck.
  • A course workbook
  • Light refreshments will be provided.

Preferred payment options:-

  • Automatic payments can be arranged prior to workshop beginning (last payment date 30th October 2008), any balance owing of the fees must be paid before commencement of workshop (contact me for bank account details).
  • Cash

A non-refundable $40 deposit to secure placing, limited seating. You will receive the book and deck before commencement of workshop. This is so books & deck orders can be pre-ordered prior to workshop.

This is the first time anyone has taught about the lenormand deck in New Zealand. In this workshop you will learn the trade secrets of reading the 36 lenormand cards from the leading lenormand expert.

Course Outline

Lenormand basic level contents

  • Logic behind cards’ meanings
  • Key cards
  • Charging a card
  • Reading process – how to

Lenormand advance level contents

  • Descriptions
  • Timing
  • Love
  • Career
  • Location
  • Double checking answers

Lenormand expert level contents

  • Health/Fertility
  • Karmic patterns
  • Panoramic and cross layouts
  • Reading dangers
Contact Details
Lucille Waretini

Sylvie will be available for appointments, card readings and karmic astrology readings. Appointments are limited first in first serve. Please contact me to book in an appointment.


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Daily reading 25/7/08

Bear represents finances scythe decisions. So this combination is telling me of some financial decisions, which will be made very quickly. Storks speak of changes, initiatives, improvements. The tower dealing with an institute.

Update: I certainly did make some financial decisions today, and I went to the bank, and it worked out really well. So finances to do with a significant venture that I am planning this year. They were spur of the moment ones, and it worked out in my favour, so things are moving for the better!! Love it when the cards are so right!!

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Weekly reading 22/7-29/7/08

Using Sylvie’s no layout system, what event(s) will occur this week. There will be contact with a friend, she maybe someone who is creative, sensitive or motherly, but a good relationship stands between us with the anchor, leading to stability and long-term. There maybe some creative pursuit.

The ring shows a partnership or contract, with the mice it leads to a dismantling of a contract or an agreement that brings stress and worry. It involves a group, public situation. Mice+garden can also be a spa, relief or public demonstation like a protest.

Lot’s of stresses going on at work at the moment, our company is hanging by a very thin thread, where there is a possibility that we will be made bankrupt. My friend has also applied for another job, I think she may actually get one.

Update: My friend at work, handed in her resignation today. It was both a emotional but exciting time for her. I will miss her heaps. But I also wish her all the best. The way things are going, we will all be following her very soon.

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Daily reading 17/7/08

This reading seems quite easy, there is an significant event, it involves something or someone at a distance, whip+garden workshops seminar, a spiritual gathering.

This is so true, only this morning I emailed Sylvie to ask how many people she would require in a workshop so that she could come to New Zealand!!! My friend and I spoke last night, she said between her and I we could get people to attend, we also have a venue to use at her work place!!!! Synchronicities!!

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Weekly reading 16/7-23/7/08

I also asked what significant event will occur this week. So I will post more cards after this one using the Key card for significant events.

But firstly to the above spread. Although there are stable cards house and lilly surrounding me, showing that I will be able to maintain my peace of mind (lilly) There appears to be some problem surrounding an institute, this could be my work place, or other which effects my home environment or family. However I think with the following woman+lily (mother) lily+mice (memory lapse) I know that I am going to a “meet the medium” (garden) night tonight with my mother! So this maybe of some significance. Will wait and see.

Update: My mother, sister and I went to the meet the medium night, my mother had the “wrong” night!! I think this where the Memory lapse comes in!!…lol

An significant event that my occur has to do with an emotionally charged event, that will be soon, may even be tonight with the stars. although it does have some emotional grief attached to it. Whatever it is, it seems to be fated, as of those universal synchronicities that life brings.

Update: After my mother had the wrong night I called into see a friend (spontaneous) last night. She had been going through some challenging emotional problems with her 10 yr old son who has asbergis, and he had totally freaked out the other day and had to be admitted to the mental health unit. So that’s what this one was about.

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Daily draw 12/07/08

On first glance the dog stands out for me, so this is indicating a friend. If I read it individually there maybe health matters to do with a male. Or it can be about a male who is quite spiritually inclined or he is someone who has a soul mate connection to her. He could be a man who is very knowledgable about health or spiritual matters. The other thing is that there could be a health issue that this man is keeping to himself.

Dog+tree also represents doctor/nurse/psychologist. Be interesting to see how this pans out. Good thing with my daily draws, they always occur on the day, a couple of times they have occurred a day later. But when I draw a “todays daily draw” that’s what I expect, not 3 days later.

Update: A friend did indeed text me today, concerning her relationship with her on again off again partner. I basically told her, that just because she doesn’t experience that heart flutter when she looks at him (18 years together) it doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean anything to her, he’s just become familliar and she’s comfortable with him.  To put a long story short I knew exactly how she felt, because I experienced the same thing with my ex. She said “it was eerie how I knew so much, and about him as well. I guess that’s the book part of the reading. The tree in this case, obviously is how they’ve grown together and they are indeed soulmates. I realise that people think “true love” is something that we get when we are first”in love” with someone, it doesn’t last long that feeling, it’s a chemical reaction. People either grow together or grow apart. I think that when there’s no more growing together, then it’s over. But a pearl of wisdom is left.

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Daily reading 10/7/08

Looks like some good intentions will be short-lived today. The Cross always puts a damper on things when it is at the end of a trio. Insecurities come to the surface. Maybe a need to make up for something said or done. This may have something to do with Work!!! Or what puts me in a mood is some sneaky weasle.

Update: Well I was in a right shit this morning as my ex p’d me off. He was promising my kids to take them to a favourite toy shop, I had plans of my own, but I ended up having to take them since he doesn’t have a vehicle. It was just the sneaky weasle way that he did it.

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