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Daily reading 31/8/08


Looking at this one, I’m not worried about the mountain appearing, as with clover next to it, this is referring to someone going on or has been on a vacation, or a delay that worked itself out,  a opportunity or offer (horseman) The bouquet are lovely feelings of recovery, wishes granted or appreciation.

Another thought is that because I’m only working 1 day a week, maybe they’ll be pleased to see me.

Update: A lady at work, had resigned, but then withdrew her resignation as she got a offer, she couldn’t refuse. So a good recovery (bouquet)

The boys were pleased to see me!


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Daily reading 30/8/08


I will read the first 2 cards book+garden in combination as it appears this seems to be the way the cards are showing themselves, So this combination is workshops, attendees or novel (I may read a book today) Information, books/study that involve a group of people. What ever it is are feelings of happiness, some excitement shown.

Another possibility, something will be known about some celebration (Garden+heart)

Sun thing will be a great success, much enthusiasm and joy here. Sun can be summer or a hot location.


Update: This one didn’t manifest until the next morning, my draws always come to pass on the day, or like this one the next day. This referred when I was emailing Sylvie, and updated on what was happening as far a the workshop was going. And it was only when I remembered about an expo (garden) it is a Health & Spirituality expo that is coming up soon. This would be one place where I’d be able to distribute my flyers for the workshop, as of course most of these people would be interested (heart) in doing the workshop. And as the Sun suggest would be a big success. So I’ll make sure that I have alot more flyers printed up for this one.

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Weekly reading 30/8-6/9/08

I know I’m a couple of days early for another weekly, but my previous one has already worked itself out. So I was bored and wanted to do another reading.

Mice+fox+mountain is to do with my work, because I start 4am, it’s stuffing up my sleeping pattern, so this could be indicating the stress level with mice. The other scenario is that I’m still working one day at my other job, so I’m not sure what is going on there, since I haven’t been there all week. 2 more ladies have resigned, my friend is moving to another department, and I know that I’m going to be very tired come this sunday, because I would of just finished my other shift and then start there a couple of hours later.

Letter+heart+man this combination is pretty straight forward, there will be some written form of communication or documentation concerning a lovely male!!! I’ll do a description reading for this person. I was assuming that it was my friend from the last couple of readings, but when I drew the cards below, it doesn’t describe him at all.

Update: Nothing to significant. I’m adjusting to my new waking routine, so that’s fine. Read below for the update on the description of the man.

The description of this man with both fish and ship on either side of the significator card, are both dark haired possibly darker skin too, so possible ethnic (Maori, pacific Island nationality) May travel alot, or is planning too. Someone who has entreprenerial traits, or does alot of free lancing. The storks, indicates someone who can’t  keep still, so this person is definitely a traveller. Maybe very sporty. Brown or hazel eyes. Storks is also indicative of someone tall and slim. He maybe involved in business, in the transport of travel industry.

Storks+fish can be business or a profitable enterprise, airlines is another meaning, which is interesting because I am now working at the Airport. He maybe going through some changes in business or sales Ship+whip could be transport or travel that is demanding. I wonder if I will meet someone at the airport??? Mind you my other job is working with cars. Offroad travel, or sporty type travel.

Update: on the man. At first I thought it was describing my brother in law. But it was describing a man I met at work. He is of pacific island ethnicity. He is on contract at my old job as a sales manager, selling cars!!

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Daily reading 29/08/08

Clarification card

I like the look of this spread. Fish there could be some trade/exchange/ sales matter, or something of a business matter. Moon we could be dealing with business in the creative or metaphysical areas. Ship could be indicating something from a distance. Stars as a clarification card, can indicate, recognition, a new path or encouragement. So there could be some acknowledgment here. Or something that I’ve been waiting for.

Update: This refers to my brother in law who has just come back from Australia he was went over to get work experience in Ta Moko (Maori Tattoo) So very much the fish+moon (creative field) He worked with one of the best Ta moko artist in Australia, opportunities have opened up for my brother in law, and will be going back, he is thinking of opening up a studio.

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Daily reading 28/8/08

Heart+bouquet can be a happy relationship, promising love or handsome lover. Generally it is indicating pleasant feelings about love and relationships. Fish I think with the previous combination can be that the relationship can be based on an open relationship, no commitments.

Bouquet+fish can be related to the beauty or fashion industry.

Mice being the clarification card, tells me that something will be lost or there is a little concern, so this could be the result of the 3 cards above. I wonder if someone was going happily through a open relationship, but maybe the other is not happy with this arrangement and it’s all or nothing??

It could also be about my uniform that I ordered the other day, and they don’t have my size…I ordered a size to small…that is a big possibility!!!

Update: I was talking to my ex about relationships, he was previously married before me, and he was talking about how his past relationship with his wife, it turned sour after, she had an affair with a friend of his a year or so after they married. And then during their marriage there were times when both partners had extra-marital affairs, but in the end it all leads to loss and heartache. He said that they can never really forgive and forget, it break his heart…he suffers from heart problems to this day. Interesting subject to talk about with an ex…lol

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Daily reading 27/8/08

Crossroads tells me there is a choice to make, as 2 paths are ahead of me. Mountain is an obstacle, delay or challenge in the way of this choice, so maybe unable to make a choice. Ship can be on trips or travel plans…Delayed plane for eg. I started my new job at the airport yesterday, and I start 4am tomorrow morning. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m going to be late for my first shift. Moon can be romance, creative or psychic matters. But I have generally found that the clarification card is the result of the first 3 cards, moon is also a fast acting card, so I may be in 2 minds into making a choice about some trip. Will update

Update: This was concerning a friend, who I had texted to see if he was going to a farewell party of one of our work colleagues, he couldn’t make up his mind, in fact he was being very distance in his replies, so I know that his moods (moon) is not the best at the moment.

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Weekly reading 25/08-1/9/08

My weekly reading cross+man+snake The man here is worried, or he maybe a little depressed or down, there maybe some jeolousy or problem between us. There are 2 men I know that this could fit. On the other side a bit more optimistic. Letter+garden+tree I may receive a newsletter for a spiritual type group. I’m hoping that I will have more response from the flyers that I have placed in some areas to do with the workshop. I just hope that the left and right side don’t go together. Will update.

Update: The Man indicated in here is the man who’s been in the other readings. He seems a little upset with me at the moment, I think because of the night we went out, I kept him at a distance. I feel a little sad about that, as he was a perfect gentleman.

I have also had a response from a lady who read one of my flyers for the workshop, so she has signed up!!!..So I think this one has played out.

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