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Daily draw 30/9/08


The Woman card is central to this draw, I didn’t charge the woman card so I am assuming it is someone else. This woman maybe a foreigner, or some one who travels alot or in the travel industry. She is feeling very hopeful about a situation. But it looks like it will be met with some disappointment or minor concern suggested by cross.

Update: This referred to my work colleague (airport) who had tried ringing me 12 times today, I had left my cell phone at home, so I didn’t get her call. She had wanted me to work for her today, but it was my day off, as I have an 8 day work schedule until my next day off.

this may also refer to a misquote I had written in ATF, luckily Sylvie had cleared it up and corrected it.


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Weekly reading 29/9-6/10/08

Child, this is most likely something to do with my children, since it is school holidays. Or it can be referring to a young woman, or someone who is petite. Fish generally meaning business matters, or activities relating to trade, sales (buying and selling). Or I or a woman who is resourceful, independent. Bouquet represents, happy times, joy, recovery, things that are nice. Fashion/cosmetics/floral. Could be a time of buying nice things. However the clouds can indicate that it is only a temporary matter.

I am having a new kitchen put into my house this week, and during this time my children will be spending a few days with their father, so I will be chilling out for a few days, heavenly bliss!!


I thought to add another draw to the week, I had asked what would be a “significant happy event this week” So quite appropriate that the key should appear first, indicating a “out of the ordinary event” The event could be to do with romance, creative pursuits, or psychic endeavours. Coffin can be either positive or negative, but if we relate to the question, this maybe indicating a major transformation. Or a necessary ending to an emotional event. Birds being the clarification card, talks about verbal conversations again, so I will definitely be dealing with another person.

Update: This was a conversation I had with a “male friend” he had snobbed me a few weeks ago, due to emotional issues he was having with someone he thought he was i”in love” with, I was very p’d off with him. I told him if he ever did that again, I’d walk away, as I didn’t deserve it, all he had to do was “acknowledge me, say hello, a quick chat, and then he could feel sorry for himself”

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daily draw 29/9/08


Ship we can be dealing with “overseas” matters or transport/travel. There is some mutal agreement here, which maybe a romantic or emotional event that brings up some feelings of some kind. It could also inspire some one to create something? The clarification card says that there will be some partnership, verbal conversations. Interviews. Siblings also come under this card.

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Daily reading 27/9/08


This is an interesting draw particularly with the key sitting next to the Man card, this is alerting me to the fact that this person is significant and there will be a fated meeting. This person could be someone “at a distance” or he is a foreigner/traveller. Fish as the result, indicates some business, or trade and exchange will go on.

Update: I got a email from a man overseas, who had contact with a friend and author Deborah Leigh, who wrote the book “Personal Prophecy” using playing cards. He was interested in my opinion of her book, and what I thought of “intuitive perception”

How will I recognise the Man

Firstly if I was to look at the cards to the side of him Stars tells me he is someone who is well recognised, tower can indicate someone who is tall, and one who has high ideals. Storks can also indicate someone who is slim. Obviously this person is someone who is looking at making some positive changes, future plans. Tower+ring combinations can indicate someone in the stock market, national agency or united agency. Or someone who belongs to a corporate type agency and is looking at sealing an agreement. This sounds like a polititian! Not that I’m concerned with politics. Whatever this is, he is someone with high ideals.

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Daily draw 26/9/08


The child most of the time for me is a actual child, possible a female child (moon) she maybe one who is artistic, emotional, creative. The Man may have some connection to her, she could be a daughter.  Garden as the result can be gatherings or some group situation

There definitely is some emotional element to it.

Update: My brother in-law’s daughter was caught shoplifting, with a group of friends, he was quite heart-broken, as she was attending a good mormon school, and she was kicked out of the dormitory. His brother and sister tried to make him see the funny side of it, being a typical teenager..but he was more upset.

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Reading-Why the uncertainty?

I thought to do a reading concerning a man I met at work (car yard) I have 2 jobs( car yard and airport) And if you’re thinking why I would do one particularly for this man, it is because generally I can read people pretty well, but for some reason this man I am left with a feeling that he is not all he seems, he comes across as a perfect gentleman, but I wonder if he has a shady past or something because well I just can’t quite figure him out. So the first set of cards represent him, and the second set myself, and why I feel this way.

His past Garden+cross+crossroads indicate to me that he may have been in some sort of recovery programme, or support group, dealing with some sort of grief, he was able to walk away from it, this has made him a more open-minded individual. It shows him now as being very stable, and that it gives him a sense that he is able to achieve anything. He has a more spiritual and healthier outlook on life. So this is a very positive outlook for him, after what he had been through.

This is quite odd to me dog+ship+key+woman The dog is generally someone that I know, or it is someone known to the man, who lives in another location.

Woman+heart+book+child The other thing is that this draw could be indicating a woman in his past? And perhaps there is a love child out there that he doesn’t know about yet…or the start of something new.

Update: I spoke with the man today, he had just told me he had been on holiday for 9 weeks, prior to start working here. He had visited his “girlfriend” who lives in Switzerland, and travelled with him to his homeland in the cook islands. So I think my uncertainty was, as gentlemanly as he appeared, there wasn’t any physical attraction on his part, more so on mine…He currently lives at my family hometown, near the beach.

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Daily draw 25/9/08


This draw is for a woman (clarification card) I will do another reading to reveal the woman. coffin tells me she has gone through some form of transition for the better (stars) so there is a sense of relief. Clover says she will see this as a lucky break, and unexpected. So a positive twist of fate here for this woman. Let’s have a look to see if I can identify her.

There isn’t much cards here to indicate a physical description, bear could indicate someone who is a bit overweight or curvy, she may suffer from some nervous type condition, mice can also be someone with scars This woman may have gone through some financial struggles or losses indicated by bear+mice, which may have caused her some stress. The woman may also be someone quite learned, secretive, inquisitive. The book+clover indicates a lucky break or fortunate circumstance for her.

Update: This woman was my neighbour, she fits the description, she has ADHD. She does have eyebrow piercing as well, so this could be indicating a scar that would be left.  A few days ago I had forwarded her CV to my employer (airport) he had rung me to say, that because of me referring her to him, that he will give her an interview for the job. So this is definitely a lucky break for her. She does have eyebrow piercings which would leave a scar, she would have to take the rings out for the interview. She is also American, so we were discussing the economic crisis in America at the moment.

It could also be referring to an email I had received from another woman in America who had mentioned the economic downturn. I had mentioned that to some degree it benefits us, as the exchange rate is alot stronger at the moment for us, also petrol prices have gone down.

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