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Soulquest and Workshop

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been busy last couple of days, so haven’t had time to blog. We had the Soulquest evening with Sylvie, an introductory to  what will be in store for the weekend workshops. She is a captivating and entertaining speaker. She had also demonstrated a few mini karmic astrology readings, and it was very impressive, people were quite amazed.

We have gained the minimum no of participants which is still a good turn out. So I am happy with that. Sylvie is just about all booked out for readings as well. So in my eyes, it is successful so far.

I had also a karmic astrology reading with Sylvie, and it was fantastic, she talked about my past life, my life purpose, my current life and career direction, very enlightening indeed, there were a couple of factors that were very surprising. What the current blocks and challenges. In fact I have had quite a “squeaky clean” past life, and don’t carry much baggage at all. Which I knew, as I have been rather blessed. She also used the cards, so i had quite an intensive and detailed reading. I came away with a feeling of hope and inspiration.

I will keep you updated after the workshop tomorrow.



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Daily reading 28/10/08


Garden we have a group gathering or public event. Sun promises success. bouquet, describes that it will be a positive turn out, as far as the group is concerned. Lily, is the result in which there will be a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Update: I felt a great sense of satisfaction today, as I had received a few phone calls, with bookings for readings with Sylvie, as well as a “business man” had wanted to meet with Sylvie tomorrow, as he has a big network of people, that he knows will be interested in the workshop and readings. This had certainly boosted my morale. As I want this to be a success for Sylvie, myself and others. There has been alot of preparation for this event, and now that it is so close, it has suddenly dawned on me. This will be the first “Workshop” that Sylvie has taught on the lenormand on a big scale like this, and bringing it to “uncharted waters” NZ has not heard of the lenormand.

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Daily reading 27/10/08


Storks is about changes, improvements or making progress, as the mountain sits after it, it tells me that progress will be slow or delayed. Therefore with letter this would mean that I  will be having to make some sort of written communication (email, text, letter, blogging etc) it may possibly have something to do with an institute. Also the tower can be about someones, morals and beliefs.

So one scenario, the correspondence, written, will be about someone or I delaying or has stopped some form of progress. It could be restricted by an institution or someones morals or beliefs.

Another scenario is because it is a public holiday today alot of places will be closed (mountain+tower) Since Sylvie is here, there maybe some things that we will need to do, but may need to wait until tomorrow, when all of the town opens.


Update: This referred to an email that I had written to a friend, who is having to re-assess her situation in regards to her work. She doesn’t feel she can step up to the responsibility of her job, yet she is very good at her job. It is all about her beliefs and ethics (tower) that is stopping her from progressing.

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Daily draw 26/1/08

Hi everyone,

Sylvie has safely arrived here in New Zealand. We had a lovely day talking, and also with her lovely host Marie that she is staying with. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her, she  has a “wealth of knowledge” I was amazed at the vast knowledge that she has, and because of her dedication and passion for the lenormand and delivering accurate information to her clients, she had learnt the different policies and practises, of business, finance, real estate, law etc. As she said, “when you are dealing with high profile customers business people, you must be able to talk the talk at their level. We were also privileged to see, scanned images of one of the “Eteilla” decks that Marie lenormand had read with (a duplicate copy of course), very interesting deck, it goes to show the “esoteric knowledge’ that Madomeselle lenormand had, and how she simplified that 78 card deck to 36…whew!! We are certainly in for a treat at the workshop.

Today we are off to “Rotorua” it is a place I mentioned in my previous post {mountain+sun) volcano. Just for a bit of sight-seeing. We will see a bit of New Zealand or Maori culture, she will see a Maori concert party.


Snake no one really likes to see snake turn up, as it represents problems, difficulties, deceptions, next to fish we are dealing with business matters, or some sort of trade and exchange. Independence and free lancing come into this as well. So perhaps we will come across some business trouble. But since bouquet is the describing card for actions and feelings, and since it is “a good feeling” card, then there will obviously be a positive outcome. I am thinking that perhaps we will be admiring the beauty of a place that had it’s trouble in the past, and from this it was made into a ‘tourist” attraction. Rotorua is very much a tourist attraction. There is a “buried village” there, when the volcano blew a few hundred years ago, it had covered this little settlement. Also one of the 7 wonders of the world at that time was the “pink and white’ terraces. Also covered by ash and debris.

letter as the clarification card, is some form of document, paper, perhaps we will read a “pamphlet” also I was given a discount voucher from a friend, we will get to some of the tourist spots for half price.

Update: We had a lovely day today. first we visited the agrodome, sheep farm, but because we were late we had missed the show, so I think that this was the problem we had, the voucher(letter) we had was only valid for that day, however we did get to eat a lovely meal.

Then we went to the mudpools and geysers, that was a interesting tour. Sylvie and I had tagged on to the end of a tour group, in which the tour leader had given her the sample of rope made from flax, and also showed us how they made piopio (grass skirt) also made from the flax. Then she saw a Maori performance concert. A good day!!

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Daily draw 24/10/08


Child+tree, is a birth or pregnancy, I also thought that it maybe someone’s birthday today, in which it is, my brother in laws. The mountain represents the feeling or action, so the birth or birthday they may feel a little “stuck” or probably a sense of not being acknowledged on this day, which is likely for my brother in law, as my sister isn’t big on birthdays or celebrating. However at the end of the day lily as the result, brings clarification that all will be satisfied, and a nice peaceful day. If it is representing the thoughts of my brother in law, he may not feel to overjoyed about it to begin with. “I know AI wouldn’t feel to over-joyed of getting older…lol

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Daily draw 23/10/08


The Mountain is about, delays, challenges, and obstacles. Sun is success and victory, therefore this tells me that I will be having discussions or meetings (birds) with someone discussing ‘perhaps a long awaited success (mountain+sun) Also the combination mountain+sun can mean volcano, desert, canyon (no canyons or deserts in NZ), volcano yes.  However, the coffin clarification card, it is an abrupt card, by saying “end it or stop” I would say, forget that plan, if I was to combine sun+coffin it can mean “pitfalls ahead” worst cases danger or reversals of fortune. But the birds tell me that these things will be discussed, so I don’t think any misfortune will occur, it will only be a topic of discussion.


Update: This referred to a conversation (birds) I was having with a lady visiting New Zealand, and we were discussing a tourist spot that is a little city that basically sits on top of a volcano (mountain+sun) the topic of conversation was not how dangerous it is, which it isn’t, it hasn’t blown up for a couple of hundred years, there are open geysers that help relieve the pressure. But that it would be best to visit it a couple of days not one day. 

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Daily draw 22/10/08


Letter we have some form of written communication, or official document. clover is always a lucky, fortunate or surprising event. letter+clover can be a lottery, sweepstake or raffle, I will keep this one open for something else. The “letter” is all sorts of ‘paper’…vouchers, gift cards perhaps?. Birds there will be a conversation about this, or meeting.  However, the Coffin as the clarification card, this is always the result of the whole draw, something will be completed, an end to it.

Update: This relates to a couple of things. First of all, my friend entered a syndicate for the national lottery, they put alot of money into it, but nothing came of it. I had also received a spam email, notifying me that i had won a UK lottery….but as we know, those things are a big have.

Also, what I think it most related to was, I had a meeting (birds) with my friend who was organising a itinerary for a lady, but what we had originally planned, we won’t be going ahead with (coffin) as it would be better organised once we speak with her directly. The letter+clover, combination was the discount vouchers, that she will be able to give us.

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