Daily draw 22/10/08


Letter we have some form of written communication, or official document. clover is always a lucky, fortunate or surprising event. letter+clover can be a lottery, sweepstake or raffle, I will keep this one open for something else. The “letter” is all sorts of ‘paper’…vouchers, gift cards perhaps?. Birds there will be a conversation about this, or meeting.  However, the Coffin as the clarification card, this is always the result of the whole draw, something will be completed, an end to it.

Update: This relates to a couple of things. First of all, my friend entered a syndicate for the national lottery, they put alot of money into it, but nothing came of it. I had also received a spam email, notifying me that i had won a UK lottery….but as we know, those things are a big have.

Also, what I think it most related to was, I had a meeting (birds) with my friend who was organising a itinerary for a lady, but what we had originally planned, we won’t be going ahead with (coffin) as it would be better organised once we speak with her directly. The letter+clover, combination was the discount vouchers, that she will be able to give us.


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  1. jaycetravel said

    Hi Phoenix,

    maybe you will have good news concerning your friend’s condition. I hope he’s doing well.

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