Daily draw 23/10/08


The Mountain is about, delays, challenges, and obstacles. Sun is success and victory, therefore this tells me that I will be having discussions or meetings (birds) with someone discussing ‘perhaps a long awaited success (mountain+sun) Also the combination mountain+sun can mean volcano, desert, canyon (no canyons or deserts in NZ), volcano yes.  However, the coffin clarification card, it is an abrupt card, by saying “end it or stop” I would say, forget that plan, if I was to combine sun+coffin it can mean “pitfalls ahead” worst cases danger or reversals of fortune. But the birds tell me that these things will be discussed, so I don’t think any misfortune will occur, it will only be a topic of discussion.


Update: This referred to a conversation (birds) I was having with a lady visiting New Zealand, and we were discussing a tourist spot that is a little city that basically sits on top of a volcano (mountain+sun) the topic of conversation was not how dangerous it is, which it isn’t, it hasn’t blown up for a couple of hundred years, there are open geysers that help relieve the pressure. But that it would be best to visit it a couple of days not one day. 


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