Daily draw 26/1/08

Hi everyone,

Sylvie has safely arrived here in New Zealand. We had a lovely day talking, and also with her lovely host Marie that she is staying with. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her, she  has a “wealth of knowledge” I was amazed at the vast knowledge that she has, and because of her dedication and passion for the lenormand and delivering accurate information to her clients, she had learnt the different policies and practises, of business, finance, real estate, law etc. As she said, “when you are dealing with high profile customers business people, you must be able to talk the talk at their level. We were also privileged to see, scanned images of one of the “Eteilla” decks that Marie lenormand had read with (a duplicate copy of course), very interesting deck, it goes to show the “esoteric knowledge’ that Madomeselle lenormand had, and how she simplified that 78 card deck to 36…whew!! We are certainly in for a treat at the workshop.

Today we are off to “Rotorua” it is a place I mentioned in my previous post {mountain+sun) volcano. Just for a bit of sight-seeing. We will see a bit of New Zealand or Maori culture, she will see a Maori concert party.


Snake no one really likes to see snake turn up, as it represents problems, difficulties, deceptions, next to fish we are dealing with business matters, or some sort of trade and exchange. Independence and free lancing come into this as well. So perhaps we will come across some business trouble. But since bouquet is the describing card for actions and feelings, and since it is “a good feeling” card, then there will obviously be a positive outcome. I am thinking that perhaps we will be admiring the beauty of a place that had it’s trouble in the past, and from this it was made into a ‘tourist” attraction. Rotorua is very much a tourist attraction. There is a “buried village” there, when the volcano blew a few hundred years ago, it had covered this little settlement. Also one of the 7 wonders of the world at that time was the “pink and white’ terraces. Also covered by ash and debris.

letter as the clarification card, is some form of document, paper, perhaps we will read a “pamphlet” also I was given a discount voucher from a friend, we will get to some of the tourist spots for half price.

Update: We had a lovely day today. first we visited the agrodome, sheep farm, but because we were late we had missed the show, so I think that this was the problem we had, the voucher(letter) we had was only valid for that day, however we did get to eat a lovely meal.

Then we went to the mudpools and geysers, that was a interesting tour. Sylvie and I had tagged on to the end of a tour group, in which the tour leader had given her the sample of rope made from flax, and also showed us how they made piopio (grass skirt) also made from the flax. Then she saw a Maori performance concert. A good day!!



  1. Sammie said

    Hi Phoenix,

    How exciting! I hope you will post some pictures of the workshop and tell us what sort of things everyone learned!


  2. jaycetravel said

    I just wish I could be there … please, keep us posted about the workshop and all … BTW, I think sometimes the Snake card represents someone who’s got great knowledge, and it is not always representing troubles; so it might stand for Sylvie here …


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