Daily reading 27/10/08


Storks is about changes, improvements or making progress, as the mountain sits after it, it tells me that progress will be slow or delayed. Therefore with letter this would mean that I  will be having to make some sort of written communication (email, text, letter, blogging etc) it may possibly have something to do with an institute. Also the tower can be about someones, morals and beliefs.

So one scenario, the correspondence, written, will be about someone or I delaying or has stopped some form of progress. It could be restricted by an institution or someones morals or beliefs.

Another scenario is because it is a public holiday today alot of places will be closed (mountain+tower) Since Sylvie is here, there maybe some things that we will need to do, but may need to wait until tomorrow, when all of the town opens.


Update: This referred to an email that I had written to a friend, who is having to re-assess her situation in regards to her work. She doesn’t feel she can step up to the responsibility of her job, yet she is very good at her job. It is all about her beliefs and ethics (tower) that is stopping her from progressing.


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