Soulquest and Workshop

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been busy last couple of days, so haven’t had time to blog. We had the Soulquest evening with Sylvie, an introductory to  what will be in store for the weekend workshops. She is a captivating and entertaining speaker. She had also demonstrated a few mini karmic astrology readings, and it was very impressive, people were quite amazed.

We have gained the minimum no of participants which is still a good turn out. So I am happy with that. Sylvie is just about all booked out for readings as well. So in my eyes, it is successful so far.

I had also a karmic astrology reading with Sylvie, and it was fantastic, she talked about my past life, my life purpose, my current life and career direction, very enlightening indeed, there were a couple of factors that were very surprising. What the current blocks and challenges. In fact I have had quite a “squeaky clean” past life, and don’t carry much baggage at all. Which I knew, as I have been rather blessed. She also used the cards, so i had quite an intensive and detailed reading. I came away with a feeling of hope and inspiration.

I will keep you updated after the workshop tomorrow.



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  1. jaycetravel said

    Hi Phoenix,

    yes yes yes , please keep us posted ! I would have loved to participate at the event …

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