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Another daily draw 27/11/08

This is another daily draw, as my first one occurred shortly after, as you may read.




Corner key cards Bear, book, letter The theme is pointing to information through letter/email which has something to do with either management or finance. unexpected events

The Situation – bear+storks+book An improvement or change with necessary resources (bear) finances come to mind, if it is an improvement in finances, it’s either more, or spending less. With birds it is either conversations/meetings/negotiations or sales.

Cause of the situation-book+garden+letter Here it looks like some study, project, and possibly some public meeting, workshop perhaps, there is some written documentation. Information given to alot of people through mass emailing or in written form.

Where it has led tobear+birds+letter negotiations, which may have something to do with finances or leadership, strong negotiations. Which maybe a signed contract, there is a sighting of something on paper.

Advice/Action-birds+garden/letter This indicates sales/negotiations/conversations, as there is alot of people in attendence.

Outcome-letter it all evolves around something printed or on paper. With bear cash can come under this.

A couple of things come to mind with this draw. Today is a “big sale” at a local “retail warehouse” where cardholders, and those who were given invitations (letter) to attend can get a discount on stock. I will be attending this after work.

Update: Well I received an unexpected letter in the mail, regarding payment that is due to me from when the old workplace went into liquidation. The liquidators are negotiating and handling all of the accounts, assets and monies due to us and creditors. So all of the ex-employees would of received a similliar letter. So this draw is bang-on.

I also received an email from our accounts in regards to my tax code, there had been a mix up so luckily it was sorted out.

I also worked with another girl today, she usually works in administration, and she made us work extra half an hour just because the big bosses were in the building having meetings. She didn’t want to close too early..ugh!


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Daily draw 27/11/08




This is another one of those draws that manifested quickly this morning, atleast 15 minutes after I drew them, although I hadn’t had enough time to write it up as I was getting the kids ready for school. When one of the personal cards Man, woman or child is present in the draw it’s easy to know that the theme will be around that person. So in the case it is child so this normally would represent one of my children. Yesterday it was my son, today it is my daughter. Cards surrounding it are not very good, coffin, snake, mice, also whip. Interestingly I was able to recognise that this draw was without having to break down all of the positions. I could see that a child would be feeling stressed, anticipating the worst case scenario, and would be having conflict (whip) So I had thougjht it was to do with some sort of bullying. Nothing was said to me, until I had dropped my kids to school, and my daughter had said she didn’t want to go to school today, because one of her classmates wanted to pick a fight with her today, and she said “she didn’t want to be bullied again” Although with the clover sitting next to her, it was more the aniticipation (clover+mice) of the act rather than it being reality. So I made sure to speak with the teacher before anything had occurred. i don’t know how many times I’ve told my daughter to “stand up for herself” because she is much more athletic than these girls, and I’ve seen her give her older brother a good slog in the face. But she of course doesn’t want to get in trouble with the teachers….oh boy. Unfortunately these are one of life experiences that they will face, luckily at this stage it is nothing serious. I have been thinking for a while that I need to put her in a “karate” club, just so she has the confidence to look after herself if need be.

It is obvious that I have a very close bond to these cards, as the manifestations are very quick. The fascination I have had with divination methods is not so much in “knowing how to read them” it is how it works” The pieces of cardboard have no real power at all, it is all in the mind, and how we are able to choose, shuffle and pick the right cards everytime. How we manipulate and programme them to do our bidding. You need to have the right method or system that suits you and stick to it. I’ve found that it is sometimes hard to read draws other people have drawn for themselves because, they have their own methods and meanings for the cards, as their sub-conscious mind chooses those cards to help them see the message that they have programmed. Not to mention that it takes, discipline, dedication and practise, there is really no quick way to go about it.

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Quick Manifestations

I had drawn 4 different daily readings this morning, and the reason for this was because each one of them had manifested only minutes after drawing them, just as I was going to write them on my blog. The first one, was about a child being emotional and not feeling well, but then he would come right. So 2 minutes later, my son woke up crying with a headache, he has just woken up again and is bright as a button…Sun was the outcome of that one. The second one was about making a choice to give something in good faith that would be finalised. I had sent one of Sylvie’s book to someone who had bought it off trademe, I had sent it before sighting payment, then I received an email with a confirmation of receipt for payment to my account. (that was the third draw) The fourth one, was receiving another letter/email, and then I received an email from Sylvie, which the draw also had mentioned some of the content of the email. So I decided to do one more, and hopefully it might last a bit longer, perhaps I need to state daily draw for the afternoon next time.




Corner key cards- Birds, clover, mountain. Positive conversations/interview, possible vacation.

The Situation – birds+storks+clover Conversations that lead to positive changes, that come with a lucky and surprising result, which give long-term stability (anchor) The positive move or changes maybe centred around romance/emotional or a creative pursuit.

The Cause of the situation – clover+moon+mountain. A happy emotional event, that has been delayed due to obstacles. Emotional/creative blocks.

Which leads to – birds+anchor+mountain A possible merger, either romantically or otherwise, it may take a while or has taken a long time to reach this point. perhaps something permanent.

Advice – anchor+moon/mountain To make some long-term plans to get over those obstacles, challenges or delays.

Outcome – mountain generally mountain is stalling, delay and or challenges, although the rest of the draw looks very positive, so it could be a time factor, permanence since mountain is unmovable.

This birds is usually between 2 people, this card comes up alot for my sister (sibling) or my 2 young children. I think this one will talk about a couple of different scenarios.

Update: A friend of mine who is a hypnotherapist came over, he is helping my son with improving his confidence as far as his performance in softball. My son is a representative player for the region, and he is certainly naturally skilled at the game, but from what I have noticed, he can suffer from “performance anxiety” if certain people watch him. So my friend spoke about the blocks and how it is all in the mind, he also went through a quick session to give postive suggestions in helping with his self-esteem/worth and confidence.

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Daily reading 25/11/08




Corner key cards:- Clover, Bear, moon. I love it when i see clover as it always brings with it, some lucky surprising situation, Creative/artistic cashflow…feelings and emotions.

The Situation – clover+birds+bear Positive or fortunate discussions/interviews with someone who could possibly be in management or a leader in her field, there looks to be some sort of surprising discovery (book) The book obviously has something to do with a Woman who has some influence, she is someone sensitive in nature, motherly, may even be artistic/psychic.

What the situation has led to. Clover+book+moon A lucky discovery, may possibly have to do with information that could be esoteric in nature.

Advice book+woman/moon Perhaps more research as this woman is very knowledgeable.

Update so far. I think this is referring to a  when I was browsing one of the other blogs, I came across Arwens blog, where she had an interview with the author Janet Boyer who wrote “the back in time tarot book: picture the past, experience the future, understand the present” it is a break-out concept that gives you the chance to experience the cards in a different way. It’s like creating your own meanings with the cards from your own memories, movies, books, songs and historical events. She says, how can you see “love in the cards for someones future, when we haven’t known it ourselves, (or, alteast able to identify what if “feels or looks like, via symbols or stories)”So I think I like this sort of association with the cards, as tarot has always had me baffled. So as the advice says “It may pay for me to Look more into this book.

That bear card is starting to show itself in another way, not necessarily always to do with finances, but leadership, uniqueness. I will pay more attention to that card from now on.

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Daily draw 24/11/08

As some of you may have noticed I haven’t blogged in the last 2 days, probably because both days I had the weekend off with no kids!! So because I work 4am in the morning, both days I slept for half a day, and read a book, my draws did reflect my laziness, and I can tell you it was just wonderful! Although today is a little more active.


The Situation: A successful contract (ring+sun) one that could be a delayed  (mountain) with Fish it will be a trade and exchange type contract, so buying something new (horseman). Sun+mountain+horseman It is obviously something that I had forgotten about, (sun+mountain) but the no more waiting (horseman)


The Cause of the Situation: Mountain+horseman+tower There was a bit of a long wait, but decided it was long enough, something to do with a company, that sells new things (fish+horseman)

Which leads to: Ring+fish+tower An agreement with a business/company.

Advice/Action: fish+horseman+tower Visit business/company


Outcome: Tower Company/business.

Corner key cards Ring+mountain+tower. Delayed contract with company/business.

Update: Well not long after this draw, I decided that since I had a lazy day (last 2 days) that I really needed to do some house work, so as I was looking at the floor which really needed a good vacuum, I realised I didn’t have a vacuum as old one went bust. So I went to a retail store (fish, horseman, tower) which I have an account so I can make time payments (ring+sun+mountain) and bought a new vacuum and toaster (fish+horseman) So a successful contract with this long established company (ring+fish+tower)

I really love it when draws like this are so straight forward!!

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Daily draw 21/11/08




Corner key cards- Birds- conversations/sales/siblings.  anchor long term goals. Ship travel/transport/at a distance. This could be indicating conversations with someone who will discuss their long term plans, which could be travelling somewhere at a distance.

The Situation – Birds+house+anchor We have conversations here it could be someones living arrangements.

What has caused this situation Anchor+crossroads+ship This person looks to thinking of their long-term goals, as they have other options open, which appears that they maybe moving away.

Where it has led to Birds+cross+ship The conversation will have some small concerns due to them making a journey.

other factors Birds+house+cross/house+anchor+crossroads. The concerns maybe about the condition/maintenance of the property, or family in general.

Advice Cross+crossroads/ship These are all options that one has to weigh up if they intend moving, but making the right choices should see them in good stead

Outcome-ship This is pretty clear cut, that there will be movement or travel.

This could be referring to a situation, I may have a talk with my sister (birds) as she has decided to move to Australia, and that she will put her property up for rent, of course there are alot of things involved getting the right tenant etc. Also she is deciding to leave her children here with their father or my parents. I did draw another card Dog to see who or what this draw was referring to, so it is someone I know, a friend, family member.

update: I did indeed have a conversation with my sister, about her moving away, she was concerned about her son. She thought that it would be better for him to stay with family than to go to a new place as he doesn’t adjust to new schools. She thought that it would be better that he only miss her rather than our family, as he is very close to my family, his father and grandparents.

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Daily draw 20/11/08




Well i hope the rest of my day is better than the start i had at work this morning.

Corner key cards Moon – Emotions/creativity. Tower – /Ego/beliefs/values/building. Heart – love/passion/feelings/generosity

The Situation – Moon+birds+tower There appears to be some emotional type meeting, it could be centred on one’s ego/beliefs, or it can be at a place where negotiations take place.

What has caused this situation – tower+horseman+heart The horseman brings with it feelings, this could be kindness given, the act of giving. A merging, perhaps reciprocation.

Where it will lead moon+cross+heart It appears the emotions will be in some sort of turmoil.

Other factors moon+birds+cross The conversations will definitely be of some concern.

Birds+tower+horseman Can be a court of law, news coming.

Advice: not to worry there will be a solution which will make one feel glad.

Outcome: heart is kindness and giving, also passions someones feelings

Update so far. One situation I think this is referring to, is that i had just finished talking with a friend who we had a new mutual acquaintance (tower+horseman). It was quite funny really, but this acquaintance I can tell you can “talk the butt off a donkey” I mean you may as well not be there because she wouldn’t allow you to get a word in, all the conversation is about “her” and what she believes (tower), doesn’t matter what you believe. I think she is the way she is, because she was given (heart) everything by her family, and she expects (tower) that everyone gives to her. We both felt drained (moon+cross+heart) after spending time with her, even if it was for a couple of hours. She has no concept of other people and their lives, especially if they have children. She is a pleasant person however. She doesn’t live in our area, as she was only visiting, so will probably not see her for a long while…..

2 other scenarios occurred which also got the emotions in a bit of a rut. 1 was at my work place (tower) Nothing was balancing right, both morning and afternoon shift, my co-worker had muddled things up quite a bit. Luckily I was able to find the errors. The other scenario was from another person who can get me quite riled up, this person also expects alot from me..grrr! Everything turned out in the end (cross+horseman+heart)

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