Daily draw 27/11/08




This is another one of those draws that manifested quickly this morning, atleast 15 minutes after I drew them, although I hadn’t had enough time to write it up as I was getting the kids ready for school. When one of the personal cards Man, woman or child is present in the draw it’s easy to know that the theme will be around that person. So in the case it is child so this normally would represent one of my children. Yesterday it was my son, today it is my daughter. Cards surrounding it are not very good, coffin, snake, mice, also whip. Interestingly I was able to recognise that this draw was without having to break down all of the positions. I could see that a child would be feeling stressed, anticipating the worst case scenario, and would be having conflict (whip) So I had thougjht it was to do with some sort of bullying. Nothing was said to me, until I had dropped my kids to school, and my daughter had said she didn’t want to go to school today, because one of her classmates wanted to pick a fight with her today, and she said “she didn’t want to be bullied again” Although with the clover sitting next to her, it was more the aniticipation (clover+mice) of the act rather than it being reality. So I made sure to speak with the teacher before anything had occurred. i don’t know how many times I’ve told my daughter to “stand up for herself” because she is much more athletic than these girls, and I’ve seen her give her older brother a good slog in the face. But she of course doesn’t want to get in trouble with the teachers….oh boy. Unfortunately these are one of life experiences that they will face, luckily at this stage it is nothing serious. I have been thinking for a while that I need to put her in a “karate” club, just so she has the confidence to look after herself if need be.

It is obvious that I have a very close bond to these cards, as the manifestations are very quick. The fascination I have had with divination methods is not so much in “knowing how to read them” it is how it works” The pieces of cardboard have no real power at all, it is all in the mind, and how we are able to choose, shuffle and pick the right cards everytime. How we manipulate and programme them to do our bidding. You need to have the right method or system that suits you and stick to it. I’ve found that it is sometimes hard to read draws other people have drawn for themselves because, they have their own methods and meanings for the cards, as their sub-conscious mind chooses those cards to help them see the message that they have programmed. Not to mention that it takes, discipline, dedication and practise, there is really no quick way to go about it.



  1. sylvie said

    Hello PR 😉

    Your comments on not being able to read other people’s draws is so true particularly because as you said, they have established their own language/symbolics with the cards.

    I always ask my professional psychics who come for reading to refrain from trying to interprete what I pull or what is laid on the table to avoid confusion in the messages. They all understand why…


  2. phoenixoracle said

    Hi Sylvie,

    Great to have you pop in. It is interesting to see that after awhile, our own language starts to show through the cards, and other meanings can emerge from them or added to it.


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