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Daily draw 19/11/08




I had previously started posting another daily draw, but it had manifested minutes after starting to write it up on my blog, so there was no point in writing it, since I knew the outcome of it. I am finding that these draws manifest very quickly.

The Situation – letter+cross+child This is obviously concerning a child, so therefore there is something that I will read (letter) that maybe of a small concern

What was the cause of the situation – child+bouquet+coffin It is obvious that the child was a lovely child(bouquet) but a situation has ended for this child.

What it had led to – letter+key+coffin There was obviously some important information/article/papers that has come to surface, in which it has led to this situation, the ending is a transition period which is meant to be.

Other factors letter+cross+key The news is a important factor requiring some verification.

Cross+child+bouquet This child may have been in a unpleasant situation, a feeling of being lost perhaps, but the bouquet is a card of “healing” “recovery” looking for a better outcome.

Advice – Key+bouquet The key is always a lovely card to see, as fate has stepped in to bring harmony to the situation, and that sometimes an ending is the best possible outcome.

Outcome – Coffin pretty obvious here, “End of Story” it’s all over.

Corner cards letter, child, coffin So something i may read about as far as a child is concerned and there is a final chapter.

Update so far: There is probably more to this scenario, but so far, I think it is referring to a “letter” I received in the mail, concerning my oldest boy, because he has turned 16, they wanted to know if he was returning to school next year, as this could effect payments that I am entitled to. He has decided to finish his schooling, and is looking at a course in either graphic design and a part-time job. He eventually wants to go into the army. So definitely a “transition” (coffin) period for him, and ending his schooling. He didn’t like school, so I think he is very relieved (cross+child+bouquet) luckily it is not a major concern.


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Daily draw 18/11/08




The Situation-key+sun+garden This is a significant gathering or a significant group of people.

The cause of the situation-garden+bear+stars This is possibly to do with a place where I would say resources (food/money/power) a recognition or place of repute. Or acquiring alot of resources with alot of people

What it has led to-key+snake+stars It has come with it’s challenges and lessons, but a renewal, and to look further

Other factors-key+sun+snake Major challenges.

Sun+garden+bear A significant gathering, resources.

Advice-snake+bear Now I wonder what advice could come when a troublesome card like the snake appears, I would say, no matter what the trouble or challenge is particularly if needing to gain more resources etc, there is always a solution, and hope for the future.

Outcome-stars is the solution, attaining that what is needed or wanted.

Corner cards key, garden, stars A significant event concerning a large group of people, publicity, recognition. People are the key!! Visions and dreams

Update so far. This is an interesting outcome. I think it may refer to  articles I was recommended to read by Sylvie, to do with ancient ancestors  from the “Land of Mu’ The land of Mu was said to be the original motherland (Garden, bear) And from all alot of ancient civilisations (key, sun+garden) had come from, A supreme deity to them and still to this day was the “Sun” another sacred symbol and represented throughout many was also the “Snake” The Land of Mu had sunk a natural castrophe (Key+sun+snake) and was said to be in the vicinity of the south pacific basin, the celestial significance of the South seas is “the southern cross” (stars) My Maori culture has legends of this great land and from where they say we came from, we called it “Hawaiki'(Sun+garden+bear)

Looking at the cards Key+sun (kingdom or I can add “Great civilisations”)

Key+snake we have karmic lessons/challenges, and obviously the “destruction of this once great land’

I could go on and on, of how this draw has summed it up nicely, so I will definitely be coming back to this draw to find the nuances of how the messages are speaking. This is quite fascinating, all there in the lenormand!!

Another scenario, but fit in equally well, was I was thinking of a business idea, a cafe (garden+bear) but it would have other things attached with it, that would have different services to offer. It would be a big task, mainly having the financial banking (bear) to fund it. But all dreams have it’s challenges (snake), and there is always a solution if one believes in it enough (stars)

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Daily draw 17/11/08




The Situation Tower+bear+Anchor looks like someone will be dealing with a financial institution, it promises long-term strategies and goals. The cause of this situation- Anchor+tree+moon It maybe due to some long-term goals, consistency to do with health or spiritual matters What this had led to – tower+fish+moon –This has led to some form of exchange, either through business, a creative type.

Other factors tower+bear+fish Certainly dealing with some financial business

Bear+Anchor+tree Financial strategies for the long-term and future growth.

Advice-fish+tree This is saying to perhaps do business in or with a spiritual or counselling field. Perhaps talking about this type of business. With Moon, this can be an creative, metaphysical outlet. The other scenario moon can represent “fame” so I’m wondering if this is talking about advertising.

Maybe someone will have a suggestion of ways to advertise.

Outcome: Moon looking at the rest of the draw, we could be dealing with a creative pursuit, and the timing of it can be within a month.

Update: Today a couple ladies came over to my place to practise the cards, they both did the workshop with Sylvie, so we all did readings for each other, basically one person would ask a question, so we would all do readings for that question, even the querent, it was very interesting to see that we all drew simillar cards. My question were business based. Interesting enough when I asked about the business type, it had indicated that I have already started the process, and basically saying that it will to do with something that the public have trouble getting and or something that is not established…So I know this is the lenormand cards and books being sold in New Zealand, as well as something else. I had also sold 2 more sets today to a couple of people who are cousins to my brother in law (he did workshop) he had done a reading for them after the workshop, and they were blown away by how accurate it was.

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Daily draw 16/11/08




The Situation – horseman+mice+moon. Ok breaking this down, there will be some form of pressure/excitement coming forward, however it will be an emotional one, emotional stress involved here. Intuition is another thought here, liken to that “gut feeling” What has caused this? Moon+mountain+key. Resistance, not wanting to open up emotionally, now the time has come and key has stepped in to sort it out. key is a wonderful card, it is miracles at play, it likes knocks one on the head and says “hello…this is it, ready or not” What it has led to? Horseman+anchor+key. Stability and reassurance.

Other factors advice/action that maybe of help: Horseman+mice+anchor. Working through the stressful times can be a confidence indicator. So need to find one’s stability.

mice+moon+mountain Succumbing to emotional pressure can stunt ones ability to move forward, a time to master ones emotions, and also listen to that quiet voice. A stubborness, 

Advice – Anchor+mountain Go forward with confidence and breakthrough the barriers, With key it reinforces that everything has been for a reason but there is no getting away from it.

Outcome – key This is the best card you can get in any spread, it is the help outside of ones control to bring a solution.

Corner Cards; Horseman – Something  is coming forward. Moon – Emotions Key – All is meant to be!

There looks to be a situation here that someone will be emotionally challenged, but it’s a matter of working through it if they wish to progress and gain confidence, a standing of one’s ground. If they have been putting something off, then now they have no choice, because circumstances outside their control has or will “arrive”

I really enjoyed doing this reading, as knowing what each of the combinations appear to be showing has helped put it all together.

Update: Not long after I posted this, the horseman arrived with a situation that caused me to feel emotionally uncomfortable. A few family members of my ex arrived, and some of them were from out of town..They had come for the ‘celebration of his life party” (previous post). And everyone was there except me and our kids. I could feel a slight disappointment from a couple of them, particularly the sister who was the reason I didn’t go in the first place, as I felt she was pressuring me, and expecting alot from me. I must admit I can be stubborn.

So this one was one of those situations that was definitely out of my control (key) I still have to figure out what lesson I have learned. I want them to learn something actually like “leave me out of their family decisions, I don’t want to be a part of it” I have my reasons and they have theirs.

This also echoed the theme of a movie I watched today, a “love story” with kiera knightly called “Pride and prejudice” Family pressures to marry, a resisting of love, working through the prejudices of class, but eventually love winning through.

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Daily draw 15/11/08




The Situation – Snake+storks+coffin Firstly the snake alerts to a problem, this could be due to someone not being able to adjust to a situation, A possible cause of this maybe due to their work, problems within the workplace, that they have been at for a long time.(coffin+fox+anchor)  Another factor, this may also have caused an existing long-term health problem.

Snake+storks+tree Certain adjustments will need to be made to improve their overall well-being. Challenging problems/changes effecting health

Storks+coffin+fox Need to re-consider work  or routine matters. Unable to make changes.

Advice- Tree+fox As an advice, I would say that one really has to work on their overall health, and living life to the fullest. Another thought, seeking a professional health professional due to an underlying health problem.

Outcome-Anchor Putting plans and strategies in place for long-term stability.

I thought I’d add another combination the Corner cards Snake, coffin and anchor. Long term suffering.

Update: This refers to the father of my children. Today his family and friends put on a surprise party, to them it is “A celebration of Life party” His health deteriorated due to his work 9 years ago. He was a prison warden, and he was in charge of a “riot squad” he had attended a big riot in one of the prisons, and their was a huge fire, that he and his riot squad had to put out, it had  caused “smoke inhalation in his lungs” he was unable to fully recover after that, which then led to other serious health problems. I decided not to go, as I see it as more of a “you’re going to die soon party’ I have told him that “he can either live life every day to the fullest, or pick his coffin out and lie in it” All of his past work mates will be there also to attend. I’m sure he will lap up all of the attention…

By the way, he thoroughly enjoyed the party, and was blown away by all the friends and family who showed up to give him support (or their goodbye wishes) he was disappointed we didn’t show though…

This draw also mirrored the exact situation of another friend’s husband, it was just by coincidence that she had replied to a previous email, when we got onto the subject of her husbands health. her husband also worked as a correctional officer, was involved in a riot, and had suffered from gas inhalation of the lungs, health deteriorated and so did his work, or rather he couldn’t work for them anymore.

I only realised this draw, when i went back to re-word things, as it wasn’t sitting well with me the first time. I think another pattern has emerged.

1+2+3 The situation

4+5 The advice

6 Outcome

3+5+6 Cause of the situation

1+4+6 Other factors that has led to the situation

1+2+4, 2+3+5 other advice or action that maybe of help

4+5+6 Best possible outcome.

So todays draw showed this pattern quite well, as it’s a situation that has already passed, so I was able to see it.

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Daily draw 14/11/08




The Situation – Stars+bear+snake This looks like a situation where someone will be going through some financial struggle With the scythe as the other combination to stars+bear it appears that some financial decisions need to be made, as there looks to be a cutting off. If I read the left side Stars+scythe+whip An implementation or executive decision will be met with some conflict.  Bear+snake+moon Debts, financial losses bought about through some emotional upset, certainly causes the emotions to stir, almost like an emotional black mail scenario.

Advice Scythe+moon I;m so glad I have added this to the draws, as it brings with it some hope. This to me is saying that someone should break away, and not become emotionally attached to the situation. With Whip added to this combination, it is once again saying, action is required, although there maybe an emotional battle going on.

Outcome-Whip Well with reading of the above, there will be some conflict involved in all of this, it will be a time to act. Whip is the card of violence too.

I think there could be a couple of scenarios going on here (as it usually is) Firstly some financial decisions going down the gurgler, and some decisions based on some form of emotional upset. I will update you all as usual.


Update: Only moments after I had posted this blog, a friend rung up. She is going through a bit of an emotional crisis with her 10 year old boy. She’s had to stay at home, as he is not permitted to go to school, for acts of violence. He has a mental disorder. He was sent up to one of the supposedly top childrens hospital (starship) the doctors there were unable to decide whether he has early onset bipolar or another mental disorder. He was sent back home from there after going into a rage trying to break things. (stars+scythe+whip)

She is trying to find someone to take her boy as her other daughter cannot come home because the boys unpredictability. Because she is unable to work, she is worried because she has no leave left, so she doesn’t know if she is going to be paid, so she is in a bit of a financial struggle.

I told her from the advice cards, that she needs to separate, and that she cannot make decisions based on her emotions, a time to act, as he is a danger to himself and to her. He has already hit, thrown things, pulled her by the hair to the floor, smashed her car, computor and everything else he had in his path, holes in the wall. Although this is not a behavioural problem, it is a mental illness, he has tried to over dose as well. He cries because he doesn’t want to be angry, he just can’t help it. His father also has “bipolar” a very sad situation.

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Book and Deck for Sale

All books and decks have all been sold out. I will be looking at purchasing more in the future.


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