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Reading: A plot for a book


I thought that this would be an interesting question, as I have always wanted to write a novel, only because I love to read, and it’s a creative project that is always good for the mind. I don’t know if I’d ever publish it, but having something to do to keep my mind occupied, and to see how things would unravel is always the best part of the journey. I have had a couple of ideas in the past as to what it is that i’d like to write about, but looking at the above draw, it certainly doesn’t look like some of the ideas that I have had in the past……I was more curious to see if the lenormand would show the idea I had started on, or come up with something different, and it looks like it has…

Key card Tower this could be about values and beliefs of a Woman shown sitting in the past. Storks would be making improvements or changes to an attitude or organisation.

Man+anchor+woman here we have both people being reliable and stable, the relationship between them is based on trust and a long-term association.

Storks+house+dog here we have a scenario where a family may move somewhere to have a better life, as there appears to be an addition to the family. One based on loyalty and friendship.

I actually drew these cards last night, but thought that I would post it in the morning. I did have an interesting dream where a man and woman were quite prominent in it. They were on a “ship” and the era seemed to be that of the mid 1800’s. This is interesting as when I had an karmic astrology reading with Sylvie, it showed clearly in my chart that my past life was set in this era. It appeared in the reading that I had married into “status” and I had a very harmonious marriage. Perhaps this may be a good place to start. 5 years ago, I did have a dream that I had a very strong emotional reaction, when I woke up I could still feel the strong physically attraction to this man, I never forgot that dream… I think this maybe a good area to start.


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Reading: Relationships 25/1/09




This is Sammie’s Over and under spread, and I must say it has been a great little spread to show, what the theme of what’s going on, that we’re not totally aware of. The middle card, is the theme of the draw, the 3 below is what is troubling or currently on one’s mind. The top 3 is what could be the possible outcome if you work through the bottom 3. You can also read diagonally, and the middle column as extra information.

key being the central card shows that something of importance, something spiritual, and what the universe may have in store for me.

Dog+Storks+bouquet Now this is a lovely draw, despite the position as in what’s supposed to be troubling me or rather what is on my mind. Dog representing a person who is close to me, someone who is loyal, someone that I can rely on, storks and bouquet obviously talk of having a perfect friendship, one that I can share everything with. Also trying to please all those close to me….like children!!

Cross+key+bouquet Factors with the cross obviously show that there have been some deep worries, it appears that its a thought of wanting spiritual harmony, and perhaps not wanting to get lost, with other things, like relationships, personal, romantic. Needing to find that harmony for myself.

Fish+key+dog The fish to me signifies “freedom” being independent. The dog can represent all the people that I am close to, my children especially. When you have children, as most of you all know, you don’t really get that much freedom. They having to rely on you for everything.

Ring+key+storks This definitely shows that ‘Relationships” are significant part of this draw. But also making things better, or needing to make changes so that it is better for all concerned.

Cross+ring+fish this is the trio, that says what I can expect if I work through everything else. The cross+ring is to “forgive” people in my past, or relationships I have had in the past. Fish is saying that I can still have my freedom if I’m in a relationship of any kind, it’s just a matter of making this point known.

So this spread is alerting me to some “spiritual lessons’  What comes to mind, are 2 things with this draw. 1 is my relationship to people around me, like my children. Lately I haven’t enjoyed being with them as much, because it’s always ‘mum I want this, I want that, can you take us here, there and everywhere” They have been going to their fathers at night, as I have to leave for work at 3.30am most mornings. So I enjoy the time when I drop them off, and when I have to pick them up, and that’s  normally after I’ve had a sleep in the morning, just before the texts come in, “mum, are you on your way yet?, what time are you coming?” Then the demands come as soon as I walk in the door… changes need to be made there….Looking forward to “back to school” days!

The other thing I’ve been thinking about lately is a relationship. I have been single for a long time now, and alot of the time what has stopped me from persuing any, is that I’ve afraid to lose my “independence” it is very important to me…..Having my own space! I think, deep down, I have put a wall up, and you know what happens when you do that,? noone can get in or come near! I didn’t realise how strong that belief is. So something’s got to give, unless of course I want to be a spincter hermit til the end of days. No I don’t, so I need to sort that one out.

The lenormand and be quite deep and profound can’t they?

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Daily Draw: Distressing letter 24/1/09


Key card Man so I can expect to hear about a man, who is frustrated or confused (clouds) it may have to do with a psychic, emotional or creative matter. He is obviously feeling emotionally unsettled.

letter+cross+clouds There will be some form of written communication, or someting on paper that is distressing.

Moon+book+mice The frustration maybe due to some knowledge/information it could be esoteric or creative project that brings with it more stress.

Summary: I can expect to hear about a man, who is having some frustrations due to knowledge or information that has come to light or he is working on, that brings with it some stress.

Update: This referred to an excerpt that I read, to the third book in the twilight series “Eclipse’ it was a letter from “Jacob” who is a “Werewolf” (clouds, moon) he is distressed because of the association Bella has with Edward (vampire) things are heating up and secrets are being revealed, or rather they’d like to be kept  hidden.

As you can see guys, I’m a book addict, and there obviously isn’t anything better to do than read, as my normal everyday life, is well….mundane. Work, eat and sleep. But since this is a learning blog on the relationship and association with the cards, it still shows what is predominantly on my mind during the day.

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Reading: Trigger layout General




This is just a general spread I didn’t ask for anything in particular.

Trigger row: Key+Woman+book+coffin

With key sitting behind me it is alerting me to something important that has occurred recently. It could be a spiritual matter or one that I have learnt a very important lesson. It may also have something to do with my or someones destiny. Book can be about research, study, knowledge, or secrets yet to be revealed, not to mention an actual book or movie. Coffin seems to say, that it is all going no where. Book+coffin can be ignorance, uneducated. Something unexpected which brings an ending to a situation.

I think this is referring to the book I’ve just finished reading the first book of the “twilight” series. I saw the movie and I loved it as well as the book, I’m wanting to get the other 3 in the series. But they’re all sold out!

Past: Cross+key+sun

Interesting that the cross has appeared, because alot of the information I have found is based on the almighty power that Religions particularly the catholic church have, and the pains and war that religions have caused throughout the ages, it is astounding. It is almost they have made it a life time achievement or goal to exercise their authority, and it is very worrying indeed.

Now: Anchor+Woman+moon

Anchor maybe indicating my sense of self, in which I am feeling comfortable, and also wish to make long-term plans for future security. Moon, is about my emotional self. There are some goals and plans that I wish to make, and it does involve emotional issues. I do see myself as a ‘reliable” person, and I don’t have alot of dramas like alot of the people around me, I think that comes with being “single” for so long that it has given me enough time to ‘begin to know me, and love me’ . Moon can represent creative pursuits too. I actually bought a ‘journal” yesterday in which I want to record my own personal prophecies for myself, family and the world in general. Although I have my blog to do that, but I have always liked journalling, it brings with it some mystery and well my own privacy.

Immediate: Lily+book+clouds

This is what may occur within the immediate future like a day or two, according to SeaQueen. So it is information, or some extensive knowledge, or knowledge based on old or ancient knowledge.

this is all referring to the books I’ve read all 4 of the twilight series, themes based on legends is what the book is made up of.

Soon; Bear+coffin+mountain

This can be a financial situation, and I sure as hell hope it isn’t my own personal finances, because it looks like someones cashflow is coming to a big “halt’ bankruptcy, investment losses, starvation can come under this too. And it doesn’t look like things will get better for a while.

If this represents myself this isn’t good. There could be a possibility of a reduction or even cancellation of payment due to me. This could be to do with my son’s child support from his father (lily). Or there maybe a Governmental change in policy. My eldest son has finished school now, this could have an impact on further assistance that I get. As he will be looking for a job, or doing more study…..which will effect my payments..

Another thought was the book series (twilight) that I have been reading is “out of stock” and it could be a while before they order some more in!


Well I finished the Twilight series….fantastic. Also the last trio, may also be indicative of my recent decisions to lose weight. My diet has been shocking mainly because I don’t eat regularly. So have started a new exercise regime, and better eating, well eating more regularly.

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Daily Draw: Trade and Exchange


Fish is one major theme of the day. So I or someone (more than likely) will have some form of Trade and Exchange going on, or it is something that will be done independently. Also Fish can be a male who is entreprenuerial. Purchases.

Ship to the side we can be dealing with an overseas matter, or some form of transportation. A trip

Ring this can be a contract made, or it can be a solution to the exchange.

Anchor+stork+ship So what the exchange can be about is someone having a improvement of lifestyle, making good positive changes, a plan to go on a trip.

Ring+bear+mountain The transaction maybe one that is taken out over long-term like as in part payments over a term. Or there is a delay in making payments due to some financial struggle.

Summary; A possible finance transaction, in which whatever is purchased. Although the past suggests some plans made to do with a journey. The financial side will be met with some challenges.

Update So far: This maybe referring to my children, wanting to take money out of their accounts to buy toys of course. Although the money they’re wanting to use, is money that I was saving for them when I plan to go on holiday next January. I told them that if they use it, they’ll have no money left, especially when there’s none or not much going into it. It didn’t worry them…haha..of course not.

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How will my face to face reading go today?


I used Woman key card to represent myself, as I really want to know how I will feel for my next big reading that I will be doing today. If I feel good, then it will be good.

Book to the side of me, represents knowledge, I guess we will be delving into the unknown, esoteric field, and perhaps something different will occur that I wasn’t expecting.

key is always a great card to have, so I can expect that this will be significant to both querent and I. I’m going to be trying the big spread for this reading to start with as a general, then get into the questions. This will be a reading with a woman that also did the workshop, so she has an understanding of the cards.

Stars+bear+book This is a interesting combination, first we start off with Stars which are my visions and goals, or perhaps we are talking about the querents hopes and dreams. Bear either financial, diet, or some of financial reward. The querent is a great cook, who makes the most scrummy cakes and cookies, so she asked what was the charge, I said, “cookies”…lol, But there is also something unknown there she’s probably gone over board, and baked way too much.

key+garden+anchor So from this we have a “karmic, or significant” group of people, so we may plan to have more get to-gethers with others.

Summarise: I think the reading will go well, and that I will feel confident, and we will have also plan to hold group circles after it, lessons to do with other people. I haven’t yet thought of a “set charge” so this may be a topic of discussion. For now I’m happy with taking “donations”.

Update: The reading did go well after a while, when I got into the swing of things. I started with the Grand Tableau, as she was curious too, as to seeing how this worked. She learnt it on course. But I have come to the conclusion that it probably isn’t a good one to start with. So I’m glad that we realised that one, so I won’t be using that one with face to face again. So this was a good lesson. I then used Sammie’s over and under spread, which worked really well. The main significance of the querents reading was a ‘workshop” so I think this is what the key+garden was talking about. She is planning on doing more workshops this year. She made me lovely peanut brownies, russian fudge and a fruit cake….she is such a great cook.

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Daily draws: Nervous energy & Success 19/1/09


Theme of the day is Mice so I or someone can expect to be feeling either very excited, nervous, stressed, or a sense of loss. Although the positive side is that it is a “busy” card with lot’s of scurrying around working together.

So what can this “nervous energy” be about? Fish is talking about some form of free-lancing, either in business or personal.

Bouquet on the other side, is being positive, and having the enthusiasm to get through the sense of loss.

Coffin+mountain+fish so the situation at hand shows that things someone is feeling bored or lonely.  There is an obstacle in being “free’, or having too much freedom.

bouquet+dog+snake The dog, says alot, this is someone that I know, as well as it could be representing a dog. This person is trying to be happy, but there are also problems with it. The dog person has a lovely disposition, but is also troubled or causes trouble.

So to Summarise: This dog person, has alot of nervous energy, in his/her personal life, although free, he may also be lonely, and is finding ways to keep happy, but there is also troubles or can cause problems.

Update so far: This I think is referring to my dog, a neighbour came over, as my dog is not tied up at night, he likes to wonder over to peoples properties and I always find their bags of rubbish on my lawn. He has too much free reign, he is bored, although he obviously enjoys (bouquet) he is causing problems for me and the neighbours. I was thinking this morning when I came home from work and I saw another bag of rubbish that I had to clean up,  my thought was “Oh well, if someone complains about him taking their rubbish, they should look on the bright side, they don’t need to put it out for collection” oh so here we have it.

Well since that one has played out, shall I do another?….yeah why not!


The theme of this draw is Sun this is a most positive card to draw, so this represents, fame, glory, success, victory and achievement, it is the peak of the mountain, very happy indeed. It can also be the “summer heat” hot places, all in all it is good. A celebration.

Moon to the side of Sun says that it could be about a creative, psychic or romantic venture, a chemistry of sorts, moon and sun are both “fame” cards.

Key another beautiful card, which brings a twist of fate, the unexpected coming in to whoever’s benefit.

bouquet+clover+moon Someone will be feeling very happy, a joyous time.  All 3 cards bring in an “emotional satisfaction’ Over night success or fame type of scenario.

key+birds+cross the key next to birds, can be talking about important or significant conversations or meeting, with cross, however I wouldn’t see it in it’s negative sense, although it is obvious with the excitement and success showing in the other cards, it could be a bit overwhelming so there could be a feeling of “What to do”. A congregation.  Although the cross does come with some worries, but it’s just a minor thing. Birds I often associate with siblings as well.

Summary: There will be some sort of important meeting, a celebration of achievement and success a happy time to be had by all.

I know that my sisters and I need to sit down and talk about what we are going to do  for my mothers 60th birthday coming up, there is definitely an achievement in getting to that stage.

update: an old school friend rang this morning, she is a “Esteem” rep and manager, I think it has to do with “jewellery selling” another network marketing programme, doing parties. She is very excited as she had just come back from Australia, another “Perk you up, you are going to have a fantastic year, working for this company’ type thing….you know all the “hoorah speeches” those people like to do. Well she wants to meet for a coffee, and go through all the ins and outs of the business. I thought how what the heck, what have I got to lose by listening? But the cross sitting there at the end, is my concern as I’m really not into that sort of thing anymore, I sold “le Reve” perfume and essential oils years ago when I was pregnant. I did enjoy that actually. So what is the “key” telling me? I might be pleasantly surprised by this ‘meeting” I don’t even like “jewellery” I don’t wear any, I’ll be no good at selling something I don’t like. Mind boggles!! I’ll just have to wait for the meeting to find out, before I start making assumptions.

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