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Weekly reading “finances” 23/2-2/3/09




Weekly reading using Madam Seaqueens trigger layout, I have to say that I really enjoy this layout.

Trigger row:Fish+bear+garden+scythe

I didn’t choose a significator card for this layout this time, I just thought to draw a “key” card, to see what the “situation” of this spread might be, so I have randomly chosen bear so I maybe dealing with matters involving finances. Although it can represent other matters such as nutriton, resources, control issues.  I can say that finances is an important issue for me at the moment. There will be some decisions to make as far as finances, i am think of consolidating all of my debts at the moment, as there are a few other things that I need to buy, and it would actually work out cheaper if I was to consolidate them all.


This indicates some past dealings with a man who is entrepreneurial, and some significant exchange with him also. I think this maybe indicating the 2 readings both with males that I have dealt with in which we encountered a interesting experience. Also me buying the last tickets to see Kelvin Cruickshank who is a top medium, I will be going to listen to him at a small gathering or seminar which will be next week.


This I think ties in with my thought of consolidating my debts, a financial transaction, that turns out to be a positive move.


This is referring to a friend or someone close to me, there is a spiritual gathering, possible workshops, that involves this person. I have a couple of people in mind who this refers to. One friend, is dedicating all of this year to do spiritual and healing workshops. I have also thought of doing a couple as well. Also a plan or thought is in progress to host some more workshops..haha will keep you informed on this one.


This I see as some discussions and decisions to make, a plan of attack so to speak. Financial ones, and ideas to do with workshops and seminars.

This is a very positive outlook, so a good week to be had.


Update: I ended up seeing my bank Manager, and I was able to consolidate my debts as well as get a little bit extra, so that I could attend a 3 day workshop with my friend, we will be staying at her sisters home by the beach, so I’m looking so forward to it.


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Musings 20/02/09

Well I think I’m passed doing my daily draws now,  they were quick manifestations for the day and it proved and confirmed over and over again. Also because my life lacks drama, they were becoming to mundane, but it had to search for something, I mean describing movies I watched and books I was reading, how boring can I get. The whole point of the dailys was to learn, and I have fairly well. I have to say that it is essential for a beginner to do daily’s, because it is a quick way to learn the nuances and messages the cards are trying to convey, it helps with bonding and getting a relationship with them.So it would be my first advice for someone wanting to learn this oracle practise daily!

I have realised that it has been  a year since I had stumbled across “Secrets of the Lenormand oracle study group” on Aeclectic tarot forum. Learning the lenormand oracle has been a wonderful journey so far, and the journey still hasn’t ended, and it will be one that I continue to travel.  Of course the highlight last year was coordinating the workshops and meeting the main lady and friend Sylvie Steinbach. And from the workshop and wonderful reading she had given me, it has been instrumental in alot of changes that I have made.

So where to from here? I will be posting more readings now rather than daily draws, as I want to concentrate more on future predictions.  Also my experiences with actual readings with other people, particularly the drawings (scribbles) that I have been experiencing recently. Also I think that I would like to just see what the day brings without having any extra insight. So goodbye daily draws. If I have any of great significance, then I will post it for sure.

I was really thrilled today, I got one of the last tickets to a seminar to see Kelvin Cruickshank who is coming to my home town on 3 March. Kelvin is one of New Zealands top mediums and psychic, and appeared regularly on our National programme “Sensing Murder” where kelvin and other top mediums communicated with the spirits of victims of unsolved murder cases. I must say it was pure luck (or coincidence) to get a ticket as he is usually  sold out within days. The other thing, other than listening to him giving messages to everyone, is I think he is so “handsome” he is very tall, over 6 feet. So even if I don’t get a message, just watching and drooling over him will be worth it….lol.

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A Aborigine connection


In my previous post, I mentioned about doing a reading for a friend, we left it totally open, not expecting anything. I took my sketch pad and coloring pencils. My friend had his deck of blue owl lenormand cards and thought that he would do a reading for me first. As he was talking I felt the urge to pick up my coloring pencils and started to doodle. Writing words as I went along, I drew a face, the face had large eyes, a wide nose and full lips, as I continued to write words that were popping into my head, I got a tune of “Waltzing Matilda” I then realised the face I drew was a aborigine from Australia.

It was an enlightening session. It is quite appropriate that a aborigine should show up as there is alot happening there at the moment,,Fire and now water with flooding in 2 thirds of the Queensland state. The message was that it was a ‘cleansing” period and the elders had been waiting for it, or rather they knew it was coming, there are things going on there, that people don’t know, hidden, secret covert operations, using the aborigine people, it has been going on for a long time.

I did get an origin and a tribal name, the interesting thing is the tribe is known to my friends, good friend who is aborigine, she was able to verify where, and the name. Her brother is a historian of aborigine deaths! The face was that of a young boy, who had been attacked and killed. There was other things that came out of the session, but I won’t go into that, this was the main theme, and also related to the draw above, that I did before having the session.

Although I think I should be feeling elated at this sudden change in my reading style, for some reason I don’t feel bewildered by it at all. I was more amazed when the cards predicted my daily draws. I will probably take it more seriously when I do more of them, and so I can see that it wasn’t just a fluke or a one off thing.


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Reading Session with a friend


I’ve got a session with a friend today, he did the workshop with Sylvie, so we are looking at exchanging some ideas on layouts and basically see where each other is at. My brother in law had told him about our unusual session we had in the previous post, so I think he is more curious and so am I, as to if anything like that will occur again.

Key as the key card, so something will be pretty certain, and likely to progress as far as any plans he is wanting to carry out. With fox this indicates work of some type, doing something on a regular basis. House it is to with his property and a possibility of working from home.

Sun+mice+fox There is some excitement over a work prospect that is very important or significant.

house+ring+anchor There looks to be some real estate transaction, it looks very certain and will help them to achieve there long term goals.

I know my friend is thinking of selling some of his properties, and renovating his outside sleepout, which he used for training purposes. His wife is thinking of setting up a beauty salon, he also wants to use it for spiritual gatherings, and have people do readings and healings. So I think that looks like it will go ahead.

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Interesting Session!

I had a very interesting session with the cards yesterday, I did an impromptu reading for my brother in law. I went to his place to pick up my phone I had left there, my sister said to go in through the garage, as he was sleeping. So when I went back to my car, he put his head out the window, he had heard my clomping down the hall way, and he’d awaken from a strange dream of a crocodile trying to get into his garage, but bit his arm, but there was no pain..haha..I’ve been thought of many things but never a crocodile!

Anyway, he had a cup of tea, and he had been applying for a few jobs, so I thought to do a reading for him, to see if we could see if he would get any of the jobs he had applied for. I also showed him Sammies “Over and under spread” and it was during this layout that I had a couple of strange body reactions, my back became hot, and my breath rapidly increased, I knew from past experience when I used to do healing that there was another presence there.

Through questioning I was able to say that this presence at this time, was a Great great Grandfather figure on his mothers side. I was able to see in my minds eye what he looked like, and clearly give him messages. He had also placed a gift on the ground, and I then asked for a piece of paper and pen so that I could draw it. It was symbolic of course, as other words and images came which I quickly wrote down. Then the energy had changed again. At the end of it, we had words and symbols. One of the first words I wrote was allegory which I haven’t heard of before so googling it we stumbled upon this:

the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence ; also : an instance (as in a story or painting) of such expression2: a symbolic representation

I then wrote other words such as Neo-theology, pythagoreom theory, Thales, Chiron a few others but they were the main ones. I drew symbols when later googling  them were “free mason” symbols. We wanted to get an origin of this, I drew a place which we needed to get a world map, and we pinpointed it down to ancient Turkey, a place called melitus near the meander river, which was the home of a Greek philospher named “Thales’. (you can google this wise man if you want to find out more about him) I never heard of him before.

So from the words and symbols and pictures we had alot of googling to do. Although it left us with more questions than answers…..Here are the cards that were laid out when this interesting turn of events occurred. Just for me to note, that when Chiron is significant,  with taurus and mercury this year 2009, then perhaps this is an important time frame, i don’t have much clue on astrology at the moment so this doesn’t mean much, as well as a solar eclipse next one 22 July 2009. Interesting planetary alignment of triple conjunction of chiron, neptune and jupiter between May and August 2009




Upon looking at this now I can see that the Man may have been referring to the Greek Philospher  Thales and his teachings (stars+book)

If we look diagonal from clouds+man+fish I can see that perhaps he is a man in transition or in 2 worlds.

Book+man+woman, this is obviously some of his knowledge coming through to me.

Stars+man+dog, a man of vision he was a famous astronomer, and one dedicated to all things, he was also a natural philospher dealing with nature.

Anyway, it was all very interesting.


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Trigger Layout for Corey 13/2/09




I thought to do the trigger layout on someone else other than myself, since I’m so boring. The subject is my teenage son, and he is starting to do those teenage things, I thought I had bypassed that, but obviously not. My son isn’t a bad boy by any means, just bored and when the mind is idle it can cause chaos.

Trigger Layout: Garden+child+ring+dog

This shows my son with a group that it seems as though they have made some sort of a pact. This is what I have been worried about, as he’s hanging out with a nephew who has a few hoodlum friends. He has also been socialising like partying more than I like.

Looking back on this again. The dog is a loyal friend to my son, there looks like there will be some sort of agreement between them.

Past: Coffin+garden+horseman

This shows a group of new comers that have come in on the scene, not a good influence either.

Looking back on this again, this could also be indicating, how he felt about the softball tournament he went to when he lost his confidence.


Book could be indicating a secret or being secretive, it can mean gaining knowledge as in his recent application to his course. But I’m more inclined to think that it is more a secret. Tree is an unusual one to have here, the traditional meaning is about health or karmic/spiritual matters, but I get the feeling that it’s about “life experiences” he had mentioned that he wouldn’t mind flatting with some friends.

Immediate: Anchor+ring+storks

The time frame is usually within the next 1-3 days. This looks positive on the first view, as there seems to be  long-term goals and commitment, which indicate changes, expansion or improvements. This may happen after I give him a lecture this afternoon, or it is showing him making some sort of an agreement with these boys.

Update: Corey’s best friend talked to him and asked him what was wrong and why he wasn’t feeling confident about softball anymore. My son had told him, it was the ‘coach” which is also this boys father. Corey’s friend told him not to worry about anything his father has said, (this boy has had a hard time with his father for years, so he knows) The boy really pumped up my son’s confidence, and he happened to of had a great game yesterday, my son said “he was back”


The time frame for this I asked for was within the next 4 weeks. The mice is sitting behind the friend, so this boy is worried or stressed. There are some choices he needs to make. Perhaps knowing who his real friends are.

This shows me clearly that he is mixing with the wrong crowd in which I am aware of after a discussion I had with one of his best friends mother, and my nephew who is the brother of one of the boys and his mates. His best friend is a lovely boy. The other thing is that after his softball tournament he lost confidence in himself and lost the heart to play, so I think this blow is causing him to find other means of excitement. My boy is a softie at heart, who has never been in a fist fight with anyone, gets teary eyed if he gets told off. I guess he’s trying to find his own sense of self and manhood. I often wonder if he had a stable “father figure” that it may have made a difference, he’s only been bought up with me and my parents, he’s been moddle coddled really….safe and secure.

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Cyber Bullies of the Secrets of the lenormand Oracle

As you all know, I am a staunch supporter of Sylvie Steinbach’s method of the lenormand, she bought to us the first English manual, and her method has proven accurate over the years, she is highly qualified with a clientele of 30000 people over her 20 years consulting. So in my mind she is a leading expert.

I have recently read a review on Amazon by the notorious Stella1904 who is well known for sabotaging forums and blogs, she absolutely loves causing havoc, she has nothing better to do than harass people, not a very good character on her part.

For some reason she despises Sylvie’s method this review isn’t the first time she has tried to discredit Sylvies work.  She is a staunch supporter of the traditional, I’m not saying that the traditional is wrong, it certainly has it’s history, and there are hundreds of traditional readers who are very accurate and successful.

She does not have the credentials or expertise to make harsh judgments, particularly when she has not bothered to try it, she just opposed someone doing something different, almost like a religious fanatic who thought other belief systems were wrong and the work of the devil. If she believes her traditional way is the only way, why is she threatened by Sylvie’s way? I would love to see her making predictions that’s if she has the nerve to do it publicly.

All I can say is “Grow up lady’ petty school girl games ended decades ago for you. Show us your predictions, publicly blog them, and see if you like people harassing your blog like you like to do to others.


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