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Weekly reading 30/4-6/5/09




Using madam Seaqueens Trigger layout, for my weekly reading.

Trigger Layout-Garden+stars+clover+birds

The key card in the middle is stars, so this can be about visualisations, or guidance and dreams. Garden before hand is dealing with a group of people. So there is some positive and supportive network. Which may also lead to positive conversations and meetings.

I know I start my training tomorrow for my new job, so it will go well.

Update: I met my new work colleagues today, and they are all very lovely, and we went through the roles of how we interdependently work together too meet goals.


This is about some form of reunion or large gathering, where food or dinner was a part of it. Also this could be indicating, the contracts or agreements to do with group finances. Once again this is related to my job.

This maybe referring to either my nephews 21st. Or I got an invitation to go to dinner with some old work mates. Also am needing to make birthday arrangements for my mothers 60th birthday.


After some form of transition, things start to pick up, and looking forward to the future in a more positive light.

I think this is referring to the meditation process that I had learnt, I was feeling a little discouraged, as I wasn’t able to visualise very well. But today, after spending some time with a friend who I did the course with I was able to visualise very well, so it had given me hope again.

If I stay on the theme of my new work, this could be indicating what I will be learning right from scratch.

Update: I had a quick brief of my new job description, and I will be learning everything from scratch, and there is quite alot involved! Hopefully I will be confident by the time I take over officially.


This is likely to occur within the next 24hrs. And wow this is a great set of cards. And with key it is talking about a significant event next to clover. A lucky break. letter+clover can be lottery of sweepstake. I certainly have been visualising a lottery win to help pay for my maxed out credit card, and a few other bills that have all come in at once. But I will keep this one open, so not to get my hopes up. It could be referring to any form of communication that brings with it some positive or good fortune.

Update: So far no lottery ticket, but, the woman training me for my new job, told me about the bonuses that I will get when I reach my targets, so I think more than likely this is what this draw means…still spot on!


House+birds can be a personal assistant within an establishment. I think once again it’s referring to my job training, as I will be training as a PA, and I will be meeting the current PA before she leaves on maternity leave, she will be training me.

Update: All this week I will be under the wing of the current personal assistant at my new job.

So this draw occurred very quickly and very straight forward!

All in all I good set of cards for the week.



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Popping in

Hello all,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. I haven’t had much of a chance to get on line these last couple of weeks, been out and about doing other things.

Last week I had an interview for another position with the bank I’m working for, and I was successful in the application. My job at the airport is coming to a close in April, due to no more international flights flying out of our local airport. So we have been moved into different positions. My new job is full time, so I won’t be having my free days now. Atleast I will be able to have a good sleep now. Although I did enjoy my job.  My new job, I’m an assistant to business managers. So will be dealing with clients over the phone. I’m quite looking forward to it.

I’ll be coming into my 40 year old birthday on March 22. So I’m sort of looking forward to that. My favourite nephew is also celebrating his birthday the night before, where I’ll be Master of ceremony for his 21st birthday.

Hope you are all well. I will look at everyone’s blogs to see how you all are.


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Weekly reading 2/3-9/3/09




This is a really lovely weekly spread using the trigger layout. The key card is “Woman” I didn’t charge this card to represent myself, as I left this spot open and pulled whatever should come up…so it happened to be woman. So I know a woman is going to be significant for this week.

Trigger row: bouquet+woman+garden+sun

The row is representing a lovely, charming woman, who is within a very successful or popular group. This weekend I am attending a 3 day workshop with a woman who is a teacher for “theta healing” this modality was founded by a woman named Vianna Stibal who instantly cured her leg of cancer, by being in the theta brain wave state, she has since gone on to instantly cure thousands of others, and teaching her method all over the world. So I think this workshop is going to be a great success.

Past: Anchor+bouquet+mountain

This I think represents “lifestyles” or things that have been done for a long period of time. But you know with “too much of a good thing” can also have it’s set backs. Which I think for me, and if we look at the following card in position 2 is bear, which for me is diet. I have been having problems with my digestive system at the moment.

Present: Bear+Woman+ring

This is to do with a very strong and powerful, caring woman who is a woman of her word, and she has found solutions. I think this is once again pointing out the book I’m reading which is a pre-requisite to the workshop written by Vianna Stibal, she has a “Partnership” with the creator, and she teaches everyone else how to have one as well, so that they too are able to perform “miracles’

Immediate: Man+garden+fish

The time period is within 24 hours, So here again is a man who will be at a gathering, a demonstration. it so happens that I am going to see kelvin Cruickshank tomorrow evening at a “soul food” seminar, where he will be demonstrating his medium abilities, and passing on messages to people within the audience.

Update: The evening with Kelvin was good, he sure is a handsome man in person, had a good sense of humor as well. He gave messages to a few people in the audience. What I got out of it, was how he tried to determine who he was trying to bring through, by writing on a white board, and trying to find a family link, depending on what side the star he drew was on. It took him a while to warm up, as there was obviously alot of spirit in the room trying to get through, by the last few people, he was connecting really well.

It is obvious that mediums are not always going to be 100% all of the time, as they have a very busy work schedule, he was doing show after show, each day. As well as spirit showing images as symbols, so they have to try and interpret them. Overall I enjoyed it, I think there was more of a lesson in it for me to attend….as in “how” he does it, as I too am starting to get images and words.

Soon: Moon+sun+key

This column, will play out by the end of the week. And look at it. Very high powered cards here, and something that will be quite significant, and successful. I know this is very much to do with the workshop and the work we will be learning, connecting with the creator, changing belief patterns, alot of visualising. We will also be learning how to do future readings and remote viewing, and body scans of ourselves. So a very good week.

Update: I had completed a 3 day DNA basic theta healing workshop, and the group energy and working with everyone was fantastic, I don’t know where to begin to talk about it, but the cards have described it, as being very successful.

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