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Weekly reading 22/6-29/6/09




Trigger row: Man+fish+anchor+coffin

This theme is centred around a male, who has inspirations, he is possibly a family member, as surrounding him is house, stars in the past column.  He looks to be doing something enterprising, or going out on a whim, he has been independent for so long, but with coffin ending the row, it is suggesting that his once stable lifestyle is coming to an end, or perhaps there will be a major transition to his normal lifestyle.


A man, possible family member, has a hope, goal or vision in mind.

Update: As I look at how the week is ended, I now realise, this is to do with A famous man, since childhood. This would now be talking about Michael Jackson.

Present: mountain+fish+sun

Here is a successful enterprise, it may have something to do with nature, or an island or some recreational activity. So I can expect to be dealing with or hearing about a male in this industry. Quite possible with my line of work. I deal with different businesses all the time.

Immediate: Moon+anchor+mice

This is indicating someones emotional or romantic situation that has been going on for a while, will be suffering some form of stress or deterioration.

Soon: Tree+coffin+garden

This is indicating someones health deteriorating, with garden, it could be saying that a support network will be needed. It can also represent funeral!

Update; As we are all aware of now, the legend the king of Pop Michael Jackson has passed away. I was totally shocked to hear this, and very saddened. Although his health has suffered over the years to his strange behaviour. But his legacy and his musical genius will live on. RIP dearest Michael!!


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Weekly reading 9/6-16/6/09




Key card house so I can expect to hear about matters concerning family or the home.

Anchor a situation that has become permanent and stable.

Storks there is some changes or improvements to do with a family situation.

Key+fish+anchor Significant event that involves some form of business or a trade and exchange, which will bring about stability for the long term.

storks+tree+woman This involves a woman who is looking at making changes to improve health or livelihood of her family.

update so far: One scenario that had transpired only minutes after drawing these cards. My sister informed me that, my brothers partner has decided to give custody of their baby girl to my mother. My sister in law has 6 other children to another man who was a gangster and used to beat her. The children have anger issues, they all swear terribly, and she wanted atleast one of her children to have a good upbringing. Interesting, when I did a reading or sneaky peek about my baby niece, I saw that she would be moving away from her mother.

Hopefully this draw hasn’t ended yet.

My sister unexpectedly stayed for 2 days, it was good. I also had a sick day at home with a cough, I enjoyed it too!

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Reading-My future occupation

Hi all,

I decided to do a reading on my future occupation. At the moment I’m on a 6 month contract, so after that’s up I go back to part-time hours, unless the woman I’m working for decides to stay home with her baby…..So what do I do? I’ve been thinking alot lately that it’s time for me to find a job or business that fulfills me in all areas, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course financially.

I’m going to use both fox and fish for this spread, using Sylvies no layout spread.


First I shall take a look at the type of job, or if it is a job that i’ll be working for someone else.

Moon before fox, can represent an emotional situation that will occur with the job. It also represents a month (when contract ends)

Sun on the otherside is one that I will feel valued or successful at. Obviously i will feel excited about it. But somewhere I will feel like a valued employee

birds+storks+moon communication one on one seems to be an important factor in the type of job, or better communication skills, which bring about emotional satisfaction. Or it could be one, where there is only a small member of staff, either 2. Birds+stork can be graduation, flying, a merger. Also interview.

Sun+crossroads this is diversification, or expansion. There could be a variance in the job. or one where there is taking trips. Or one where I may do a couple of jobs.

Looking at this spread, this looks very promising as far as whatever the job I will be doing, avenues that open up for me.

Update: You’ll never guess, my old job at the airport is starting again in September, a month before I finish my contract, so I’ll be going back to the airport, doing the part time hours, and having time to myself again! This suits me just fine. I definitely won’t be wasting my time, like I was before. I was happy to hear about this, a friend told me the night I posted this spread!!!

Update 1/11/2009: Well I’ve started back at the airport. A couple of weeks before my contract was to end, my manger asked me to re-apply for my position, so I did have to go through the interview process. As a matter of procedure. There was one other applicant. I was unsuccessful at retaining my position. I can tell you, there was a mix of emotional stuff when I was told. 2 sides of me, was a feeling of rejection and being shafted, quite a bizarre situation. Especially when he had promised me that he wanted to offer me the job, if the girl on maternity leave didn’t come back.

The other side, was glad of it, as I know that I would be able to have my free time, and persue other interests. And when I look back at my original thought, I was really hoping to go back to the airport.

I have had a couple of other part-time offers, working for a friend, and another manager at the bank, eventually wants to set up another division, and will keep me posted. In the mean time, I will be putting a name out there to do readings. And of course organising the next workshops for Sylvie.

Looking at if I was to go along the path of a business.

Lily on the side of fish can be indicating a business that has been long established or working with elder people or a gentleman. Or a business that requires experience and wisdom.

Ship to the immediate right, is indicating a business that involves overseas, import or export, or international sales.

mountain+tower+lily mountain can put delays or restrictions to a situation. This could also be my own thoughts or restrictions, that come with setting up or taking a step into working for oneself, going out on a limb, and relying on my own business can be a little daunting. But there’s no reason why I can’t do both?

ship+stars+house this could be indicating that I could be branching out to further distances. With house, this could be working from home, with family or a small retail outlet.  This type of business doesn’t appear to be a common business, not one that everyone knows about.

So to summarise. The job situation looks more promising, as it has positive cards, or it is one that i will enjoy working for. The business reading, may take a while and involves working more internationally. I would say to myself as an advice, to stick to a job for now, I can still do a business, but not to rely on it solely until established.

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