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Reading: Face to Face reading today

hello all, Well I have a client to read for this morning, and I’m looking forward to it. I thought I would do a reading to see how I will feel it will go. Using the no layout.



Doesn’t surprise me to see the mountain there, this indicates the blocks and challenges that I’ve held onto for such a long time, it’s lovely to see that key has come to clear the way, it’s now time, so this will be a significant reading to help me get over the block.

Bear is strange to see, and yes it is a paid reading although I haven’t set a price, as my personal belief to start with is a donation. And I will graciously accept money now, without feeling uncomfortable about it. So 2 blocks in one hit. I may also receive, some insightful information.

I will update after the reading is over.

Update: The reading was a huge success, everything that she had wanted answered came up in the reading, she had a friend sit in to listen, so everytime something came up, the friend laughed, so i knew I was onto the right thing. I did use the no layout, the good thing with being the shuffler, I asked the question, as she wanted a general reading, sitting on the fence really, so waiting to see if what she wanted answered would come up. and it did.

I also charged  other key cards, like fox, bear, tree so she didn’t know what i was doing, and I just chose the cards to show up around them.

Sylvie had told me, that there is nothing better than reading for a live person in front of you, because of the interaction, and I have to agree, I had hidden behind the safety of my computor screen. So this reading has certainly given me the confidence to carry on, and most importantly over the block.

I had my Blue owl, and Gypsy lenormand deck, I asked her to choose one of them, she chose the Gypsy, I was actually quite pleased about that as I wanted to give it a go. What I forgot to remove was the extra man and woman cards that come with the deck, the difference is that it doesn’t have the 28 and 29 numbers on them. I charged the Woman-29 to represent her. When I realised the other cards were in it, I left them in just so I could see how it played out, and I have to say having them in, was quite good, because when her card (29-woman) came up, the other woman card came up as well in the same layout, so I knew it was representing another woman…..and hey, it worked, I know it’s not the traditional thing to use, but the result was a success.


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Should I charge for readings?

I thought I would ask this question, as something that has come to my attention lately. Now if I was to charge for readings, email readings for example, would I be classed as a “professional reader” because I’ve accepted money for one. There are alot of charlatans out there charging exuberance prices for readings that they’ve copied right out of a book.

I’ve been told that to gain experience the only way to do it is by reading for people. And that one should always have some form of exchange. I wouldn’t class myself as a professional, because I don’t have years of experience reading for people, or even have hundreds of sitters under my belt. But I guess all of these professional people had to have a starting point when they accepted money. I know people who had read hundreds even into thousands of sitters before they charged for readings.

I am a person who would feel uncomfortable charging someone if I knew that the reading they got wasn’t atleast 90% accurate, that isn’t good enough, although not all readers experienced or not are 100% accurate. In the same token, I would be doing myself a disservice for not receiving an exchange of some sort. I guess people come to a point in life, when they have to take the plunge, and step out and just do it, if it works out or not. I am one who is quite comfortable sitting in a comfort zone, very cautious and not wanting to take risks. I am also very mindful of what other people say and think, especially if I have alot of respect for their wisdom. I was a most obedient child growing up.

Anyway I thought I would take a look at the cards using the “No layout” I feel this is the best layout for answering questions.  The Question “Am I ready to accept money for readings”


Looking at this, it is a very nice draw I must say. I would say that I would progress alot faster and with confidence and  ease if I engaged with other people, one on one. It is the only way to do it, no easy way. I would also say, that for myself I would be taking myself and readings more seriously if I was to have more faith in myself.

I also realised,  that my previous readings on this blog, I have stayed in my comfort zone by breaking down the readings, as more of a learning zone for myself and others, instead of just looking at it and having that quiet moment to listen to the intuitive voice, and not always taking the cards literally, the cards are suppose to trigger the psychic impressions, that is the next level I need to take.

Another question “What must I do to become a successful reader”?




Knowledge gained, through an instititute or teachings of a known source. This could be Sylvie’s method and teachings. Knowing it inside and out. I have not learnt  any other method of lenormand than the secrets of the lenormand oracle. I feel that is all I need to know, I have no intention of learning the traditional method.


I need to get past the nervousness, may even rely on that gut feeling, having a close connection with my cards. Knowing the methodology of the cards and it’s layout is an important factor. The cards don’t lie!

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Musings-Readers a Curse or Blessing?

hello everybody, it’s been a while since I last blogged, but since I have a couple of days off, I’m really pleased that I can sit down and blog some musings or thoughts.

Recently I’ve been thinking more seriously of how I want to work with the lenormand. I had asked a question. “For what purpose do I want to work with the lenormand”? It is very important for me to have a purpose for anything. I got the answer “So I have some craft that I am able to use in my old age” you know that time when one usually retires from mainstream employment. The other question was “Why is it important for people to know the future”? After all, we all have free will and what ever will be, will be. Well that is an important question.

Say for instance, someone comes to see you, and they are over the moon in love with a partner they’ve been with for a couple of years, they feel that, their partner is the one, and they’re making plans to be married. Then only to layout the cards and say “I’m sorry, but the cards indicate that your partner will cheat on you with a close friend” Now, more than likely this client will dismiss it, or take it literally, but at the deep subconscious level they have remembered it, and will always be looking for the time when it may occur, all the while, they have formed a mistrust of the partner and any close friend within the circle. This is a big responsibility, that little bit of advice may have a devastating effect on the relationship. The client becomes so paranoid, that it ends up driving the partner into the arms of a close friend.

As a reader, do you want to have that influence? Although, the best that one could hope for is the sitter, will see it as a warning, make steps to do the best one can within the relationship, enjoy and learn everything they can from that person. And take it as a blessing.  however, in months or years to come, the prediction takes place, the partner is so full of remorse, they go to counselling, decide to work things out, the partner has learnt his ways, and becomes forever doting. Many scenarios could take place.

So with having the knowledge as a reader could it be a Curse or Blessing? I guess the way in which it is expressed to the sitter makes a difference. The reader could say it literally “Your partner will cheat with a close friend” or your partner may have a moment of weakness, and feel that he finds comfort with a close friend. Would you want to know in advance? or would you rather wait a few months or years and go through the heartache at the end of it all? There could be some important lessons to learn by going through with the ordeal.

Other scenarios could be the sitter tells the partner, and the partner comes to the house and  threatens to beat the crap out of you for spreading “such lies”

This post has just reminded me of a true scenario that happened to me. Although I wasn’t the sitter, my ‘fiance’ at the time was. We were months away from getting married. I was away for 2 weeks on military duties. During this time my fiance went to a reader, who she was expecting him to call. The reader told him. “There will be a crisis’ you have the choice of going through with the marriage, but I see another woman in your future” so you have a choice to make. Well the crisis did occur, I came home a night earlier to find another woman in my house. I (4 months pregnant at the time) decided to leave 2 months later. He did marry another woman, who he met at the time of going out with a friend of mine (she wasn’t the one in the house). He later married another woman who was the best friend of the woman he married before that. He was a darn right snake in the grass! I think it saved alot of heartbreak and money, imagine going through with the wedding! He was always going to be a cheater. So would I of wanted to know that beforehand? Yes I think so.

As you can see, there are curses and  blessings of having the fore knowledge of events. It could save someone’s life too, someone asks about a journey by plane, cards indicate an ‘accident’ sitter decides to change flight plans, and luckily she did, the plane that she originally booked a flight on, is in the papers, “plane crashes”

I’m glad I posted this, as I was questioning whether or not I would want to have the responsibility of being a reader. As I am a believer in people having free will. I used to be a classic “rescuer” wanting to save the world. Family and friends mainly, I would help these people, to the detriment of myself, they took it for granted, it was a good lesson though, when i learnt the hard way. So i think that there should always be some reciprocation, only give as much as you have to spare, or there should always be some exchange.  That way your cup is always full, and you don’t run yourself empty.


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