I had an interesting conversation with a long time friend of mine (from high school) she was reflecting on her life, and made some interesting observations. She is also into the “Secret” in a big way.

Anyway one point I want to share, and she said “I understand what causes unhappiness” she goes on by saying “unhappiness is caused by disappointment, and it is when people have high expectations that are not met, so they become disappointed. They also usually blame other people for not helping them reach their expectations. They don’t take responsibility for what was created or not created. A wise person knows that at the end of the day, they create their own reality. The negative person who only sees failure, loss and disappointment, have set themselves up for it. That is all they will see. A wise person who has no expectations of anyone or leaves the outcome to the divine, will accept what the outcome is, and leaves no blame upon another”

I thought this was very wise words for my friend, and is one that she needed to come to, as her life has been of struggles and disappointments. So the bottom line is. Before you blame another for your unhappy life or situation, take responsibility for creating your reality!

I thought to write this, and when I look at my daily draw, it sums up this passage nicely.


A new outlook (horseman)

positive and lucky discovery by a friend (clover, book, dog)



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  1. Very interesting article. Compliments !

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