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What do I need to be aware of in near future?

Hi all,

I was a little bored so I thought to post a reading on here. As you can see my question “What do I need to be aware of’?”

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Bouquet: Positive outlook, to see the beauty in things, a feeling of joy.

Fish: To be independent, always looking for an opportunity, entrepreneurial. Sharing of self.

Dog…clouds…bouquet This indicates a friend or someone known to me, who may have felt confused at one point, but thankfully for the bouquet, the situation may have turned itself around, if he or she looks for the positive in the situation, so a positive recovery. The dog could be a number of people I’ve had to deal with lately, who has had some “issue” and not looking at things clearly.

fish…garden…stars This shows exchanging with others, and putting myself out there. Groups of people looking for inspiration. I have attended a couple of spiritual circles lately, where I have been more vocal in what I see, usually I don’t like to put myself on show, but circumstances are forcing me to do so. My dog friend who I have been working with, has been influencial in encouraging to say more.


Update:  I went to a spiritualist church today, the medium speaking was a psychic artist, she had drawn 4 pictures for people in the congregation, I was the lucky recipient of one of her drawings. It was of a woman, who had rainbows around her, it represented celebration. Interesting as it is my birthday tomorrow. But the message was about my shyness. Below is the message I would like to share.

“Greetings to you dear one…this picture shows how colour energy works, by helping lift you up and away from that which does not serve you. The rainbow symbolises the achievement and celebration of leaving the past behind. You are surrounded with sunny yellow energy to nourish your soul and help fill your cup.

You are a shy energy, but have an underlying strength that only surfaces when you are backed into a corner (so to speak)

Well we say…this is about to change for you. You will be stepping out of yourself..away from your safety net more often from this day forward. You will get those unexplained urges to push yourself forward, so you can gain more of what will serve you well.

More wisdom has surfaced to guide you on this path.

Renewed energy to focus is helping you flow into a time of uncovering new chances to gain growth and passion. To renew your passion for life again, will have a healing effect on all aspects of your life.

Crystal clear communication will bring forward a sense of freedom, confidence and courage on your journey.

It is time to reclaim all that you are keeping yourself from. Time to let the true you surface, and celebrate all your achievements up to this point in your life.

Loved one…we do see how hard you work on your self every waking moment, however, give yourself a reward every now and then and have some fun.

Dear gentle spirit please don’t be shy

And we hear you ask why???

Its time to step out and ask more questions

Dig deeper and find more strength

Remember, like attracts like

So the more you step out there

The more you’ll get back

God Bless


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