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Pastlife Connection

This is a past life reading I did for a friend of mine, who had wondered about a male friend of hers. I had concluded that there was a karmic connection, because the dog and tree appeared regularly for these 2 people.

I’m using the No layout spread that Sylvie had taught us on the advanced workshop here in NZ. I am using the Tree to give information into the past life, and the woman card, to represent my friend, and the man card to represent her male friend.




Firstly I look at the spread of cards representing the past life, to give information about the past life shared, if I look to the key card Tree, beside it will indicate what kind of past life, therefore fox and tower are the indicator, one of them has to indicate something, otherwise there is no past life shared. Tower is my indicator, without looking too much into the spread yet, the tower can be a life either to do with hospital, prison, captivity or high society. Fox isn’t really a strong indicator of anything, so just to say work for now.

Snake…horseman…fox …This combination tells me that there was a possiblity that work may have been a problem in this time, and therefore one had to seek new employment opportunities.

Tower…storks…bear…This indicates working hard to improve a financial situation. Moving up, finances was a strong incentive. So I would say that this life time was in “High Society” rather than prison, hospital or captivity. Improving finances may have been done through investments, stock markets possibly. Or a rise to power, where¬† became financially stable. It wasn’t an inherited wealth, but one where they or one of them worked hard to get it.

Now I shall take a look at my friend (female) the cards shown to represent her in that life time


The cards either side of her are indicators of what she was in that life time. Moon is a feminine card, so it can represent either a wife, mother, muse or lover. Sun on the other side however is a musculine card so it can represent a husband or father. Intuitvely I would go with her being the feminine in this case.

Moon and sun to both sides of her, indicates that she was very successful and possibly well known in what she did. She was certainly a very seductive person with charisma. It is possible that she was a “secret” (book) lover to him. There is a feel of mystery around her.

Now I shall take a look at the cards surrounding him..


Clover indicates that he was happy go lucky, looking for a opportunity, possibly an opportunist. Heart shows that he did have some emotional connection to her.

Letter…mice…clover There was something that caused him to be excited it may have first been caused by a letter or news that he had received. It that time he was motivated by taking risks.

Heart…bouquet…ship He was a handsome lover who desired nice things, and to travel, he may have eventually left.

So I would summarise that they had a passionate love affair in which she was successful in her life, he was seduced by it, and saw it as an opportunity to better himself. It was a life of luxury. He in particular had to work hard to get to the top. So a good relationship, although it started off as being a secret.


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