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Catching up

Hey all,

It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog, so I just wanted to update, and still let you know that I am still around. I of course have been very busy on my Lenormand forum this forum of course is dedicated to Sylvie Steinbach’s Secrets of the lenormand method, which is growing in membership all of the time.

I have just come back from Melbourne Australia, attending and assisting Sylvie on the first Australian workshops series, which was a great success. We hope to do more workshops in Australia in the future, on a yearly basis. We of course are open to doing workshops in other countries and areas, as long as there will be someone to organise and coordinate the event for us.

The beginners workshop of course is very intense, learning the 36 cards, the No layout technique and case studies, on finance, career, relationships. The beginners course is very much the meat and potatoes of the system. Advanced workshops are on Past lives, health scans, mediumship and channelling. Very specialised topic, that was a highlight for students, to put everything together in a practice, exchanging readings with students.

I can say, observing once again, as I have been at every workshop since Sylvie first conducted them on the virtual online workshop and here in NZ. It never ceases to amaze me. It inspires me, mainly because I know that through consultations with clients it can give valuable guidance and insight.

For anyone who has the book “Secrets of the lenormand Oracle” by Sylvie Steinbach, you will be able to register with the Lenormand NZ forum, so that you can share with other SLO lenormand enthusiasts, active participation in which Sylvie and I are always monitoring and giving advice.




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