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Lessons Learned

Greetings Everyone,

It has been a long while since I have posted on my blog here. I have to say that my last year has been certainly challenging, I wish I could say that it has been all fun and games but it has not, so I think that there was probably more learning that I have had to go through. For what reason I don’t know, I thought the universe was playing some cosmic joke on me. I have also just come out of hospital for an emergency procedure that took me by surprise and unexpected, but I am recovering well. Atleast during my convalence it gives me time to evaluate and reflect on the past, which frankly I would like to forget, and make serious decisions for my future so that I don’t have to go through the drama and grief and to find what really makes me happy. So I thought I would post a reading for myself which I haven’t done in a long while.

First reading, What was the purpose of all the grief I have gone through in the last 10 months?


I have chosen TREE as the key card here, as tree is to do with spiritual and karmic lessons.

Snake – shows the troubles I have been through

Coffin An ending, transformation

Ring+fish+snake – This is what has transpired over the last 10 months, it appears to me that the troubles were to do with losing my independence as a person due to being tied up in a relationship. And I can tell you honestly that my dramas have all been over my relationship.

Coffin+Sun+Ship – It is good to see the coffin here as the flanking card to the future, as it puts an ending to the lessons (hopefully) The coffin with tree can also indicate depression too. The sun supporting coffin since coffin is the flanking card and strongest influence, The transformation (coffin) has been major and while it may not have seemed great at the time but successful in that sometimes the best learnt lessons are the hardest and most challenging, sometimes people need a big wake up call to see the roses through the thorns….a spiritual knocking, “hello, are you listening yet” Ship although further away from key card, shows a moving forward.

To summarise this, I would say that losing oneself when giving too much to the other person can be detrimental, you should always stay true to yourself (or myself) I cannot blame the other person involved because I allowed it. Learn from it all, and move on. The past is the past.

Now for a happier note, I will post a reading as to What must I do to find joy again


Stars – Dreams, goals and plans

Whp – Desire, physical attraction, sport, conflic

Coffin+Tree+Stars – This indicates to me about making plans in regards to my health, which my health has not been good due to stress and lifestyle habits that has not been beneficial to my, and my recent medical condition was a big wake up call.

Whip+dog+book – Well the whip sometimes does not paint a pretty picture with the more negative meanings of this card, but the question of what I must do to find joy again. So focusing on being more physical (exercise, sport, sex)  Also having The Dog here though is always someone known. So it’s doing something more physical with someone known to me. The book can also indicate an unknown factor or gaining knowledge or information. Dog can also be a therapist, healer, doctor etc.

I have been thinking alot about getting back into my fitness, just so I can feel good about myself again, and if it means doing it with someone known to me then I’m sure it will bring alot of joy.


Update: I have been taking good care of my health, taking supplements and fermented Cod liver oil, which I have noticed a huge difference, I have also been reading alot of information from a well known traditional nutritionist Weston A Price  as for the physical pursuits, I have been out hunting with my partner, which I thoroughly enjoyed, he has been telling me alot about the habits of deer. I also realised that I’m quite fig, tramping through bush and walking up hills. So I think both these 2 latest things apply to my reading.


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