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Rising From the Ashes

Hello Everyone

It has been a long time since I have last blogged, and I will be making a few changes within the next few weeks to this site.

During my absence I have been playing with the Grand Tableau. When I first started my lenormand journey, the GT was not something that I focused on, since I had been learning under Sylvie Steinbach who was not keen on teaching it, as she required a layout that could provide quick answers in a fast pace environment and that was the “No Layout” However the No layout cannot be shown in a public domain as is copyrighted by Sylvie, I will not be using it on this blog, and I have moved on since those early days, and am free to fly as the name of this blog suggests “Phoenix” rising from the ashes.

I have to laugh, I had been thinking of name change for my blog as well and I pulled 3 cards to brain wave a name. The cards I pulled were


Death/Life/Birds – so what does the Phoenix bird do? Rises from death to life and flys . I couldn’t get anymore literal than that could I?. And I’m bringing this blog back to life. So I guess the Phoenix will need to remain in there somewhere, the clarification card I got was “Ring” so I need to make a commitment and taking ownership for my name, that I’ve had for many years when I started this journey. Although only problem with Phoenixes, is that they are only known for resurrecting from death, they need to fly a little bit longer instead of always Rising!! I will think more on that.



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