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Daily draw 8/2/09 Changes


Storks is the key card for today, so there is likely to be some postive changes or improvements for someone today. The changes look to be around some institute or organisation (tower) to do with financial matters. Or it could be indicating some attitude changes.

book+coffin+tower This appears to be about educational matters, or rather uneducated, as there is an abandonment of some sort of study or education within a a institution, or how one sees it. So some changes there for the better.

bear+anchor+sun Some positive long-term financial stability that looks to work out successfully.

Since today is a Sunday, this could be about a topic of discussion.


Update: This was to do with a friend of mine that I spent the day with.  She is wanting to get rid of all her belongings, which hold memories of people that she was upset with. She’s also wanting to sell her 4 properties to buy a big new home. Positive changes for her.


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Daily Draw: Distressing letter 24/1/09


Key card Man so I can expect to hear about a man, who is frustrated or confused (clouds) it may have to do with a psychic, emotional or creative matter. He is obviously feeling emotionally unsettled.

letter+cross+clouds There will be some form of written communication, or someting on paper that is distressing.

Moon+book+mice The frustration maybe due to some knowledge/information it could be esoteric or creative project that brings with it more stress.

Summary: I can expect to hear about a man, who is having some frustrations due to knowledge or information that has come to light or he is working on, that brings with it some stress.

Update: This referred to an excerpt that I read, to the third book in the twilight series “Eclipse’ it was a letter from “Jacob” who is a “Werewolf” (clouds, moon) he is distressed because of the association Bella has with Edward (vampire) things are heating up and secrets are being revealed, or rather they’d like to be kept  hidden.

As you can see guys, I’m a book addict, and there obviously isn’t anything better to do than read, as my normal everyday life, is well….mundane. Work, eat and sleep. But since this is a learning blog on the relationship and association with the cards, it still shows what is predominantly on my mind during the day.

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Daily Draw: Trade and Exchange


Fish is one major theme of the day. So I or someone (more than likely) will have some form of Trade and Exchange going on, or it is something that will be done independently. Also Fish can be a male who is entreprenuerial. Purchases.

Ship to the side we can be dealing with an overseas matter, or some form of transportation. A trip

Ring this can be a contract made, or it can be a solution to the exchange.

Anchor+stork+ship So what the exchange can be about is someone having a improvement of lifestyle, making good positive changes, a plan to go on a trip.

Ring+bear+mountain The transaction maybe one that is taken out over long-term like as in part payments over a term. Or there is a delay in making payments due to some financial struggle.

Summary; A possible finance transaction, in which whatever is purchased. Although the past suggests some plans made to do with a journey. The financial side will be met with some challenges.

Update So far: This maybe referring to my children, wanting to take money out of their accounts to buy toys of course. Although the money they’re wanting to use, is money that I was saving for them when I plan to go on holiday next January. I told them that if they use it, they’ll have no money left, especially when there’s none or not much going into it. It didn’t worry them…haha..of course not.

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Daily draws: Nervous energy & Success 19/1/09


Theme of the day is Mice so I or someone can expect to be feeling either very excited, nervous, stressed, or a sense of loss. Although the positive side is that it is a “busy” card with lot’s of scurrying around working together.

So what can this “nervous energy” be about? Fish is talking about some form of free-lancing, either in business or personal.

Bouquet on the other side, is being positive, and having the enthusiasm to get through the sense of loss.

Coffin+mountain+fish so the situation at hand shows that things someone is feeling bored or lonely.  There is an obstacle in being “free’, or having too much freedom.

bouquet+dog+snake The dog, says alot, this is someone that I know, as well as it could be representing a dog. This person is trying to be happy, but there are also problems with it. The dog person has a lovely disposition, but is also troubled or causes trouble.

So to Summarise: This dog person, has alot of nervous energy, in his/her personal life, although free, he may also be lonely, and is finding ways to keep happy, but there is also troubles or can cause problems.

Update so far: This I think is referring to my dog, a neighbour came over, as my dog is not tied up at night, he likes to wonder over to peoples properties and I always find their bags of rubbish on my lawn. He has too much free reign, he is bored, although he obviously enjoys (bouquet) he is causing problems for me and the neighbours. I was thinking this morning when I came home from work and I saw another bag of rubbish that I had to clean up,  my thought was “Oh well, if someone complains about him taking their rubbish, they should look on the bright side, they don’t need to put it out for collection” oh so here we have it.

Well since that one has played out, shall I do another?….yeah why not!


The theme of this draw is Sun this is a most positive card to draw, so this represents, fame, glory, success, victory and achievement, it is the peak of the mountain, very happy indeed. It can also be the “summer heat” hot places, all in all it is good. A celebration.

Moon to the side of Sun says that it could be about a creative, psychic or romantic venture, a chemistry of sorts, moon and sun are both “fame” cards.

Key another beautiful card, which brings a twist of fate, the unexpected coming in to whoever’s benefit.

bouquet+clover+moon Someone will be feeling very happy, a joyous time.  All 3 cards bring in an “emotional satisfaction’ Over night success or fame type of scenario.

key+birds+cross the key next to birds, can be talking about important or significant conversations or meeting, with cross, however I wouldn’t see it in it’s negative sense, although it is obvious with the excitement and success showing in the other cards, it could be a bit overwhelming so there could be a feeling of “What to do”. A congregation.  Although the cross does come with some worries, but it’s just a minor thing. Birds I often associate with siblings as well.

Summary: There will be some sort of important meeting, a celebration of achievement and success a happy time to be had by all.

I know that my sisters and I need to sit down and talk about what we are going to do  for my mothers 60th birthday coming up, there is definitely an achievement in getting to that stage.

update: an old school friend rang this morning, she is a “Esteem” rep and manager, I think it has to do with “jewellery selling” another network marketing programme, doing parties. She is very excited as she had just come back from Australia, another “Perk you up, you are going to have a fantastic year, working for this company’ type thing….you know all the “hoorah speeches” those people like to do. Well she wants to meet for a coffee, and go through all the ins and outs of the business. I thought how what the heck, what have I got to lose by listening? But the cross sitting there at the end, is my concern as I’m really not into that sort of thing anymore, I sold “le Reve” perfume and essential oils years ago when I was pregnant. I did enjoy that actually. So what is the “key” telling me? I might be pleasantly surprised by this ‘meeting” I don’t even like “jewellery” I don’t wear any, I’ll be no good at selling something I don’t like. Mind boggles!! I’ll just have to wait for the meeting to find out, before I start making assumptions.

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Daily draw: Endings, changes 18/1/09


Theme of the day, key card Coffin, this is always pretty clear when it shows up, The End what more can be said about it, it is the card of “transformations” life altering events, end of a cycle, start of a new. To tell the truth I actually like this card.

What is likely to have ended, first we look at Clouds, I don’t like this card much, it is a unstable card, the good side is that it is only temporary, so the confusion or frustration will come as a “relief” with coffin following. This is something that is needing clarity or to “clear up”

Tower on the other side of coffin, can be talking about an official “institution” but more lately I’ve had it come up with “thoughts, values, attitudes and responsibilities. One’s own personal beliefs. Institutions have their certain beliefs as well, this card can effect so many people.

bouquet+house+clouds this looks like a domestic situation, a pleasant and harmonious home environment, turns out not so rosey after all, I’m also looking at the court cards in all of these 3. I don’t usually look at the playing card inlets, but a reading I did about my brother, he appeared in “fish” next to house, and his partner was bouquet. So I am looking at family members, there is obviously some disharmony within the group. So we are having to make some major changes within the home if we want to achieve harmony again.

Tower+anchor+whip There is a need to implement some long-term goals, and put in some “physical effort” if there is to be any changes, attitudes, responsibilities for all concerned,  on a domestic level,

However, if we are to look at Tower as a corporation, institute, a place that is recognisable, perhaps a “landmark” that has been around for a long-time, there appears to be a “big change” on the forefront, it will be met with some aggressive or physical action, whip always has alot of passion in it, it isn’t a plodding along card that’s for sure…raw energy.

Summary: The theme of the day I could be involved in personally, or I may hear, see or read about a situation that has  or will go through some imminent transformation. This change will effect me or other people on a “domestic” level. This is a needing to wake up and take responsibility, putting into action. A legacy to carry through.

However if it involves an outside institution we may not always have control, and their plans will be carried out regardless.

I can see 2 situations forming here. One on a personal level and another on something outside of my control.

update: This related to some material that I have been researching, although I won’t bore you with the subject of it, as it is a controversial subject. But let’s just say, ‘that people really do need to wake up, as there are things going on behind the scenes, and in front of ours eyes, and people don’t even realise it.  People put their faith in a ‘saviour’ but can’t see the “wolf in sheeps clothing’ that is all that I need to say right now.


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Daily draw “obstacles, delays 17/1/09


Key card randomly selected this morning is Mountain so I or someone can expect some delay or obstacle today. Also Mountain can be just talking about an actual ‘mountain’ or “nature”  expedition.

Ring is an agreement, partnership or solution. So here is an hard to reach solution or agreement.

Crossroads choices, or excursion

dog+bear+ring dog is usually a person that I know, family member or friend, in which there is some form of financial transaction/agreement that this person may have a small obstacle with.

Crossroads+fish+tower Multiple options here to do with trading or exchanges, or something that is done independently. it may also have to do with a female and male, both diamond characters, so they are business or practical minded people. Tower is dealing with an “institute” or someones expectations and values. Seems to be an obstacle here. Responsibilities and obligations.

Also multiple business or trading services.

Summary: Someone can expect some obstacles or challenges to do with some form of financial transaction/agreement, it may be between someone known to me.  There are multiple services of some kind, that need to be met with high expectations. Fair trading.

Also a consultant or advisor can come under dog+bear combination.

Update: So far I think this is to do with a conversation I had with my eldest son. I told him that he needed to pull his weight more around the home, if he expects me to run around after him, pay for all of his activities, and put up with all of his mates that always end up on my door step, then he has to give something back in return, it is only fair, and I didn’t want him sitting around all day, playing games and watching movies.

I think it may also refer to a friend who is a consultant and is going through some financial challenges at the moment, has tried different business avenues to improve matters.

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Daily draw 16/1/09


Looking at the key card, this was randomly picked we have clover so this is a lovely twist of luck here as the theme of this draw, unexpected but happy situation here.

Reading house next to it first, this represents the family or home so obviously some positive vibrations and stability which will come unexpectedly. Sun on the other side, is success and achievements.

bouquet+fish+house bouquet is always a lovely card to see, and next to fish there is obviously some pleasant exchange going on, it is also doing something independently

Sun+child+anchor if I centre this around the child card, we have a healthy and vibrant child, there is a stability and confidence here.

So to sum it up, there will be a lucky surprise, around a happy family situation.

Update: Just got news that my brother delivered his baby girl on his own at their home early this morning. So here is the positive family situation.


This is a picture of my new beautiful niece named Mereaina (Maori name, named after my mum, which means Maryanne) She weighed 6lbs 13oz she looks just like my brother just fairer. So total Grandchildren for my parents is now 15.

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