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Readings face to face updated

Some of you may have remembered in previous posts, that I had started reading face to face. It was always a bit of a challenge for me, but I’ve come to enjoy it. In fact I so much enjoy more than email readings, mainly because email readings take too long to type out, and it’s having that interaction with the sitter, for confirmation.

I’ve also had requests for telephone readings as well. It would be ok, if I had a decent headset. If people had skype then it wouldn’t be so bad, and the phone calls would be free. But I still much rather have the interaction.

I’m going to start doing little fairs now, I’ve been to people who work at the fairs, and well I know that I could do just as good a job, and they would be mini readings, for like 20 minutes. The good thing with the “no layout”spread of Sylvies, is it is designed to answer questions quickly.

But with the NZ general public, they don’t like to ask questions to begin with, they like general readings.

Today I’m going to look for a collapsible table and chairs, so that I can take them with me to the fairs, and well everywhere else that I can park up. That’s the beauty of being a card reader, it’s a vocation you can use and go anywhere with it. Short of cash, park up beside a busy beach area.

Well I bought a card table from a second hand shop, it was the perfect size, and it’s collapsible, so fits nicely in the back of my car. I then bought 2 stools for $13 each, so I am already to go. I’m about to email an organiser of the mini fairs we have around my home town. So I’m putting myself out there once again, getting through the barriers.

Anyway, I will keep you posted.


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A Aborigine connection


In my previous post, I mentioned about doing a reading for a friend, we left it totally open, not expecting anything. I took my sketch pad and coloring pencils. My friend had his deck of blue owl lenormand cards and thought that he would do a reading for me first. As he was talking I felt the urge to pick up my coloring pencils and started to doodle. Writing words as I went along, I drew a face, the face had large eyes, a wide nose and full lips, as I continued to write words that were popping into my head, I got a tune of “Waltzing Matilda” I then realised the face I drew was a aborigine from Australia.

It was an enlightening session. It is quite appropriate that a aborigine should show up as there is alot happening there at the moment,,Fire and now water with flooding in 2 thirds of the Queensland state. The message was that it was a ‘cleansing” period and the elders had been waiting for it, or rather they knew it was coming, there are things going on there, that people don’t know, hidden, secret covert operations, using the aborigine people, it has been going on for a long time.

I did get an origin and a tribal name, the interesting thing is the tribe is known to my friends, good friend who is aborigine, she was able to verify where, and the name. Her brother is a historian of aborigine deaths! The face was that of a young boy, who had been attacked and killed. There was other things that came out of the session, but I won’t go into that, this was the main theme, and also related to the draw above, that I did before having the session.

Although I think I should be feeling elated at this sudden change in my reading style, for some reason I don’t feel bewildered by it at all. I was more amazed when the cards predicted my daily draws. I will probably take it more seriously when I do more of them, and so I can see that it wasn’t just a fluke or a one off thing.


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