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What do I need to be aware of in near future?

Hi all,

I was a little bored so I thought to post a reading on here. As you can see my question “What do I need to be aware of’?”

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Bouquet: Positive outlook, to see the beauty in things, a feeling of joy.

Fish: To be independent, always looking for an opportunity, entrepreneurial. Sharing of self.

Dog…clouds…bouquet This indicates a friend or someone known to me, who may have felt confused at one point, but thankfully for the bouquet, the situation may have turned itself around, if he or she looks for the positive in the situation, so a positive recovery. The dog could be a number of people I’ve had to deal with lately, who has had some “issue” and not looking at things clearly.

fish…garden…stars This shows exchanging with others, and putting myself out there. Groups of people looking for inspiration. I have attended a couple of spiritual circles lately, where I have been more vocal in what I see, usually I don’t like to put myself on show, but circumstances are forcing me to do so. My dog friend who I have been working with, has been influencial in encouraging to say more.


Update:  I went to a spiritualist church today, the medium speaking was a psychic artist, she had drawn 4 pictures for people in the congregation, I was the lucky recipient of one of her drawings. It was of a woman, who had rainbows around her, it represented celebration. Interesting as it is my birthday tomorrow. But the message was about my shyness. Below is the message I would like to share.

“Greetings to you dear one…this picture shows how colour energy works, by helping lift you up and away from that which does not serve you. The rainbow symbolises the achievement and celebration of leaving the past behind. You are surrounded with sunny yellow energy to nourish your soul and help fill your cup.

You are a shy energy, but have an underlying strength that only surfaces when you are backed into a corner (so to speak)

Well we say…this is about to change for you. You will be stepping out of yourself..away from your safety net more often from this day forward. You will get those unexplained urges to push yourself forward, so you can gain more of what will serve you well.

More wisdom has surfaced to guide you on this path.

Renewed energy to focus is helping you flow into a time of uncovering new chances to gain growth and passion. To renew your passion for life again, will have a healing effect on all aspects of your life.

Crystal clear communication will bring forward a sense of freedom, confidence and courage on your journey.

It is time to reclaim all that you are keeping yourself from. Time to let the true you surface, and celebrate all your achievements up to this point in your life.

Loved one…we do see how hard you work on your self every waking moment, however, give yourself a reward every now and then and have some fun.

Dear gentle spirit please don’t be shy

And we hear you ask why???

Its time to step out and ask more questions

Dig deeper and find more strength

Remember, like attracts like

So the more you step out there

The more you’ll get back

God Bless


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What event will be the pinnacle for me this year?

Well I’ve just realised that I can’t upload any images (yet) as my folder with my lenormand images I transferred to my laptop, then deleted from this computor to give it more space….

Question: What event will be the pinnacle for me this year?


Mice beside me indicates that this year will have it’s issues, and certainly a busy one (it has been like that already) perhaps at times I may be overwhelmed.

Fish I actually like this card, because it is pioneering. I will persue the things I need, and may become a little more entrepreneurial. I have been thinking more about doing some form of business too.


This shows ongoing problems causing stress. Funny that the Mice are showing here, because I have a phobia with rats and mice. And I have had such an issue with mice and rats, around my property, they are chewing holes in walls. It is quite stressful for me, as I hesitate when walking in my house, fear of seeing one scuttling across the floor.

I see this as some exchange or work being done on my home.

Also this man is someone who is decisive in his actions, and he may make a sudden and important decision to do with his home situation.

I also see another possibility, and especially because I have been thinking alot about business. This also indicates a business venture that will involve a male who is very decisive. The business may be in a small retail outlet or a home business.

Things will start to progress  after April and should fully manifest by October.

This year I go into a 1 year, so new beginnings, and enterprises from my birthday 22 March of this year. The pinnacle of that number vibration will reach it’s peak between 22 September – 22 December.

Update: Well I and a male friend finally set up a business Lenormand New Zealand So this was definitely a constructive event for me this year.

The land lord also put in a new vanity in my bathroom, as well as agreeing to eradicate the pest problem I have (this is still to be actioned)

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Reading-My future occupation

Hi all,

I decided to do a reading on my future occupation. At the moment I’m on a 6 month contract, so after that’s up I go back to part-time hours, unless the woman I’m working for decides to stay home with her baby…..So what do I do? I’ve been thinking alot lately that it’s time for me to find a job or business that fulfills me in all areas, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course financially.

I’m going to use both fox and fish for this spread, using Sylvies no layout spread.


First I shall take a look at the type of job, or if it is a job that i’ll be working for someone else.

Moon before fox, can represent an emotional situation that will occur with the job. It also represents a month (when contract ends)

Sun on the otherside is one that I will feel valued or successful at. Obviously i will feel excited about it. But somewhere I will feel like a valued employee

birds+storks+moon communication one on one seems to be an important factor in the type of job, or better communication skills, which bring about emotional satisfaction. Or it could be one, where there is only a small member of staff, either 2. Birds+stork can be graduation, flying, a merger. Also interview.

Sun+crossroads this is diversification, or expansion. There could be a variance in the job. or one where there is taking trips. Or one where I may do a couple of jobs.

Looking at this spread, this looks very promising as far as whatever the job I will be doing, avenues that open up for me.

Update: You’ll never guess, my old job at the airport is starting again in September, a month before I finish my contract, so I’ll be going back to the airport, doing the part time hours, and having time to myself again! This suits me just fine. I definitely won’t be wasting my time, like I was before. I was happy to hear about this, a friend told me the night I posted this spread!!!

Update 1/11/2009: Well I’ve started back at the airport. A couple of weeks before my contract was to end, my manger asked me to re-apply for my position, so I did have to go through the interview process. As a matter of procedure. There was one other applicant. I was unsuccessful at retaining my position. I can tell you, there was a mix of emotional stuff when I was told. 2 sides of me, was a feeling of rejection and being shafted, quite a bizarre situation. Especially when he had promised me that he wanted to offer me the job, if the girl on maternity leave didn’t come back.

The other side, was glad of it, as I know that I would be able to have my free time, and persue other interests. And when I look back at my original thought, I was really hoping to go back to the airport.

I have had a couple of other part-time offers, working for a friend, and another manager at the bank, eventually wants to set up another division, and will keep me posted. In the mean time, I will be putting a name out there to do readings. And of course organising the next workshops for Sylvie.

Looking at if I was to go along the path of a business.

Lily on the side of fish can be indicating a business that has been long established or working with elder people or a gentleman. Or a business that requires experience and wisdom.

Ship to the immediate right, is indicating a business that involves overseas, import or export, or international sales.

mountain+tower+lily mountain can put delays or restrictions to a situation. This could also be my own thoughts or restrictions, that come with setting up or taking a step into working for oneself, going out on a limb, and relying on my own business can be a little daunting. But there’s no reason why I can’t do both?

ship+stars+house this could be indicating that I could be branching out to further distances. With house, this could be working from home, with family or a small retail outlet.  This type of business doesn’t appear to be a common business, not one that everyone knows about.

So to summarise. The job situation looks more promising, as it has positive cards, or it is one that i will enjoy working for. The business reading, may take a while and involves working more internationally. I would say to myself as an advice, to stick to a job for now, I can still do a business, but not to rely on it solely until established.

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Reading: What exciting opportunities can i expect/


I thought to do a reading asking “What exciting opportunity can I expect in the future'” I used Woman representing my self as the key card.

Next to me is fox so I know that I’ll be doing something in regards to “work” I know I won’t be doing anything to be cunning or disloyal because I have positive cards around me, I know that I’m not that sort of person, so definitely it has to do with something that I will be regularly doing as in work, schedule or routine.

Bouquet on the other side, brings all positive and successful enterprises, wishes being granted. It is the yes card as well as the key. So I can expect to be very happy with whatever opportunity that comes forward.

Anchor+ship+fox: Because this is for the year of 2009, I have no overseas trips planned. But there is a possibility that I will be travelling near a beach community. Also work that involves moving around, or connected to travels, as in flight employee.

Update: 1/11/2009: Well since the year is nearly over, I had regularly attended a workshop, in which I stayed near a beach community. I have also returned to my previous job, working at the airport.

bouquet+key+tree Wow…what a lovely draw this is, and it is destiny stepping in once again, tree also says that it could be connected with a past life re-surgence, or it can be “spiritual” all says that there will be success, which will obviously be very fulfilling and satisfying. The universe is taking care of things. I only need to be “positive” in all that I do, and that is what I will get. life is a beautiful journey indeed. I need to be a co-creator with the universe and it will come back.

Update: interesting that the last sentence I said was to be a “co-creator” with the universe, the workshop that I will be attending is exactly to do  with being a co-creator. It is also a healing workshop.

I am drawing some very positive cards lately, I must be on the right track.


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Reading financial outlook for 2009


I thought I would do a financial outlook reading for the coming year, and this layout of cards is quite puzzling.

Bear as we should know by now is the key card for finances, there is nothing before it, I was expecting something to indicate my present and past financial situation.

Dog is obviously to do with someone very close to me who may serve as being influencial in my financial situation this year, bear+dog can represent a trader or financial advisor….maybe I need to go on a strict budget…lol.

Key is fate stepping in so destiny is going to give a helping hand, sitting next to dog, this is alerting once again, that someone close to me is a significant part of it.

Tree once again we have a karmic situation. Could this represent “the family tree’? Or this could be just saying, I will be given what is owed to me, or what I owe to others.

What a strange draw, it’s like something or someone (dog) is coming into help out. I thought to do another draw to see if I can narrow this down.


Just looking we see Key and dog again. so it is to do with someone close to me, key is saying to me that things are set in motion, it is inevitable whether I like it or not, key+bear can be a generous contributor. Garden is also about, gatherings, and prosperity. It is connected with a group of people.

Starting from Woman I did not charge this, so it can be open to someone else, it might also be a clue as to who it is coming from. Book can be unexpected, some information coming, documents or accounting. Obviously this woman will come across something important, especially with key next to it.

Garden+dog We have a celebration or gathering, reunion. Next to dog we have letter so this is official documents, it can indicate, cash, cheques invoices etc, bank notes…bonds can come under this. Actually I do have some bonus bonds.

Looking at both of these draws, it seems I won’t have to worry too much, as it will all be taken care of….lovely….but odd!!! At it’s worst, it could be a financial advisor, banker, loans person, to inform me of what I owe…you know, credit cards, overdrafts and the list goes on.

Update: Well I did get a loan from my bank I work for, to consolidate debts, which saved me quite alot of money. The other thing my mother’s family got a settlement for family land. But I don’t expect to get anything from that, as I want my parents to save it for their retirement.

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Reading Face to Face in 2009

I thought that I would do a reading using the “No layout” spread by Sylvie, since I haven’t been using the lenormand solely over the last couple of weeks since I’ve been combining the tarot with them, and i just wanted to give them more attention. I enjoy reading your  blogs, when you have posted a “reading” layout…and I thought that I might do more of them, as in the end readings are the bread and butter of a session. My question is based on my “reading face to face” now this is a bit of an “obstacle” for me, I’m fine when I’m online or doing it by email, and as Sylvie pointed out, it is better to start now rather than later….other wise I am going to keep putting it off, and there is really no other way around it, than just to do it. So my question is

How will I find reading “face to face”?


Firstly we always look to the cards next to the key card woman first, so we have lily and bouquet, lily is the card of experience, and generally a card that over time matures. Bouquet is the card of positive and joyful feelings.

Now since lily is sitting in the past and current position, it says that I have matured with it, maybe even become a little wiser(hehe) But if we look to those 2 dreaded cards we have snake & mice they don’t really paint and pretty picture of how I was feeling, the snake is troubles and difficulties, and mice is to do with the nervous system, so my nervousness was a real problem, mice+lily says on the verge of shaking and trembling….gore blimey….well not lately because I would avoid it….lol. Everytime something said “Can you do me a reading” I could feel all the hairs stand on end. The Lily could also be saying, that it has gone on for quite a long time….I would love to know where and why that had started…that might be another good question to ask later on. I know what some of you must be thinking “Gosh I didn’t realise Phoenix was such a wimp” well yeah….I confess..I was a wimp!!

However, if we look to my probable future, you can all see that it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be especially bouquet sitting there right next to me..Happy….one of the combinations even suggests I am “attractive” haha…just had to put that in. Now with whip sitting next to it….hmm, I don’t think it means that I’m going to be doing yoga, dancing or having harmonious sex at the time, as some combinations may suggest, not for this question anyway…but hang on horseman is coming..perhaps later…no just kidding. This is representative of “feedback” so positive feedback, I think what this really means, is having a interactive relationship with the querent. Sylvie did say, “nothing replaces the fire of an obsessive client” actually that statement sure sums up those cards. So with the outlook of this spread, I think it shows that I will be pleasantly surprised and I will enjoy it.

I have to say though, as much as I like to play around and use different modalities, like tarot and numerology, and different spreads, the “no layout” spread and lenormand really cuts to the chase, when wanting to know specific questions…It will always be my no 1 spread and deck.

Update: By the way I’m having my first “face to face” reading today, just got a phone call from a lady who bought a set, last week. So the horseman sure does act quickly!! And my reply was “Not a problem, when are you available”…and I said it with much passion and joy. I will update to let you know how it progressed.

Well did the reading, and it was a good learning curb, because well I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought, because it was so centred around the same topic, it just wouldn’t let up on it. What I learnt though is that the flow wasn’t there because I was dealing with quite an emotional and stressful person, who was “quite” controlling of her situation with her family, it was her way or not at all.

The other thing I learnt is that it is not good to read when you are tired, that also stops the flow of a reading. Also, if the reading keeps repeating the same message over and over, it is probably saying, there is nothing more to show, until this problem has sorted itself out. I even switched to the tarot hoping to get a new spin, but nope it was still there…

I realise that it is not always going to be like this, there will be ones that just flow like a smooth flowing river.


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Yearly Forecast 2009


So what does the year of 2009 have in store for me? Using the cards draw from tarot and lenormand also adding in the numerological correspondence from Dusty Bunkers book “Numerology and the Divine triangle”

January-Knight Rods/Moon

The Knight is a fast pace card with alot of energy and activity either in a situation or representing a person with Moon this could be a creative period, so either the energy is creative or I will be dealing with someone who is very creative or romantic , emotional in nature. All in all a busy period if I look at my personal month, I enter a 36/9 (10 wands) Personal month which the key words being Obstacles, intuition, invention and leadership. Which seems to coincide with the cards drawn, which is the creative and intuitive processes, but it’s one where I will have to work at, as it’s not given easily. Advising that I use these energies wisely finding enthusiasm and completely projects, I shall not suffer any emotional difficulties.

Update: this was a very creative month, i decided to start writing a novel, so my creative processes were an all time high. Although a good part of it was reading especially the Twilight series. I also realised that this vibration doesn’t take affect until the 22nd of each month going to february 22. So as I update this on 20 february, just made it within the period. I have experienced some interesting experiences concerning both creative and psychic, a form of mediumship and automatic writing. I draw and write words, and also get words pop into my head.

February-10 wands/fish

It appears energies from January spill over into this period, as there are responsibilities and seems a heavier workload, although the end is in sight and I will be able to persevere to the end, the extra burden seems to come from business or where there is trade or exchanges going on, so perhaps i will be called upon to be of more service. The other thing could be all the “buying” (fish) of the Christmas period will catch up with me. Independence is also the other meaning with fish, and maybe I will need to have more “free time” to fulfill what is required. I enter a monthly vibration of 37/1 (king cups) key words, Friendships, partnerships, love and family. Going with the theme of the cards, what corresponds with this says “Business prospers and I may benefit financially, Pursuits during this period may require travel, possibly over long distances.

This will take effect from 22 February to 22 March (my birthday)

Update: Signed new contract for my job, as old job ending soon.

March-6 Swords/tree

6 swords is very much a travel or journey card, so there will be trips taken either by me, or a moving forward, I may also journey to a spiritual place indicated by tree it could also relate to travel to do with health/spiritual matters. A spiritual journey which maybe karmic in nature. Numerologically I enter 2 periods up to the 22 march I am in a 38/11 (Queen cups) period, then I start my new year from 22 march onwards since it is my birthday, so the first 3 weeks key words love, marriage, dreams, visions, rewards. Only going with excerpts that correspond to the cards drawn “Metaphysical disciplines should be learned and practiced now, so that I can adquately contact my higher sources. Then moving into the New Year I have 36/9 (Knight cups) Love, propositions, vacations This month strongly suggest that of the emotions, but also it says “This is a leisure time. My unhurried attitude and general good feeling may prompt me to take a vacation or get away to a quiet spot that matches my contemplative mood. Faraway places lure me, and I should heed the call. Relaxation, love and affection are the goals of this romantic period.

Update: I did go on a trip for 3 days, doing a health and spiritual workshop. It was a great workshop, learnt heaps.

April-3 swords/mice

The 3 swords never seems to paint a pretty picture, as separations, loss and heartache are themes that pop up with this card, also sitting with mice which is another card of loss and stress, so issues that come with disappointments, with the numerological correspondence 40/4 (page cups) Finances, building, birth. Messages of all kinds are forthcoming, this is a cautionary period especially in financial dealings and to budget wisely. This period requires a breaking of old habits be left behind, therefore, breaks and separations are a necessary part of this cycle. It also advises to be discriminationg about those in whom I place my confidence, obstacles may present themselves, but they may also be blessings in disguise.

May-2 pentacles/storks

The 2 pentacles seem to come in two’s for me, so there could be 2 opportunities or 2 things that I work with together, with storks it indicate positive changes that I need to make in which improvements for the better are indicated, so regardless of the 2 things it will be for the better, it may indicate part-time jobs, another source of income. Numerological vibration is 41/5 (Ace cups) Love, abundance, fertility and change. Conditions are changing; new opportunities will alter many habits and situations. A creative period and potentially fulfilling vibrations of this cycle, wishes may also come true.

June-page cups/clouds

Page of cups can indicate a young person or a message of love/birth, however with clouds it can mean a temporary confusion or frusration, this could be the young person or the message. Clouds can also represent multiples, so twins or siblings. This is the vibration of 42/6 (2 cups) contracts, marriage, meditation. Since the keywords are love and cooperation, it can be a period where misunderstandings can lead to separations, and being a meditative aspects of this cycle will degenerate into loneliness. Seek peace through understand and I will benefit from any contacts I may make.

July-6 rods/Dog

I love seeing the 6 rods/wands as it brings success with it, and or recognition of past efforts, this is obviously for someone that I know or who is close to me, so this spells out victory for that person. The number vibration 43/7 (3 cups) Abundance, rejoicing and healing. congratulations is in order, Goals have been realised, I don’t really have to type the excerpt here, as it’s practically the same as the card draw.

Update: Yes I have been doing healing workshops, one planned for this month.

August-7 swords/mountain

This combination certainly is a big change to the previous month, another card I don’t like too much 7 swords, as it looks like a thief running away in the night, taking what is not theirs. It could also be someone who is acting in a cunning manner. The other thing that comes to mind is feeling the need to “run away” as there are obstacles or challenges (mountain) so a need to runaway and retreat. It maybe mental challenges, time to reflect. Number vibration 44/8 ( 4 cups) karma, reevaluation, opportunity. This is a master number vibration, in line with the draw it says “past efforts may only bring unwanted and restricting burdens. I may want to give up, sit back and do nothing. If I feel discontented and closes in, I may need to establish new priorities and set worthwhile goals. this is a looking for the answer that puts my world into perspective.

Update: I think this is to do with my job, adjusting to a new routine. Feel like I want to go back to my old part-time job.

September-9 rods/key

The 9 rods to me, is that last ditch effort to get things completed, but in saying that it does say that the physical, mental and spiritual strength is there to carry it through, and it is a matter of drawing on that strength in this period, with key which is my all time favourite in the lenormand because it is pointing to a significant event, and that fate has stepped in, it is saying that the spiritual forces are there to give a helping hand. A “spiritual push” so to speak. 45/9 (5 cups) Old friends, partial gains, learning experiences. This says to use what I have gained to initiate something new. Not to spend my energy regretting past mistakes, learn from them and proceed onward, There will be sufficient gains here for me to realize a better use of my personal energy which will bring more reward next time around. Learn from the past, friends let them go and new alliances may enter to open doors to the future.

Update: I’m feeling alot more comfortable with my current job (temporary) more confident, learnt heaps, and finally felt like I fit in.

October 3 rods/cross

The 3 rods to me always indicates that something that I have been waiting for, whether it be a dream or material thing, or something that I had known was coming (like some news or change in my life) is finally arrived whether I like it or not. Since it is combined with cross whatever it is I have been waiting for may come with disappointment, grief or worry, but it’s a time to face it. The worry may be that I think “Am I ready?”  but it says “ready or not here I come”. However with the number cycle 46/1 (6 cups) Good Karma, new opportunities, success. This says that I am now the centre of attention. My environment changes somehow. Either I may find myself in new places with new people, both which promises a good return, or my old environment receives new vibrancy through fresh opportunities and relationships. Some how I think whatever comes in now, I may have some emotional conflict, but the opportunity is for the better.

Update: Other posts here will tell you, that I had applied for my current position, but unexpectedly they gave it to someone else…very bizarre, I know I did a good job. But looking back, deep down, I wanted to go back to my old job, and work part-time so I could persue other interests.

November-8 wands/birds

Both these cards indicate communications, an influx of meetings and conversations, public speaking the media. Siblings and therapies also come with birds. This looks to be a period where it will be something unexpected and coming fast. Whatever it is “communication” on all levels will be coming at me. 47/11 (7 cups) Discrimination, dreams fulfilled. This master number vibration demands additional effort from me but promises greater dividends. this is a matter of disciminating and filtering out the things that I need, and deciding on what things are of value, and discarding the rest. It’s a matter of not giving in to temptations to distract me from my path. Looking at those 8 wands, there looks to be alot coming in. This also the cycle of mystical and psychic experiences. Also to be ever aware of the true value behind the illusions I may see and hear.

December-8 swords/bouquet

My 8 swords card, that is my “half asleep card” tiring too, I guess with the busi-ness of the year, I may want to just sit down relax and go to sleep, a mental relaxation, with bouquet it does promise positive vibrations, and a healing and rejuvenation time. A pleasant time, maybe I will go away for the holidays this time. 48/3 (8 cups) Success, success abandoned, travel. This is a time to celebrate, many of my goals have been reached, and rewards are forthcoming. Horizons broaden, new relationships are formed. Travel may be a part of the picture. The material gains that I may have obtained, I maybe feel the need to bestow some of my generosity onto them.

I am very pleased at how the numerological vibrations of my personal months, correspond perfectly with what I have drawn in the cards.  2009 promises are very exciting and fulfilling year, and I look forward to it. New people, situations and possibly love relationship are all in there. Letting go of the old as well.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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