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I had an interesting conversation with a long time friend of mine (from high school) she was reflecting on her life, and made some interesting observations. She is also into the “Secret” in a big way.

Anyway one point I want to share, and she said “I understand what causes unhappiness” she goes on by saying “unhappiness is caused by disappointment, and it is when people have high expectations that are not met, so they become disappointed. They also usually blame other people for not helping them reach their expectations. They don’t take responsibility for what was created or not created. A wise person knows that at the end of the day, they create their own reality. The negative person who only sees failure, loss and disappointment, have set themselves up for it. That is all they will see. A wise person who has no expectations of anyone or leaves the outcome to the divine, will accept what the outcome is, and leaves no blame upon another”

I thought this was very wise words for my friend, and is one that she needed to come to, as her life has been of struggles and disappointments. So the bottom line is. Before you blame another for your unhappy life or situation, take responsibility for creating your reality!

I thought to write this, and when I look at my daily draw, it sums up this passage nicely.


A new outlook (horseman)

positive and lucky discovery by a friend (clover, book, dog)



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Readings face to face updated

Some of you may have remembered in previous posts, that I had started reading face to face. It was always a bit of a challenge for me, but I’ve come to enjoy it. In fact I so much enjoy more than email readings, mainly because email readings take too long to type out, and it’s having that interaction with the sitter, for confirmation.

I’ve also had requests for telephone readings as well. It would be ok, if I had a decent headset. If people had skype then it wouldn’t be so bad, and the phone calls would be free. But I still much rather have the interaction.

I’m going to start doing little fairs now, I’ve been to people who work at the fairs, and well I know that I could do just as good a job, and they would be mini readings, for like 20 minutes. The good thing with the “no layout”spread of Sylvies, is it is designed to answer questions quickly.

But with the NZ general public, they don’t like to ask questions to begin with, they like general readings.

Today I’m going to look for a collapsible table and chairs, so that I can take them with me to the fairs, and well everywhere else that I can park up. That’s the beauty of being a card reader, it’s a vocation you can use and go anywhere with it. Short of cash, park up beside a busy beach area.

Well I bought a card table from a second hand shop, it was the perfect size, and it’s collapsible, so fits nicely in the back of my car. I then bought 2 stools for $13 each, so I am already to go. I’m about to email an organiser of the mini fairs we have around my home town. So I’m putting myself out there once again, getting through the barriers.

Anyway, I will keep you posted.

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Musings-Readers a Curse or Blessing?

hello everybody, it’s been a while since I last blogged, but since I have a couple of days off, I’m really pleased that I can sit down and blog some musings or thoughts.

Recently I’ve been thinking more seriously of how I want to work with the lenormand. I had asked a question. “For what purpose do I want to work with the lenormand”? It is very important for me to have a purpose for anything. I got the answer “So I have some craft that I am able to use in my old age” you know that time when one usually retires from mainstream employment. The other question was “Why is it important for people to know the future”? After all, we all have free will and what ever will be, will be. Well that is an important question.

Say for instance, someone comes to see you, and they are over the moon in love with a partner they’ve been with for a couple of years, they feel that, their partner is the one, and they’re making plans to be married. Then only to layout the cards and say “I’m sorry, but the cards indicate that your partner will cheat on you with a close friend” Now, more than likely this client will dismiss it, or take it literally, but at the deep subconscious level they have remembered it, and will always be looking for the time when it may occur, all the while, they have formed a mistrust of the partner and any close friend within the circle. This is a big responsibility, that little bit of advice may have a devastating effect on the relationship. The client becomes so paranoid, that it ends up driving the partner into the arms of a close friend.

As a reader, do you want to have that influence? Although, the best that one could hope for is the sitter, will see it as a warning, make steps to do the best one can within the relationship, enjoy and learn everything they can from that person. And take it as a blessing.  however, in months or years to come, the prediction takes place, the partner is so full of remorse, they go to counselling, decide to work things out, the partner has learnt his ways, and becomes forever doting. Many scenarios could take place.

So with having the knowledge as a reader could it be a Curse or Blessing? I guess the way in which it is expressed to the sitter makes a difference. The reader could say it literally “Your partner will cheat with a close friend” or your partner may have a moment of weakness, and feel that he finds comfort with a close friend. Would you want to know in advance? or would you rather wait a few months or years and go through the heartache at the end of it all? There could be some important lessons to learn by going through with the ordeal.

Other scenarios could be the sitter tells the partner, and the partner comes to the house and  threatens to beat the crap out of you for spreading “such lies”

This post has just reminded me of a true scenario that happened to me. Although I wasn’t the sitter, my ‘fiance’ at the time was. We were months away from getting married. I was away for 2 weeks on military duties. During this time my fiance went to a reader, who she was expecting him to call. The reader told him. “There will be a crisis’ you have the choice of going through with the marriage, but I see another woman in your future” so you have a choice to make. Well the crisis did occur, I came home a night earlier to find another woman in my house. I (4 months pregnant at the time) decided to leave 2 months later. He did marry another woman, who he met at the time of going out with a friend of mine (she wasn’t the one in the house). He later married another woman who was the best friend of the woman he married before that. He was a darn right snake in the grass! I think it saved alot of heartbreak and money, imagine going through with the wedding! He was always going to be a cheater. So would I of wanted to know that beforehand? Yes I think so.

As you can see, there are curses and  blessings of having the fore knowledge of events. It could save someone’s life too, someone asks about a journey by plane, cards indicate an ‘accident’ sitter decides to change flight plans, and luckily she did, the plane that she originally booked a flight on, is in the papers, “plane crashes”

I’m glad I posted this, as I was questioning whether or not I would want to have the responsibility of being a reader. As I am a believer in people having free will. I used to be a classic “rescuer” wanting to save the world. Family and friends mainly, I would help these people, to the detriment of myself, they took it for granted, it was a good lesson though, when i learnt the hard way. So i think that there should always be some reciprocation, only give as much as you have to spare, or there should always be some exchange.  That way your cup is always full, and you don’t run yourself empty.


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Musings 20/02/09

Well I think I’m passed doing my daily draws now,  they were quick manifestations for the day and it proved and confirmed over and over again. Also because my life lacks drama, they were becoming to mundane, but it had to search for something, I mean describing movies I watched and books I was reading, how boring can I get. The whole point of the dailys was to learn, and I have fairly well. I have to say that it is essential for a beginner to do daily’s, because it is a quick way to learn the nuances and messages the cards are trying to convey, it helps with bonding and getting a relationship with them.So it would be my first advice for someone wanting to learn this oracle practise daily!

I have realised that it has been  a year since I had stumbled across “Secrets of the Lenormand oracle study group” on Aeclectic tarot forum. Learning the lenormand oracle has been a wonderful journey so far, and the journey still hasn’t ended, and it will be one that I continue to travel.  Of course the highlight last year was coordinating the workshops and meeting the main lady and friend Sylvie Steinbach. And from the workshop and wonderful reading she had given me, it has been instrumental in alot of changes that I have made.

So where to from here? I will be posting more readings now rather than daily draws, as I want to concentrate more on future predictions.  Also my experiences with actual readings with other people, particularly the drawings (scribbles) that I have been experiencing recently. Also I think that I would like to just see what the day brings without having any extra insight. So goodbye daily draws. If I have any of great significance, then I will post it for sure.

I was really thrilled today, I got one of the last tickets to a seminar to see Kelvin Cruickshank who is coming to my home town on 3 March. Kelvin is one of New Zealands top mediums and psychic, and appeared regularly on our National programme “Sensing Murder” where kelvin and other top mediums communicated with the spirits of victims of unsolved murder cases. I must say it was pure luck (or coincidence) to get a ticket as he is usually  sold out within days. The other thing, other than listening to him giving messages to everyone, is I think he is so “handsome” he is very tall, over 6 feet. So even if I don’t get a message, just watching and drooling over him will be worth it….lol.

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Interesting Session!

I had a very interesting session with the cards yesterday, I did an impromptu reading for my brother in law. I went to his place to pick up my phone I had left there, my sister said to go in through the garage, as he was sleeping. So when I went back to my car, he put his head out the window, he had heard my clomping down the hall way, and he’d awaken from a strange dream of a crocodile trying to get into his garage, but bit his arm, but there was no pain..haha..I’ve been thought of many things but never a crocodile!

Anyway, he had a cup of tea, and he had been applying for a few jobs, so I thought to do a reading for him, to see if we could see if he would get any of the jobs he had applied for. I also showed him Sammies “Over and under spread” and it was during this layout that I had a couple of strange body reactions, my back became hot, and my breath rapidly increased, I knew from past experience when I used to do healing that there was another presence there.

Through questioning I was able to say that this presence at this time, was a Great great Grandfather figure on his mothers side. I was able to see in my minds eye what he looked like, and clearly give him messages. He had also placed a gift on the ground, and I then asked for a piece of paper and pen so that I could draw it. It was symbolic of course, as other words and images came which I quickly wrote down. Then the energy had changed again. At the end of it, we had words and symbols. One of the first words I wrote was allegory which I haven’t heard of before so googling it we stumbled upon this:

the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence ; also : an instance (as in a story or painting) of such expression2: a symbolic representation

I then wrote other words such as Neo-theology, pythagoreom theory, Thales, Chiron a few others but they were the main ones. I drew symbols when later googling  them were “free mason” symbols. We wanted to get an origin of this, I drew a place which we needed to get a world map, and we pinpointed it down to ancient Turkey, a place called melitus near the meander river, which was the home of a Greek philospher named “Thales’. (you can google this wise man if you want to find out more about him) I never heard of him before.

So from the words and symbols and pictures we had alot of googling to do. Although it left us with more questions than answers…..Here are the cards that were laid out when this interesting turn of events occurred. Just for me to note, that when Chiron is significant,  with taurus and mercury this year 2009, then perhaps this is an important time frame, i don’t have much clue on astrology at the moment so this doesn’t mean much, as well as a solar eclipse next one 22 July 2009. Interesting planetary alignment of triple conjunction of chiron, neptune and jupiter between May and August 2009




Upon looking at this now I can see that the Man may have been referring to the Greek Philospher  Thales and his teachings (stars+book)

If we look diagonal from clouds+man+fish I can see that perhaps he is a man in transition or in 2 worlds.

Book+man+woman, this is obviously some of his knowledge coming through to me.

Stars+man+dog, a man of vision he was a famous astronomer, and one dedicated to all things, he was also a natural philospher dealing with nature.

Anyway, it was all very interesting.


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Yearly Forecast 2009


So what does the year of 2009 have in store for me? Using the cards draw from tarot and lenormand also adding in the numerological correspondence from Dusty Bunkers book “Numerology and the Divine triangle”

January-Knight Rods/Moon

The Knight is a fast pace card with alot of energy and activity either in a situation or representing a person with Moon this could be a creative period, so either the energy is creative or I will be dealing with someone who is very creative or romantic , emotional in nature. All in all a busy period if I look at my personal month, I enter a 36/9 (10 wands) Personal month which the key words being Obstacles, intuition, invention and leadership. Which seems to coincide with the cards drawn, which is the creative and intuitive processes, but it’s one where I will have to work at, as it’s not given easily. Advising that I use these energies wisely finding enthusiasm and completely projects, I shall not suffer any emotional difficulties.

Update: this was a very creative month, i decided to start writing a novel, so my creative processes were an all time high. Although a good part of it was reading especially the Twilight series. I also realised that this vibration doesn’t take affect until the 22nd of each month going to february 22. So as I update this on 20 february, just made it within the period. I have experienced some interesting experiences concerning both creative and psychic, a form of mediumship and automatic writing. I draw and write words, and also get words pop into my head.

February-10 wands/fish

It appears energies from January spill over into this period, as there are responsibilities and seems a heavier workload, although the end is in sight and I will be able to persevere to the end, the extra burden seems to come from business or where there is trade or exchanges going on, so perhaps i will be called upon to be of more service. The other thing could be all the “buying” (fish) of the Christmas period will catch up with me. Independence is also the other meaning with fish, and maybe I will need to have more “free time” to fulfill what is required. I enter a monthly vibration of 37/1 (king cups) key words, Friendships, partnerships, love and family. Going with the theme of the cards, what corresponds with this says “Business prospers and I may benefit financially, Pursuits during this period may require travel, possibly over long distances.

This will take effect from 22 February to 22 March (my birthday)

Update: Signed new contract for my job, as old job ending soon.

March-6 Swords/tree

6 swords is very much a travel or journey card, so there will be trips taken either by me, or a moving forward, I may also journey to a spiritual place indicated by tree it could also relate to travel to do with health/spiritual matters. A spiritual journey which maybe karmic in nature. Numerologically I enter 2 periods up to the 22 march I am in a 38/11 (Queen cups) period, then I start my new year from 22 march onwards since it is my birthday, so the first 3 weeks key words love, marriage, dreams, visions, rewards. Only going with excerpts that correspond to the cards drawn “Metaphysical disciplines should be learned and practiced now, so that I can adquately contact my higher sources. Then moving into the New Year I have 36/9 (Knight cups) Love, propositions, vacations This month strongly suggest that of the emotions, but also it says “This is a leisure time. My unhurried attitude and general good feeling may prompt me to take a vacation or get away to a quiet spot that matches my contemplative mood. Faraway places lure me, and I should heed the call. Relaxation, love and affection are the goals of this romantic period.

Update: I did go on a trip for 3 days, doing a health and spiritual workshop. It was a great workshop, learnt heaps.

April-3 swords/mice

The 3 swords never seems to paint a pretty picture, as separations, loss and heartache are themes that pop up with this card, also sitting with mice which is another card of loss and stress, so issues that come with disappointments, with the numerological correspondence 40/4 (page cups) Finances, building, birth. Messages of all kinds are forthcoming, this is a cautionary period especially in financial dealings and to budget wisely. This period requires a breaking of old habits be left behind, therefore, breaks and separations are a necessary part of this cycle. It also advises to be discriminationg about those in whom I place my confidence, obstacles may present themselves, but they may also be blessings in disguise.

May-2 pentacles/storks

The 2 pentacles seem to come in two’s for me, so there could be 2 opportunities or 2 things that I work with together, with storks it indicate positive changes that I need to make in which improvements for the better are indicated, so regardless of the 2 things it will be for the better, it may indicate part-time jobs, another source of income. Numerological vibration is 41/5 (Ace cups) Love, abundance, fertility and change. Conditions are changing; new opportunities will alter many habits and situations. A creative period and potentially fulfilling vibrations of this cycle, wishes may also come true.

June-page cups/clouds

Page of cups can indicate a young person or a message of love/birth, however with clouds it can mean a temporary confusion or frusration, this could be the young person or the message. Clouds can also represent multiples, so twins or siblings. This is the vibration of 42/6 (2 cups) contracts, marriage, meditation. Since the keywords are love and cooperation, it can be a period where misunderstandings can lead to separations, and being a meditative aspects of this cycle will degenerate into loneliness. Seek peace through understand and I will benefit from any contacts I may make.

July-6 rods/Dog

I love seeing the 6 rods/wands as it brings success with it, and or recognition of past efforts, this is obviously for someone that I know or who is close to me, so this spells out victory for that person. The number vibration 43/7 (3 cups) Abundance, rejoicing and healing. congratulations is in order, Goals have been realised, I don’t really have to type the excerpt here, as it’s practically the same as the card draw.

Update: Yes I have been doing healing workshops, one planned for this month.

August-7 swords/mountain

This combination certainly is a big change to the previous month, another card I don’t like too much 7 swords, as it looks like a thief running away in the night, taking what is not theirs. It could also be someone who is acting in a cunning manner. The other thing that comes to mind is feeling the need to “run away” as there are obstacles or challenges (mountain) so a need to runaway and retreat. It maybe mental challenges, time to reflect. Number vibration 44/8 ( 4 cups) karma, reevaluation, opportunity. This is a master number vibration, in line with the draw it says “past efforts may only bring unwanted and restricting burdens. I may want to give up, sit back and do nothing. If I feel discontented and closes in, I may need to establish new priorities and set worthwhile goals. this is a looking for the answer that puts my world into perspective.

Update: I think this is to do with my job, adjusting to a new routine. Feel like I want to go back to my old part-time job.

September-9 rods/key

The 9 rods to me, is that last ditch effort to get things completed, but in saying that it does say that the physical, mental and spiritual strength is there to carry it through, and it is a matter of drawing on that strength in this period, with key which is my all time favourite in the lenormand because it is pointing to a significant event, and that fate has stepped in, it is saying that the spiritual forces are there to give a helping hand. A “spiritual push” so to speak. 45/9 (5 cups) Old friends, partial gains, learning experiences. This says to use what I have gained to initiate something new. Not to spend my energy regretting past mistakes, learn from them and proceed onward, There will be sufficient gains here for me to realize a better use of my personal energy which will bring more reward next time around. Learn from the past, friends let them go and new alliances may enter to open doors to the future.

Update: I’m feeling alot more comfortable with my current job (temporary) more confident, learnt heaps, and finally felt like I fit in.

October 3 rods/cross

The 3 rods to me always indicates that something that I have been waiting for, whether it be a dream or material thing, or something that I had known was coming (like some news or change in my life) is finally arrived whether I like it or not. Since it is combined with cross whatever it is I have been waiting for may come with disappointment, grief or worry, but it’s a time to face it. The worry may be that I think “Am I ready?”  but it says “ready or not here I come”. However with the number cycle 46/1 (6 cups) Good Karma, new opportunities, success. This says that I am now the centre of attention. My environment changes somehow. Either I may find myself in new places with new people, both which promises a good return, or my old environment receives new vibrancy through fresh opportunities and relationships. Some how I think whatever comes in now, I may have some emotional conflict, but the opportunity is for the better.

Update: Other posts here will tell you, that I had applied for my current position, but unexpectedly they gave it to someone else…very bizarre, I know I did a good job. But looking back, deep down, I wanted to go back to my old job, and work part-time so I could persue other interests.

November-8 wands/birds

Both these cards indicate communications, an influx of meetings and conversations, public speaking the media. Siblings and therapies also come with birds. This looks to be a period where it will be something unexpected and coming fast. Whatever it is “communication” on all levels will be coming at me. 47/11 (7 cups) Discrimination, dreams fulfilled. This master number vibration demands additional effort from me but promises greater dividends. this is a matter of disciminating and filtering out the things that I need, and deciding on what things are of value, and discarding the rest. It’s a matter of not giving in to temptations to distract me from my path. Looking at those 8 wands, there looks to be alot coming in. This also the cycle of mystical and psychic experiences. Also to be ever aware of the true value behind the illusions I may see and hear.

December-8 swords/bouquet

My 8 swords card, that is my “half asleep card” tiring too, I guess with the busi-ness of the year, I may want to just sit down relax and go to sleep, a mental relaxation, with bouquet it does promise positive vibrations, and a healing and rejuvenation time. A pleasant time, maybe I will go away for the holidays this time. 48/3 (8 cups) Success, success abandoned, travel. This is a time to celebrate, many of my goals have been reached, and rewards are forthcoming. Horizons broaden, new relationships are formed. Travel may be a part of the picture. The material gains that I may have obtained, I maybe feel the need to bestow some of my generosity onto them.

I am very pleased at how the numerological vibrations of my personal months, correspond perfectly with what I have drawn in the cards.  2009 promises are very exciting and fulfilling year, and I look forward to it. New people, situations and possibly love relationship are all in there. Letting go of the old as well.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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Boxing day daily draw 26/12/08


I’m really enjoying combining the tarot and lenormand together, as it’s helping me with the language of the tarot. The imagery of the tarot has been literal, as I’m trying not to go off any book, but just what the image is trying to tell me. I just love the artwork of the Hanson-Roberts deck.

9 rods this figure has that last ditch effort to get to the top, it has been a bit of a struggle to get there, sitting before tower…..this could be representing a corporate company or ideal, “responsibilities but with coffin the efforts may have been in vain, as a transition or ending to it seems like the only option, ending it is the 8 swords which is a mental surrender of sorts, tiredness, not having any direction.

9 wands+8 swords seems to be a wasted effort, or last effort before tiredness sets in.

this could be representing something I hear about on the news, a theme to a movie I watch or book I may decide to read today, or just a way I feel…which at the moment is pretty tired. 4-5 hours sleep a night is not really good for the mind.

Update: that represented myself, quickly trying to get all of my housework done, before the tiredness and sleep over took me, and I feel a bit lazy, as I slept half the day….oh boy…now I quickly have to hang the second load of washing out before the sunsets…(well I still got a few hours to go) So the 9 wands I can relate to “last ditch effort’ 8 swords, it is twice now, it has shown a “tiredness”

I just wanted to post a tarot spread I did last night before going to bed, it has manifested so I will be able to tell you how it ended, I thought at the time it may show a dream that I might have, like the one I had the night before…here it is.




1. topic – 6 swords-journey

2. influence – judgement- a calling

3. Reason for card 1 (6 swords)-3 pentacles-work

4. Energies still active-5 swords-defeat

5. future – page pentacles – younger person

6. Immediate future-8 swords-half asleep

This spread spelt out the event, my work colleague who is also a student (page pentacles) picked me up for work (3 pentacles) he asked me (judgement) to drive his car (6 swords) as he was still half asleep (8 swords) when he left his home his 2 cousins were still up, he told them “why don’t you go to sleep it’s nearly 5am in the morning (5 swords-2 cousins in back ground, he looking at them)

Isn’t it so cool how literal the images have showed the event. So when I look at the 8 swords, it will remind me of someone “half asleep” 3 pents, will always be work for me, judgment is someone asking a question, 6 swords a journey or driving, 5 swords-looking at others with a shaking of the head. and page pentacles a young person possible student.

I remember reading an excerpt of Janet Boyers book “Back in time tarot” where she said to relate the cards to a “memory” of an event, to get a feel for the cards, it then becomes our own personal language, of course those meanings may not always apply, but I guess it’s something that with experience and observation that it will show other nuances.


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