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Lessons Learned

Greetings Everyone,

It has been a long while since I have posted on my blog here. I have to say that my last year has been certainly challenging, I wish I could say that it has been all fun and games but it has not, so I think that there was probably more learning that I have had to go through. For what reason I don’t know, I thought the universe was playing some cosmic joke on me. I have also just come out of hospital for an emergency procedure that took me by surprise and unexpected, but I am recovering well. Atleast during my convalence it gives me time to evaluate and reflect on the past, which frankly I would like to forget, and make serious decisions for my future so that I don’t have to go through the drama and grief and to find what really makes me happy. So I thought I would post a reading for myself which I haven’t done in a long while.

First reading, What was the purpose of all the grief I have gone through in the last 10 months?


I have chosen TREE as the key card here, as tree is to do with spiritual and karmic lessons.

Snake – shows the troubles I have been through

Coffin An ending, transformation

Ring+fish+snake – This is what has transpired over the last 10 months, it appears to me that the troubles were to do with losing my independence as a person due to being tied up in a relationship. And I can tell you honestly that my dramas have all been over my relationship.

Coffin+Sun+Ship – It is good to see the coffin here as the flanking card to the future, as it puts an ending to the lessons (hopefully) The coffin with tree can also indicate depression too. The sun supporting coffin since coffin is the flanking card and strongest influence, The transformation (coffin) has been major and while it may not have seemed great at the time but successful in that sometimes the best learnt lessons are the hardest and most challenging, sometimes people need a big wake up call to see the roses through the thorns….a spiritual knocking, “hello, are you listening yet” Ship although further away from key card, shows a moving forward.

To summarise this, I would say that losing oneself when giving too much to the other person can be detrimental, you should always stay true to yourself (or myself) I cannot blame the other person involved because I allowed it. Learn from it all, and move on. The past is the past.

Now for a happier note, I will post a reading as to What must I do to find joy again


Stars – Dreams, goals and plans

Whp – Desire, physical attraction, sport, conflic

Coffin+Tree+Stars – This indicates to me about making plans in regards to my health, which my health has not been good due to stress and lifestyle habits that has not been beneficial to my, and my recent medical condition was a big wake up call.

Whip+dog+book – Well the whip sometimes does not paint a pretty picture with the more negative meanings of this card, but the question of what I must do to find joy again. So focusing on being more physical (exercise, sport, sex)  Also having The Dog here though is always someone known. So it’s doing something more physical with someone known to me. The book can also indicate an unknown factor or gaining knowledge or information. Dog can also be a therapist, healer, doctor etc.

I have been thinking alot about getting back into my fitness, just so I can feel good about myself again, and if it means doing it with someone known to me then I’m sure it will bring alot of joy.


Update: I have been taking good care of my health, taking supplements and fermented Cod liver oil, which I have noticed a huge difference, I have also been reading alot of information from a well known traditional nutritionist Weston A Price  as for the physical pursuits, I have been out hunting with my partner, which I thoroughly enjoyed, he has been telling me alot about the habits of deer. I also realised that I’m quite fig, tramping through bush and walking up hills. So I think both these 2 latest things apply to my reading.


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What do I need to be aware of in near future?

Hi all,

I was a little bored so I thought to post a reading on here. As you can see my question “What do I need to be aware of’?”

No images to upload sorry!


Bouquet: Positive outlook, to see the beauty in things, a feeling of joy.

Fish: To be independent, always looking for an opportunity, entrepreneurial. Sharing of self.

Dog…clouds…bouquet This indicates a friend or someone known to me, who may have felt confused at one point, but thankfully for the bouquet, the situation may have turned itself around, if he or she looks for the positive in the situation, so a positive recovery. The dog could be a number of people I’ve had to deal with lately, who has had some “issue” and not looking at things clearly.

fish…garden…stars This shows exchanging with others, and putting myself out there. Groups of people looking for inspiration. I have attended a couple of spiritual circles lately, where I have been more vocal in what I see, usually I don’t like to put myself on show, but circumstances are forcing me to do so. My dog friend who I have been working with, has been influencial in encouraging to say more.


Update:  I went to a spiritualist church today, the medium speaking was a psychic artist, she had drawn 4 pictures for people in the congregation, I was the lucky recipient of one of her drawings. It was of a woman, who had rainbows around her, it represented celebration. Interesting as it is my birthday tomorrow. But the message was about my shyness. Below is the message I would like to share.

“Greetings to you dear one…this picture shows how colour energy works, by helping lift you up and away from that which does not serve you. The rainbow symbolises the achievement and celebration of leaving the past behind. You are surrounded with sunny yellow energy to nourish your soul and help fill your cup.

You are a shy energy, but have an underlying strength that only surfaces when you are backed into a corner (so to speak)

Well we say…this is about to change for you. You will be stepping out of yourself..away from your safety net more often from this day forward. You will get those unexplained urges to push yourself forward, so you can gain more of what will serve you well.

More wisdom has surfaced to guide you on this path.

Renewed energy to focus is helping you flow into a time of uncovering new chances to gain growth and passion. To renew your passion for life again, will have a healing effect on all aspects of your life.

Crystal clear communication will bring forward a sense of freedom, confidence and courage on your journey.

It is time to reclaim all that you are keeping yourself from. Time to let the true you surface, and celebrate all your achievements up to this point in your life.

Loved one…we do see how hard you work on your self every waking moment, however, give yourself a reward every now and then and have some fun.

Dear gentle spirit please don’t be shy

And we hear you ask why???

Its time to step out and ask more questions

Dig deeper and find more strength

Remember, like attracts like

So the more you step out there

The more you’ll get back

God Bless

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Reading: Face to Face reading today

hello all, Well I have a client to read for this morning, and I’m looking forward to it. I thought I would do a reading to see how I will feel it will go. Using the no layout.



Doesn’t surprise me to see the mountain there, this indicates the blocks and challenges that I’ve held onto for such a long time, it’s lovely to see that key has come to clear the way, it’s now time, so this will be a significant reading to help me get over the block.

Bear is strange to see, and yes it is a paid reading although I haven’t set a price, as my personal belief to start with is a donation. And I will graciously accept money now, without feeling uncomfortable about it. So 2 blocks in one hit. I may also receive, some insightful information.

I will update after the reading is over.

Update: The reading was a huge success, everything that she had wanted answered came up in the reading, she had a friend sit in to listen, so everytime something came up, the friend laughed, so i knew I was onto the right thing. I did use the no layout, the good thing with being the shuffler, I asked the question, as she wanted a general reading, sitting on the fence really, so waiting to see if what she wanted answered would come up. and it did.

I also charged  other key cards, like fox, bear, tree so she didn’t know what i was doing, and I just chose the cards to show up around them.

Sylvie had told me, that there is nothing better than reading for a live person in front of you, because of the interaction, and I have to agree, I had hidden behind the safety of my computor screen. So this reading has certainly given me the confidence to carry on, and most importantly over the block.

I had my Blue owl, and Gypsy lenormand deck, I asked her to choose one of them, she chose the Gypsy, I was actually quite pleased about that as I wanted to give it a go. What I forgot to remove was the extra man and woman cards that come with the deck, the difference is that it doesn’t have the 28 and 29 numbers on them. I charged the Woman-29 to represent her. When I realised the other cards were in it, I left them in just so I could see how it played out, and I have to say having them in, was quite good, because when her card (29-woman) came up, the other woman card came up as well in the same layout, so I knew it was representing another woman…..and hey, it worked, I know it’s not the traditional thing to use, but the result was a success.

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Reading-My future occupation

Hi all,

I decided to do a reading on my future occupation. At the moment I’m on a 6 month contract, so after that’s up I go back to part-time hours, unless the woman I’m working for decides to stay home with her baby…..So what do I do? I’ve been thinking alot lately that it’s time for me to find a job or business that fulfills me in all areas, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course financially.

I’m going to use both fox and fish for this spread, using Sylvies no layout spread.


First I shall take a look at the type of job, or if it is a job that i’ll be working for someone else.

Moon before fox, can represent an emotional situation that will occur with the job. It also represents a month (when contract ends)

Sun on the otherside is one that I will feel valued or successful at. Obviously i will feel excited about it. But somewhere I will feel like a valued employee

birds+storks+moon communication one on one seems to be an important factor in the type of job, or better communication skills, which bring about emotional satisfaction. Or it could be one, where there is only a small member of staff, either 2. Birds+stork can be graduation, flying, a merger. Also interview.

Sun+crossroads this is diversification, or expansion. There could be a variance in the job. or one where there is taking trips. Or one where I may do a couple of jobs.

Looking at this spread, this looks very promising as far as whatever the job I will be doing, avenues that open up for me.

Update: You’ll never guess, my old job at the airport is starting again in September, a month before I finish my contract, so I’ll be going back to the airport, doing the part time hours, and having time to myself again! This suits me just fine. I definitely won’t be wasting my time, like I was before. I was happy to hear about this, a friend told me the night I posted this spread!!!

Update 1/11/2009: Well I’ve started back at the airport. A couple of weeks before my contract was to end, my manger asked me to re-apply for my position, so I did have to go through the interview process. As a matter of procedure. There was one other applicant. I was unsuccessful at retaining my position. I can tell you, there was a mix of emotional stuff when I was told. 2 sides of me, was a feeling of rejection and being shafted, quite a bizarre situation. Especially when he had promised me that he wanted to offer me the job, if the girl on maternity leave didn’t come back.

The other side, was glad of it, as I know that I would be able to have my free time, and persue other interests. And when I look back at my original thought, I was really hoping to go back to the airport.

I have had a couple of other part-time offers, working for a friend, and another manager at the bank, eventually wants to set up another division, and will keep me posted. In the mean time, I will be putting a name out there to do readings. And of course organising the next workshops for Sylvie.

Looking at if I was to go along the path of a business.

Lily on the side of fish can be indicating a business that has been long established or working with elder people or a gentleman. Or a business that requires experience and wisdom.

Ship to the immediate right, is indicating a business that involves overseas, import or export, or international sales.

mountain+tower+lily mountain can put delays or restrictions to a situation. This could also be my own thoughts or restrictions, that come with setting up or taking a step into working for oneself, going out on a limb, and relying on my own business can be a little daunting. But there’s no reason why I can’t do both?

ship+stars+house this could be indicating that I could be branching out to further distances. With house, this could be working from home, with family or a small retail outlet.  This type of business doesn’t appear to be a common business, not one that everyone knows about.

So to summarise. The job situation looks more promising, as it has positive cards, or it is one that i will enjoy working for. The business reading, may take a while and involves working more internationally. I would say to myself as an advice, to stick to a job for now, I can still do a business, but not to rely on it solely until established.

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Weekly reading 30/4-6/5/09




Using madam Seaqueens Trigger layout, for my weekly reading.

Trigger Layout-Garden+stars+clover+birds

The key card in the middle is stars, so this can be about visualisations, or guidance and dreams. Garden before hand is dealing with a group of people. So there is some positive and supportive network. Which may also lead to positive conversations and meetings.

I know I start my training tomorrow for my new job, so it will go well.

Update: I met my new work colleagues today, and they are all very lovely, and we went through the roles of how we interdependently work together too meet goals.


This is about some form of reunion or large gathering, where food or dinner was a part of it. Also this could be indicating, the contracts or agreements to do with group finances. Once again this is related to my job.

This maybe referring to either my nephews 21st. Or I got an invitation to go to dinner with some old work mates. Also am needing to make birthday arrangements for my mothers 60th birthday.


After some form of transition, things start to pick up, and looking forward to the future in a more positive light.

I think this is referring to the meditation process that I had learnt, I was feeling a little discouraged, as I wasn’t able to visualise very well. But today, after spending some time with a friend who I did the course with I was able to visualise very well, so it had given me hope again.

If I stay on the theme of my new work, this could be indicating what I will be learning right from scratch.

Update: I had a quick brief of my new job description, and I will be learning everything from scratch, and there is quite alot involved! Hopefully I will be confident by the time I take over officially.


This is likely to occur within the next 24hrs. And wow this is a great set of cards. And with key it is talking about a significant event next to clover. A lucky break. letter+clover can be lottery of sweepstake. I certainly have been visualising a lottery win to help pay for my maxed out credit card, and a few other bills that have all come in at once. But I will keep this one open, so not to get my hopes up. It could be referring to any form of communication that brings with it some positive or good fortune.

Update: So far no lottery ticket, but, the woman training me for my new job, told me about the bonuses that I will get when I reach my targets, so I think more than likely this is what this draw means…still spot on!


House+birds can be a personal assistant within an establishment. I think once again it’s referring to my job training, as I will be training as a PA, and I will be meeting the current PA before she leaves on maternity leave, she will be training me.

Update: All this week I will be under the wing of the current personal assistant at my new job.

So this draw occurred very quickly and very straight forward!

All in all I good set of cards for the week.


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Weekly reading 2/3-9/3/09




This is a really lovely weekly spread using the trigger layout. The key card is “Woman” I didn’t charge this card to represent myself, as I left this spot open and pulled whatever should come up…so it happened to be woman. So I know a woman is going to be significant for this week.

Trigger row: bouquet+woman+garden+sun

The row is representing a lovely, charming woman, who is within a very successful or popular group. This weekend I am attending a 3 day workshop with a woman who is a teacher for “theta healing” this modality was founded by a woman named Vianna Stibal who instantly cured her leg of cancer, by being in the theta brain wave state, she has since gone on to instantly cure thousands of others, and teaching her method all over the world. So I think this workshop is going to be a great success.

Past: Anchor+bouquet+mountain

This I think represents “lifestyles” or things that have been done for a long period of time. But you know with “too much of a good thing” can also have it’s set backs. Which I think for me, and if we look at the following card in position 2 is bear, which for me is diet. I have been having problems with my digestive system at the moment.

Present: Bear+Woman+ring

This is to do with a very strong and powerful, caring woman who is a woman of her word, and she has found solutions. I think this is once again pointing out the book I’m reading which is a pre-requisite to the workshop written by Vianna Stibal, she has a “Partnership” with the creator, and she teaches everyone else how to have one as well, so that they too are able to perform “miracles’

Immediate: Man+garden+fish

The time period is within 24 hours, So here again is a man who will be at a gathering, a demonstration. it so happens that I am going to see kelvin Cruickshank tomorrow evening at a “soul food” seminar, where he will be demonstrating his medium abilities, and passing on messages to people within the audience.

Update: The evening with Kelvin was good, he sure is a handsome man in person, had a good sense of humor as well. He gave messages to a few people in the audience. What I got out of it, was how he tried to determine who he was trying to bring through, by writing on a white board, and trying to find a family link, depending on what side the star he drew was on. It took him a while to warm up, as there was obviously alot of spirit in the room trying to get through, by the last few people, he was connecting really well.

It is obvious that mediums are not always going to be 100% all of the time, as they have a very busy work schedule, he was doing show after show, each day. As well as spirit showing images as symbols, so they have to try and interpret them. Overall I enjoyed it, I think there was more of a lesson in it for me to attend….as in “how” he does it, as I too am starting to get images and words.

Soon: Moon+sun+key

This column, will play out by the end of the week. And look at it. Very high powered cards here, and something that will be quite significant, and successful. I know this is very much to do with the workshop and the work we will be learning, connecting with the creator, changing belief patterns, alot of visualising. We will also be learning how to do future readings and remote viewing, and body scans of ourselves. So a very good week.

Update: I had completed a 3 day DNA basic theta healing workshop, and the group energy and working with everyone was fantastic, I don’t know where to begin to talk about it, but the cards have described it, as being very successful.

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Weekly reading “finances” 23/2-2/3/09




Weekly reading using Madam Seaqueens trigger layout, I have to say that I really enjoy this layout.

Trigger row:Fish+bear+garden+scythe

I didn’t choose a significator card for this layout this time, I just thought to draw a “key” card, to see what the “situation” of this spread might be, so I have randomly chosen bear so I maybe dealing with matters involving finances. Although it can represent other matters such as nutriton, resources, control issues.  I can say that finances is an important issue for me at the moment. There will be some decisions to make as far as finances, i am think of consolidating all of my debts at the moment, as there are a few other things that I need to buy, and it would actually work out cheaper if I was to consolidate them all.


This indicates some past dealings with a man who is entrepreneurial, and some significant exchange with him also. I think this maybe indicating the 2 readings both with males that I have dealt with in which we encountered a interesting experience. Also me buying the last tickets to see Kelvin Cruickshank who is a top medium, I will be going to listen to him at a small gathering or seminar which will be next week.


This I think ties in with my thought of consolidating my debts, a financial transaction, that turns out to be a positive move.


This is referring to a friend or someone close to me, there is a spiritual gathering, possible workshops, that involves this person. I have a couple of people in mind who this refers to. One friend, is dedicating all of this year to do spiritual and healing workshops. I have also thought of doing a couple as well. Also a plan or thought is in progress to host some more workshops..haha will keep you informed on this one.


This I see as some discussions and decisions to make, a plan of attack so to speak. Financial ones, and ideas to do with workshops and seminars.

This is a very positive outlook, so a good week to be had.


Update: I ended up seeing my bank Manager, and I was able to consolidate my debts as well as get a little bit extra, so that I could attend a 3 day workshop with my friend, we will be staying at her sisters home by the beach, so I’m looking so forward to it.

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