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Weekly reading 9/6-16/6/09




Key card house so I can expect to hear about matters concerning family or the home.

Anchor a situation that has become permanent and stable.

Storks there is some changes or improvements to do with a family situation.

Key+fish+anchor Significant event that involves some form of business or a trade and exchange, which will bring about stability for the long term.

storks+tree+woman This involves a woman who is looking at making changes to improve health or livelihood of her family.

update so far: One scenario that had transpired only minutes after drawing these cards. My sister informed me that, my brothers partner has decided to give custody of their baby girl to my mother. My sister in law has 6 other children to another man who was a gangster and used to beat her. The children have anger issues, they all swear terribly, and she wanted atleast one of her children to have a good upbringing. Interesting, when I did a reading or sneaky peek about my baby niece, I saw that she would be moving away from her mother.

Hopefully this draw hasn’t ended yet.

My sister unexpectedly stayed for 2 days, it was good. I also had a sick day at home with a cough, I enjoyed it too!


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Weekly 26-/5-1/6/09-No layout

The HeartThe StorksThe ChildSnakeThe MoonThe TowerThe Bear

hello all,

I thought I’d go back to my all time favourite “The No layout” for this weekly draw. And looking at the random Key card i drew, I have Snake not my favourite card, so I can expect some problematic issues, hopefully it’s nothing to drastic. If I look to the 2 cards directly beside snake, one side is child. so it is to do with a child or children, most likely mine. The other is moon so there could be some emotional issues as well.


This I see here is wanting to improve a situation with a child or children. I have noticed recently that since starting to work fulltime hours, my children feel as if they don’t get enough time with me, by the time i come home, it’s all pretty much getting ready to settle in for the night. My children have also wanted to stay with their father alot. He doesn’t work, so they walk to his place after school, and he’s very much involved with them. Where as I am too tired or have other things on my mind, than to sit down and spend time with them. I must admit, I don’t have as much patience as i used to. I used to have children coming all the time, now I feel as though they’re just crowding my space.

I’ll include this update with the one below.


Well the tower+bear combination I could clearly say is about my place of work at the business. And it looks like some creative issue around that.  There are a few reviews at the moment, and there is a issue that we were dealing with today that needs to be changed.

Emotional issues, to do with authority figures. Bear can also represent the mother.

Update: This week , I did a 3 day workshop which was the second course to Theta healing by Vianna Stibal. This course is about using the theta brainwave state to help remove deep seated belief patterns, instilling positive programmes, doing intuitive readings and healings by going into theta.

I had some very interesting experiences, and the 2 main issues that surfaced, were to do with my childhood and my relationship with my mother. Every now and then I feel angry at my mother for no reason at all. What surfaced here was when I was very young, she and my father had argued and she’d left us for a week, so that my father can see what it felt like to look after kids, he was having an affair at the time, and his mistress had helped look after us. So as a young child, I thought my mother had abandoned us, so the anger started from there.

The second issue that came up, was my long buried resentment towards organised religion, particularly the catholic church, due to the atrocities of the past and lies they had told. I’m glad now that I could let that one go, because it’s all in the past now. So I had a very good clearing from this workshop. I’ve come back feeling lighter, and enjoying my time with the kids!

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Weekly reading 7/5-14/5/09




hello all, I’m only too pleased that I am able to post atleast once a week, although certainly not as much as I’d like. It’s been a busy week, slowly settling in to the job, although it certainly isn’t as busy as I’m used to, tasks don’t take long to complete at all. Busy is always good, as it makes the day go alot quicker.

Trigger row-tower+sun+moon+child

This is a bit of a mixed row, but the key card indicates something that is quite significant, quite powerful, with tower we’re looking at an authority, so this could be an organisation, work a company or business. Which involves some creative process, the child card is what throws it, so we could be looking at a young person, possibly a female.

The only thing I can think of at this moment is my daughter who is playing her first game of netball tomorrow. Or it could be indicating a young woman at work, who is very good at her job, she really deserves to be in a higher position as she knows the job inside out, and is a very valuable asset to her manager, as well as the rest of us, she has been very helpful to me, in teaching me some of the processes.

Update: Well I heard from a few woman this week, they were all from my old job, and it was very good to catch up with them all. I heard alot of gossip too. one is married and 3 months pregnant.

Also my niece has been playing up a bit, so that was a drama also.


Well first of all, the tower+book can represent IRD, which is the time of year when payments and taxes are being assessed, I have a few dealings with them at the moment, it could also represent another Government institute i’m dealing with, who has stuffed up some payments, as I have sent in all information that is required. I think my documents have gone missing.

Update: I had to deal with both IRD and another Govt instiitute to do with documents that they said the didn’t have but they did!


This is a interesting combination, the bouquet promises something enjoyable and pleasurable, which involves something physical. This will be a welcome activity, as the last few weeks has been a bit of a struggle.

update: Well I ended up going out singing, and I had a real good time, I sang a few songs that I hadn’t done before, and it went really well.

Also work was alot better, had more to do. I’m really getting the hang of it.


This could be a health matter, either emotional or mental which could have an effect on weight, diet.  The other thing could be relating to sex organs.

Recently I have been drinking alot of water, I read an article about how drinking 4 glasses of water upon first waking in the morning and eating 45 minutes after can help a number of serious ailments, and it can help boost metabolism, so I have been doing this routine for over a week now. I must say that is has helped me gain a appetite again, my skin and eyes are alot clearer, I’m no longer bloated, and I am starting to lose weight. It also helps with energy.

Update; apart from my improvement in health. A friend told me that the doctors were concerned about lumps in his prostrate.


The child is the key to this combination, so some child is going through a bit of a challenging time.

I know my second son is behaving out of character at the moment, so i may hear more on this.

I think this is relating to my niece, her mother had concerns that she maybe sexually active. So she was thinking of putting her on the pill, either that or she’s going to be grounded and not allowed out.

Overall, a mixed bag, i’m glad it’s not totally centred around work, I don’t want my life to be based around just work….work is just a means as in income so that I can enjoy and do the things that I want to do. Having the extra money is a great relief!

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Weekly- 28/4-5/5/09




For some reason, these images were only available in full size.

Another busy day at the office, so this is only time that I can post my weekly readings.

Trigger row: letter+bouquet+storks+clouds

I may receive some form of positive communication to do with changes, or making the best out of an uncertain future. I think this may refer to a letter I received from a friend who is changing location from her living situation.


This is a mass mailing list to do with a woman. I think this may refer to my trainer having sent out my email address to all my clients.

Now: clover+bouquet+crossroads

This is indicating a sense of satisfaction. There maybe a few opportunities coming my way, which I will be happy about.

Update: Enjoyed day at work today, had a variety of things to do, a real sense of satisfaction when jobs completed.


This indicates some small positive growth in finances, this could be to do with work or personal. I certainly do need some personal income, as finances are a little tight at the moment.

update: I was looking at some avenues to get some extra income, just so I can see through to next week.


There seems to be some uncertain business dealing. I must make sure that I am thorough in business dealings this week. I cannot afford to make mistakes.

Update: near the end of the week, work was a little slow. And not much work to do. My only frustration is the system we use, when loading new clients, there is alot of cross-referencing, and once I feel confident with that system, then I’ll feel alot better.

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Weekly reading 20/4-27/4/09




Hi all, I’m pleased that I can atleast do one post a week. Full time hours takes alot of getting used to, as well as catching up with everything else in the evenings, so I have entered the “real world”

Trigger row:book+anchor+coffin+sun

This indicates a long-term situation, which brings a change of lifestyle, or a situation that is coming to an end, but from that change or ending, things will go out with a bang, or one where one can look back and say “I survived”

This can be indicating both ending of a job for me at the airport, also the woman I’m replacing. Also this week I will be taking over my new role. At this stage, I still feel that one more week i could of had more training. So I’m going to be thrown in the deep end, so this week looks like I may “survive” I can’t say I’m overly excited about it!


This is showing the training period I’ve had. And also showing the recent painting I and a friend of mine did.  We re-painted 2 rooms, looks really good, it’s amazing what a can of paint can do.


This shows a regular routine or schedule, which will come with it’s challenges. So a work routine that I may have a problem with.

Also once my children go back to work next week, it will be a challenge, they will have to get up much earlier, as they need to go to before school care(at their school) and my daughter is really difficult to wake in the morning, I’m dreading that!

Luckily I don’t have to worry about it for another week, they will be staying with their father this week.

Update: This morning I was requested to do a regular task, that clients ask for now and then. I was still a little groggy from staying up all night watching DVD’s so my brain was on bit of a “go slow” and of course my impatient trainer went on about “how very important it is to make sure all details are checked…..blah blah, it was a simple mistake. I think I was annoyed at this young girl (nearly half my age) reprimanding me like a school kid. I kept a very calm composure. Anyway she leaves tomorrow, so I’m pleased about that, because I know I’ll be able to settle in, I work better on my own. Anyway that was my moan for the day.


This showing the kids again, so the change to do with one or all of my children, to do with finances. This maybe the childcare subsidy to pay for their care, or changes to entitlements.

I’ve also requested that IRD cancel making deductions for my youngest two children from their father. As he is only on a benefit, and he certainly does contributes more than his fair share in the care of them. He could do with the extra amount, he mainly only ever spends it on his kids anyway.

Update: nothing jumped out at me about this one at first, I thought it was to do with my kids, but i realise now that it was talking about my sons best friend, he spends alot of time over at my place, and for a while I didn’t mind, as he’s a nice boy, but when I heard him and my son teasing my daughter enough to make her cry my feelings for him started to slip away, as well as he distracts my son alot. my son can’t spend time alone, he always needs to have someone around him, and well I’m a bit tired of it, I have to feed them, they’re always on our computor, and well lazy little buggers my son included. He has decided to go with his mother to Australia to live in 6 weeks time, so I’m sort of happy about that. Then my family will be able to have our house back.


This is a positive contract or agreement, that will all turn out just the way I wanted. I think also this could be to do with the childrens father having them this week.

Update: Had met with one of our big clients today, it was more to introduce myself to them, so that they know who they’re dealing with in the routine matters, as well so I know who to make contact with. So a positive meeting!

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Weekly reading 7/4-14/4/09




Hi all, as some of you may know, I’ve started my new job, so I’m not on blogging as much as I’d like to. Anyway, I like to do my weekly reading.

Trigger row: Anchor+storks+bear+tower

This is indicating a better lifestyle, and the improvements to do with higher income. This seems very much to do with my “bank job” (bear+tower) It could also be indicating the improvements as far as business is concerned for the bank. I think work theme will be a strong theme to my readings, since it will be occupying all of my days.

Past: clover+anchor+bouquet

This is just indicating a positive feeling that things are going to be a good start to the year. I have been thinking about making plans me and the kids, becoming more active. I want us all to have bikes (not motorbikes) so that we can do something active together, I bought my daughter a new one, and will be getting my older son one too, so that I won’t have to run around and pick him up everywhere. Eventually I will get one for me.

Now: Stars+storks+man

Some positive changes, or upgrades. It is either for a man, or it is coming from him.

Update: Had our meeting with our regional manager today, he showed us graphs on our banks customer service surveys compared with other banks, and he’s wanting us to find ways of improving our service.

Immediate: Scythe+bear+sun

This is for the next 24 hrs. This is some big investment or financial decisions, big money, whatever the strategies are, it turns out to be very successful. The portfolios that I deal with are usually in the hundreds of thousands or millions, so this is likely just another one.

Update: This was part of the meeting of the previous (now) strategies for business clients with 1m to 20million.

Soon: Fish+tower+mice

By the end of the week, will be dealing with an organisation that maybe facing some losses or stress and worry.

Update: Once again this was to do with our bank and our placing, we were actually leading a year ago, and the statistics show that we have dropped significantly.

So this draw was indicating the whole meeting in one whole layout, so one day instead of spreading itself out for the whole week.

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