I got a text from a lady who I’ve given a reading for, and she has become a good friend of mine now. She has also referred a few people to see me. Anyway, she was quite disturbed as she had seen a medium that morning. I do know the other woman, she is a lovely old lady, and she means well. But this morning I think she may of had an off day, because she told my friend, that “one of her sons was going to die” now that is a possibility because one of her sons is a type I diabetic, and if he doesn’t take his insulin shots, he could very well go into a coma. But I think that is very irresponsible of the medium to tell her that.

So i had to find a way, to tell her that the medium had an off day. She did ask me ïf I would ever tell someone that” I said “no”as death is hard to predict and something that I wouldn’t really want to tell someone. If they had a terminal illness, then well that is probably guaranteed. But now this woman has that thought in the back of her head.

I think I would make it my own personal policy not to tell that. What about you?


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