This is a relationship reading for my sister and her fiancee. I just wanted to take a look to see if there is a strong base in their relationship as you can guarantee, they would have a fortnightly cycle of arguing and one either threatens to leave or the other wants to kick the other out (my sister usually wants to kick out her partner)

Firstly looking at the cards either side of the key card Ring. The mountain refers to delays, obstacles, in relationships creating walls in communication, I would say a stubborness. The other card Lilly it shows that recently they have come to some peace a settling down having completed a goal….that which I will go into with the first 2 cards snake+house.

In the past they have had some or rather alot of domestic troubles (snake+house) They have recently sold their house, and only last week moved into their new one. They interesting thing is that they always blamed the house for their troubles. House+lilly this combination can mean older property….and the house they sold was built by our grandparents (lilly) it has been a family home until last week, my father lived in it, we as children, and my children and I at one stage. My mother was most upset when they sold it.

Moving along to the mountain+scythe, this combination can mean auto destructive habits or action pending action, scythe card on it’s own talks about emotional separations, love rejections or hurtful actions against others. This is very common for the pair of them, their mouths can be cutting and hurtful towards each other, quite regularly actually, therefore it looks like it may continue into the future. However with the anchor showing at the end, all the bickering they may go through, they maybe able to resolve their issues.


Update: Well it is a year and 9 months after writing this reading. And well folks, the bickering, indifference and stubborness is still carried on until this day, so the anchor, I would say is long term!



  1. spiritsong said

    Ring+ mountain can mean stalling agreement, impasse; that sounds like a delay in wedding plans to me….
    The mountain also means rejection and indifference.

    One thing about scythe + anchor; it can mean irreversable decisions. This doesn’t look too promising Phoenix.

  2. Aristede said

    Hi Phoenix,

    Great job on your first public reading! 🙂

    I agree with SpiritSong, though. The ring + mountain looks to me like the relationship isn’t going anywhere. The scythe + anchor may mean that stability comes after some kind of parting.

    I don’t think anything here is necessarily written in stone, so I think your sister and her fiancee can work together to find some way around that mountain and make the relationship work.

  3. Tena korua Aristede and Spiritsong

    They are engaged to be married next year, but my family and I think it’s really a waste of time, because we know they are certainly not an example of what a good relationship should be, they are like school kids, and they’re in their 30’s.

    So I think you’ve both added an extra insight to mine, thankyou very much. Like you say Aristede, nothing is written in stone, so if and when they both get over their controlling issues, they maybe able to work it out, they didn’t go into the relationship on the right foot, they were both in other relationships at the time.


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