Daily Draws


This was a daily draw I had drawn on the 16/01/2008

The combination Snake+dog in Sylvies book “Secrets of the lenormand oracle” says that the combination means “Assistance” or a helping hand.

The snake on it’s own refers to deceit, betrayal and lies, however the Dog is the opposite, loyal, dependable friend. The interesting thing is that I was thinking about trust issues between couples, particularly a family members relationship. Also the snake kept appearing next to a friend that I know, that I found quite odd, because I would of thought this person to be most honest and trustworthy. The snake had stumped me, although I do know that the friend in the past had major “jeolousy” issues (another meaning for the snake) so this could of referred to that, it seems he still carries it.

Because the snake card had been bugging me all day, I asked a friend who is also learning the lenormand his thoughts on it. So the draw also referred to me asking the friend(dog) about that particular card. There was the helping hand.

The other event that occurred is that i went to the pharmacist to get something for a minor health issue. The Dog also can be a medical person.

Although, there were a few things that this combination fitted perfectly this day, the cards can be multi-dimensional.




  1. Ahajustsde said

    I had the snake fall into a position with three other cards.
    The Key
    The Snake
    The Path
    What obstacles they will have was The Key
    The snake fell on the question…”How will she recognise him?”
    What task are they suppose to fulfill was The Path.

    Could the Snake be considered a jealous fight the girl had with him at one time, even though this person is suppose to be a stranger?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! BTW, I just found your thread on the AT and was tickled to find these web pages! Thanks for the work you have put into them!


  2. Ahajustsde said

    Forgot to mention the way the cards were laid out was;
    1. The Snake
    2. The Key
    3. The Path

    Thought that might help after I read your reading page for your sister!


  3. phoenixoracle said

    Hi Ahajustsde,

    How she will recognise him- the snake if we were to translate it as a physical description, it would be someone who is slim, maybe flexible, long hair, brown or blue eyes. As a character description, someone who is dishonest, trust issues, jeolous. So whether or not she is looking at this persons appearance, or this person comes across to her as a trouble maker.

    The Key – obstacles, this can mean that there is a major lesson with this person, and that it was a karmic meeting.

    The Path – this is a major choice here and it is one that both will have free will over. But the path can be seen as running away, and that both will go separate ways.

    If I was to read the 3 together, I would say that there are major issues, trust and jeolousy being one of them, and that they will choose, but most likely to go their own separate way.

    Thanks for popping in.


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