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. For those of you who have been on my lenormand journey with me from the start 2007, you would have seen the stages and progress I have made, since stumbling on to Sylvie Steinbach”s virtual workshop on Aeclectic tarot forum. I was a keen student with a thirst to want to learn more, so I hosted the first Secrets of the Lenormand workshop in my home town of Hamilton in, New Zealand in 2008 for Sylvie to come and teach.

The lenormand cards has opened up many opportunities and interesting experiences. Although the cards itself don’t have the power, as we know, but from learning, reading and using them it has led me to meet new people in which I have now become very good friends, I realised after hosting the first workshop that I was very good at organising things, and there is a possibility that I may host more than just the lenormand workshops. I have been very creative, as I created 4 blogs.

There is a possibility that I could make a career from it. Selling books and decks, reading at fairs, and eventually one of my goals is to become a teacher of the Secrets of the lenormand. This of course is on the cards, and something that is in the pipeline. Reading cards has always been a passion of mine, and it was finding the right method and tool. Like anything, being good at something, and in this case, reading the lenormand it takes time, discipline, perserverance and dedication. And most importantly you need to love what you’re doing, need to have a passion for it, and you never stop learning.

What I have realised is that the cards don’t lie, it is only the interpretation that can be wrong. I guess it’s a matter of knowing your cards very well. It was interesting, as a few weeks ago, I had to apply for my job, that I had been working at for the last 5 and a half months, I had been covering  a girl while she was on maternity leave, as a consequence she decided not to come back, so of course I was the prime candidate for keeping the job. The night before  my manager had to make the decision and let the lucky candidates know, myself and only one other, I thought to take a peek at the cards, and you can be sure that I didn’t believe what I saw, I wasn’t going to get the job, the coffin sitting right next to me, and mountain right next to fox, I thought “Are you kidding me, of course I’m going to get it, I’ve been working there for all this time, I haven’t made any stuff ups, so I thought that I must have been shuffling wrong. Well I shuffled just fine, because I was told the following day, that I was unsuccessful. So people, not even your conscious thoughts can influence it. So that realisation, is telling me that I can trust what the cards are showing, my all knowing subconscious is the one that manipulated the draw. So Trust is a big thing.

Anyway, I will rearrange a few things on the blog, and you can search through the pages. I will most probably post my experiences and readings (after the event) so that it is better understood. Of course anything related to Lenormand. I will create a page, for non-lenormand topics too, just out of interest.

Thank you all for popping in, and I have woffled, but I’ve missed woffling, but since I’m back to part-time hours I will have more time to blog.

Naku noa Phoenix Rising



  1. Seline Vaala said

    Hello, I’m new to these cards. I’ve noticed in several site’s “daily draws” that there seems to be 3 cards and then an “extra” card. Can you explain to me what the 3 positions stand for and what is the “extra” card meaning?

    Thank you,

  2. phoenixoracle said

    Hi Seline,

    Thanks for popping in. The daily draws is just a randon draw, 3 cards generally gives a good description of the theme. For me, usually the first 2 cards i read as a combination. Some times you may need to break it down individually. The third card, usually describes the action or feeling of the first 2. The clarification card for me is the “overall result outcome’ of the whole reading.


  3. Carole said

    Hello I am also new to these cards i have the cards and have just ordered the book it looks like it will take a while for it to arrive so in the meantime your blog is a help to me love it by the way. I also wondered about the daily draw
    i have noticed on some of the threads on the Aeclectric forum the mention of charging the card not sure of what it means do i consontrate on the woman image whilst doing a daily draw for myself help appreciated
    thank you

  4. phoenixoracle said

    Hi Carole,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Charging of the cards is an important step in this method of lenormand. if you charge the woman card to represent yourself, you know that if it appears, it pertains to yourself. I don’t charge the woman card, as I leave it open, as it can represent another woman who may appear for that day. Therefore, when you’re shuffling you just think “My daily reading” i have programmed it, so that if I “think” “my daily reading” then I expect the cards to manifest for that day, so that at the end of the day, I will be able to know what it pertains to, and this way you will be able to see the language of the cards.


  5. Carole said

    thanks Phoenix seems a great way to get to know my cards


  6. Josie said

    Kia Ora

    I am trying to join your new website but i don’t know the answer to your question “what are the last two words of s. steinbachs book page 208?
    I am keen to join as i have just been gifted some Lenormand cards and book. Please help.

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