Rising From the Ashes

Hello Everyone

It has been a long time since I have last blogged, and I will be making a few changes within the next few weeks to this site.

During my absence I have been playing with the Grand Tableau. When I first started my lenormand journey, the GT was not something that I focused on, since I had been learning under Sylvie Steinbach who was not keen on teaching it, as she required a layout that could provide quick answers in a fast pace environment and that was the “No Layout” However the No layout cannot be shown in a public domain as is copyrighted by Sylvie, I will not be using it on this blog, and I have moved on since those early days, and am free to fly as the name of this blog suggests “Phoenix” rising from the ashes.

I have to laugh, I had been thinking of name change for my blog as well and I pulled 3 cards to brain wave a name. The cards I pulled were


Death/Life/Birds – so what does the Phoenix bird do? Rises from death to life and flys . I couldn’t get anymore literal than that could I?. And I’m bringing this blog back to life. So I guess the Phoenix will need to remain in there somewhere, the clarification card I got was “Ring” so I need to make a commitment and taking ownership for my name, that I’ve had for many years when I started this journey. Although only problem with Phoenixes, is that they are only known for resurrecting from death, they need to fly a little bit longer instead of always Rising!! I will think more on that.



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New Lenormand Forum – Lenormand Journey

Hi Everyone

I just want to let you all know of a new lenormand forum. My former Forum LenormandNZ has now changed ownership to Naomi Noah,  to Lenormand Journey    it is free to join and is based on the Lenormand cards although no longer dedicated strictly to Sylvie Steinbach’s No layout system, although the card meanings are inspired by her book, Secrets of the Lenormand oracle. However we are more flexible and are open to lenormand enthusiasts of all kinds. You may also create your own group within the forum and you can advertise your own professional services within your own group. So if you are looking for a more relaxed learning environment of the Lenormand, please join us Lenormand Journey


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Lessons Learned

Greetings Everyone,

It has been a long while since I have posted on my blog here. I have to say that my last year has been certainly challenging, I wish I could say that it has been all fun and games but it has not, so I think that there was probably more learning that I have had to go through. For what reason I don’t know, I thought the universe was playing some cosmic joke on me. I have also just come out of hospital for an emergency procedure that took me by surprise and unexpected, but I am recovering well. Atleast during my convalence it gives me time to evaluate and reflect on the past, which frankly I would like to forget, and make serious decisions for my future so that I don’t have to go through the drama and grief and to find what really makes me happy. So I thought I would post a reading for myself which I haven’t done in a long while.

First reading, What was the purpose of all the grief I have gone through in the last 10 months?


I have chosen TREE as the key card here, as tree is to do with spiritual and karmic lessons.

Snake – shows the troubles I have been through

Coffin An ending, transformation

Ring+fish+snake – This is what has transpired over the last 10 months, it appears to me that the troubles were to do with losing my independence as a person due to being tied up in a relationship. And I can tell you honestly that my dramas have all been over my relationship.

Coffin+Sun+Ship – It is good to see the coffin here as the flanking card to the future, as it puts an ending to the lessons (hopefully) The coffin with tree can also indicate depression too. The sun supporting coffin since coffin is the flanking card and strongest influence, The transformation (coffin) has been major and while it may not have seemed great at the time but successful in that sometimes the best learnt lessons are the hardest and most challenging, sometimes people need a big wake up call to see the roses through the thorns….a spiritual knocking, “hello, are you listening yet” Ship although further away from key card, shows a moving forward.

To summarise this, I would say that losing oneself when giving too much to the other person can be detrimental, you should always stay true to yourself (or myself) I cannot blame the other person involved because I allowed it. Learn from it all, and move on. The past is the past.

Now for a happier note, I will post a reading as to What must I do to find joy again


Stars – Dreams, goals and plans

Whp – Desire, physical attraction, sport, conflic

Coffin+Tree+Stars – This indicates to me about making plans in regards to my health, which my health has not been good due to stress and lifestyle habits that has not been beneficial to my, and my recent medical condition was a big wake up call.

Whip+dog+book – Well the whip sometimes does not paint a pretty picture with the more negative meanings of this card, but the question of what I must do to find joy again. So focusing on being more physical (exercise, sport, sex)  Also having The Dog here though is always someone known. So it’s doing something more physical with someone known to me. The book can also indicate an unknown factor or gaining knowledge or information. Dog can also be a therapist, healer, doctor etc.

I have been thinking alot about getting back into my fitness, just so I can feel good about myself again, and if it means doing it with someone known to me then I’m sure it will bring alot of joy.


Update: I have been taking good care of my health, taking supplements and fermented Cod liver oil, which I have noticed a huge difference, I have also been reading alot of information from a well known traditional nutritionist Weston A Price  as for the physical pursuits, I have been out hunting with my partner, which I thoroughly enjoyed, he has been telling me alot about the habits of deer. I also realised that I’m quite fig, tramping through bush and walking up hills. So I think both these 2 latest things apply to my reading.

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Catching up

Hey all,

It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog, so I just wanted to update, and still let you know that I am still around. I of course have been very busy on my Lenormand forum this forum of course is dedicated to Sylvie Steinbach’s Secrets of the lenormand method, which is growing in membership all of the time.

I have just come back from Melbourne Australia, attending and assisting Sylvie on the first Australian workshops series, which was a great success. We hope to do more workshops in Australia in the future, on a yearly basis. We of course are open to doing workshops in other countries and areas, as long as there will be someone to organise and coordinate the event for us.

The beginners workshop of course is very intense, learning the 36 cards, the No layout technique and case studies, on finance, career, relationships. The beginners course is very much the meat and potatoes of the system. Advanced workshops are on Past lives, health scans, mediumship and channelling. Very specialised topic, that was a highlight for students, to put everything together in a practice, exchanging readings with students.

I can say, observing once again, as I have been at every workshop since Sylvie first conducted them on the virtual online workshop and here in NZ. It never ceases to amaze me. It inspires me, mainly because I know that through consultations with clients it can give valuable guidance and insight.

For anyone who has the book “Secrets of the lenormand Oracle” by Sylvie Steinbach, you will be able to register with the Lenormand NZ forum, so that you can share with other SLO lenormand enthusiasts, active participation in which Sylvie and I are always monitoring and giving advice.



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Pastlife Connection

This is a past life reading I did for a friend of mine, who had wondered about a male friend of hers. I had concluded that there was a karmic connection, because the dog and tree appeared regularly for these 2 people.

I’m using the No layout spread that Sylvie had taught us on the advanced workshop here in NZ. I am using the Tree to give information into the past life, and the woman card, to represent my friend, and the man card to represent her male friend.




Firstly I look at the spread of cards representing the past life, to give information about the past life shared, if I look to the key card Tree, beside it will indicate what kind of past life, therefore fox and tower are the indicator, one of them has to indicate something, otherwise there is no past life shared. Tower is my indicator, without looking too much into the spread yet, the tower can be a life either to do with hospital, prison, captivity or high society. Fox isn’t really a strong indicator of anything, so just to say work for now.

Snake…horseman…fox …This combination tells me that there was a possiblity that work may have been a problem in this time, and therefore one had to seek new employment opportunities.

Tower…storks…bear…This indicates working hard to improve a financial situation. Moving up, finances was a strong incentive. So I would say that this life time was in “High Society” rather than prison, hospital or captivity. Improving finances may have been done through investments, stock markets possibly. Or a rise to power, where  became financially stable. It wasn’t an inherited wealth, but one where they or one of them worked hard to get it.

Now I shall take a look at my friend (female) the cards shown to represent her in that life time


The cards either side of her are indicators of what she was in that life time. Moon is a feminine card, so it can represent either a wife, mother, muse or lover. Sun on the other side however is a musculine card so it can represent a husband or father. Intuitvely I would go with her being the feminine in this case.

Moon and sun to both sides of her, indicates that she was very successful and possibly well known in what she did. She was certainly a very seductive person with charisma. It is possible that she was a “secret” (book) lover to him. There is a feel of mystery around her.

Now I shall take a look at the cards surrounding him..


Clover indicates that he was happy go lucky, looking for a opportunity, possibly an opportunist. Heart shows that he did have some emotional connection to her.

Letter…mice…clover There was something that caused him to be excited it may have first been caused by a letter or news that he had received. It that time he was motivated by taking risks.

Heart…bouquet…ship He was a handsome lover who desired nice things, and to travel, he may have eventually left.

So I would summarise that they had a passionate love affair in which she was successful in her life, he was seduced by it, and saw it as an opportunity to better himself. It was a life of luxury. He in particular had to work hard to get to the top. So a good relationship, although it started off as being a secret.

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What do I need to be aware of in near future?

Hi all,

I was a little bored so I thought to post a reading on here. As you can see my question “What do I need to be aware of’?”

No images to upload sorry!


Bouquet: Positive outlook, to see the beauty in things, a feeling of joy.

Fish: To be independent, always looking for an opportunity, entrepreneurial. Sharing of self.

Dog…clouds…bouquet This indicates a friend or someone known to me, who may have felt confused at one point, but thankfully for the bouquet, the situation may have turned itself around, if he or she looks for the positive in the situation, so a positive recovery. The dog could be a number of people I’ve had to deal with lately, who has had some “issue” and not looking at things clearly.

fish…garden…stars This shows exchanging with others, and putting myself out there. Groups of people looking for inspiration. I have attended a couple of spiritual circles lately, where I have been more vocal in what I see, usually I don’t like to put myself on show, but circumstances are forcing me to do so. My dog friend who I have been working with, has been influencial in encouraging to say more.


Update:  I went to a spiritualist church today, the medium speaking was a psychic artist, she had drawn 4 pictures for people in the congregation, I was the lucky recipient of one of her drawings. It was of a woman, who had rainbows around her, it represented celebration. Interesting as it is my birthday tomorrow. But the message was about my shyness. Below is the message I would like to share.

“Greetings to you dear one…this picture shows how colour energy works, by helping lift you up and away from that which does not serve you. The rainbow symbolises the achievement and celebration of leaving the past behind. You are surrounded with sunny yellow energy to nourish your soul and help fill your cup.

You are a shy energy, but have an underlying strength that only surfaces when you are backed into a corner (so to speak)

Well we say…this is about to change for you. You will be stepping out of yourself..away from your safety net more often from this day forward. You will get those unexplained urges to push yourself forward, so you can gain more of what will serve you well.

More wisdom has surfaced to guide you on this path.

Renewed energy to focus is helping you flow into a time of uncovering new chances to gain growth and passion. To renew your passion for life again, will have a healing effect on all aspects of your life.

Crystal clear communication will bring forward a sense of freedom, confidence and courage on your journey.

It is time to reclaim all that you are keeping yourself from. Time to let the true you surface, and celebrate all your achievements up to this point in your life.

Loved one…we do see how hard you work on your self every waking moment, however, give yourself a reward every now and then and have some fun.

Dear gentle spirit please don’t be shy

And we hear you ask why???

Its time to step out and ask more questions

Dig deeper and find more strength

Remember, like attracts like

So the more you step out there

The more you’ll get back

God Bless

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I had an interesting conversation with a long time friend of mine (from high school) she was reflecting on her life, and made some interesting observations. She is also into the “Secret” in a big way.

Anyway one point I want to share, and she said “I understand what causes unhappiness” she goes on by saying “unhappiness is caused by disappointment, and it is when people have high expectations that are not met, so they become disappointed. They also usually blame other people for not helping them reach their expectations. They don’t take responsibility for what was created or not created. A wise person knows that at the end of the day, they create their own reality. The negative person who only sees failure, loss and disappointment, have set themselves up for it. That is all they will see. A wise person who has no expectations of anyone or leaves the outcome to the divine, will accept what the outcome is, and leaves no blame upon another”

I thought this was very wise words for my friend, and is one that she needed to come to, as her life has been of struggles and disappointments. So the bottom line is. Before you blame another for your unhappy life or situation, take responsibility for creating your reality!

I thought to write this, and when I look at my daily draw, it sums up this passage nicely.


A new outlook (horseman)

positive and lucky discovery by a friend (clover, book, dog)


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