First Post of New Moon in Taurus 23 April 2020

Kia Ora Readers

Well I decided to revamp my old blog, which I have neglected for a number of years, I deleted my old posts, which no longer applies as I do not consider myself a beginner anymore.

I’m looking forward to building my blog up again, from a more experienced point of view, and not from a beginners point of view (13 years ago) Man has time flown.

So what you can expect on my blog, I’ll be sharing with you my observations of the cards with face to face readings I have had with clients, as I find it more useful,  seeing the cards actually playing out. Of course I will be keeping the identities private, and most likely use false names.

But like all blogs, I will bear my soul in public view, share with you my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics.

My other interests are tarot, hebrew numerology, astrology, and any modality that helps people get a better understanding of who they are.

But even if no one comes upon my site, it doesn’t matter either, as I just want to do something creative and put my passion out there. Sometimes you don’t realise how much you know, until you’re inspired to write.

Now the reason for the title of this post. I had been directed to a few sites where people follow the moon phases and particularly New Moons, so I always take note of when something keeps popping up 3 times, as its a sign that it needs some attention, like a clout across the head “Yoh, check this out”

So we all know that the moon has a huge effect on our body and psyche, and I won’t go into all the effects on this post.  So a week ago, I saw that the New moon in Taurus was coming up,  and I was born 4 days after a new moon in Taurus a few years back (21+ yrs) so thats when I decided I would start a blog, but in the case re-hash an old one..

And I thought I would buy a lotto ticket online too, try my luck., you got to try these things. I have also come to the conclusion, that nothing is really accidental, and that events happen, when there is a certain cosmic alignment, and planetary transits. So basically you need to be active up until the full moon, and rest and reflect during the waning phase.

They also advise that it is best to have surgeries during the waning phase, and particulary during the phase the moon is in a particular sign that rules that body part. You can read more about that at Astro Seek

I need to dash, dinner is calling, I’ll be back.